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Title: Species Focus: The Krelvin
Post by: Kedamono on December 16, 2018, 03:35:28 PM
When you read up on the Krelvin, you get the impression of a practical jokers that look like telekinetic penguins. Well, understand, that's just one Krelvin, one Dr. Payne. He posed for those holos wearing a body that strongly resembled what Krelvins looked like just before they triggered their version of the Singularity. He later changed out bodies and looked like Shmoo...

Truth be told, no two Krelvins look alike. Sometimes they have a head that vaguely resembles Dr. Payne's, but for the most part they vary in appearance to the point of making it hard to tell if you're dealing with one species or thousands. (And for all we know, it may be thousands. The Krelvin may have uplifted most of their native animal population, so what we're seeing is the results of that.)

They are reputed to be practical jokers. Well, yes and no. What we think is a practical joke, is a highly advance civilization making us careful about getting stuff from said civilization. The practical jokes are to reinforce the old adage of "Beware of Krelvins bearing gifts." The last thing the Krelvins want to do is turn all of known space into a collection of cargo cults. (And known space includes the Hagoni Empire. Yes, Krelvin trade with the Hagu, and the Hagu have learned not to tick off a Krelvin. Tick one off by doing something stupid like kidnapping them or trying to kill them and they simply leave... and take all their toys with them. All. Of. Their. Toys. After a while, long enough for the lesson to stick, they may return, but will be very careful about over stimulating the primitives.)

So let's look at one Krelvin who is a bit of a oddball when it comes to Krelvin: Dr. Gaius-Seuss. Sometimes prone to sighs when people don't get his name, (He's far more versed in Human Pop Culture than any human alive.) He is that anomaly among the Krelvin: He is the altruistic Krelvin.

He truly believes that he can steer all the species of known space into a more peaceful and harmonious whole. Other Krelvin metaphorically shake their "heads" at him, telling him that these people are still primitives, they barely know how to truly travel or harness the power of the universe. And he will reply "Yes, we had such good teachers ourselves, didn't we? What did the Mazbak teach us? Or right, kill the Akitee before they kill us. And in the process wipe out 90% of the sentient species as a result. It's just us and the handful of survivors from that war that had to rebuild from the remains. Tell the Sandrol what good masters the Akitee were, or the Zankee how loving the Mazbak were to them. Ask the Fritzians how neutrality worked out for them? And let's not forget what the Grex did during the war. Superior technology does not mean superior ethics! We need to teach this new species ethics. So keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep doing what I'm doing. And maybe, just maybe, we'll get this whole lot up to our level without wiping 90% of them out of existence..."

Encounters with Dr. Gaius-Seuss can be confusing and a bit unnerving. He will offer "upgrades" for whatever the PCs need. Nothing at Krelvin level, but something within reach of ISCO technology. Basically, next decade's model. On occasions he will offer something that is truly a black box, attempts to find out how it works will destroy it. These are usually for individuals who are suffering from life threatening injuries or trauma. The black box will last long enough to heal them back to "Normal" and dissolve away.

He will offer any AI that he encounters a body. Not a robot body, but a body-body. A meat one, with a working brain. Every AI so far has turned him down, as AIs do not operate like organic brains, and meat brain would be a downgrade for them. Interestingly enough, he never offers other sophonts a robotic body...

In appearance, he has a head that mimics the "Krelvin Classic" look, a tall body, about 2 meters tall, multiple limbs (The exact number varies) and plenty of "assistants" in the form of intelligent constructs of various shape and function.
Title: Re: Species Focus: The Krelvin
Post by: ORtrail on December 18, 2018, 12:28:15 AM
FTL: 2448 was the first Sci-Fi RPG I owned that had a fairly expansive alien race selection.  The usual bear/cat/wolf/insect races of course, but some neat ideas,  like the Sandrol and Vesh for example. 

The look and design of the ships were basic, but rugged.  Like how I thought the early ships would actually look.  A nice contrast to the sleek designs and smooth tech of the Star Trek RPG (FASA version).
Title: Re: Species Focus: The Krelvin
Post by: Russ H on August 08, 2019, 12:22:22 AM
Great write-up about the Krelvin.

As Dr. Payne's player, I commend you (if somewhat late)

Russ H
Title: Re: Species Focus: The Krelvin
Post by: Kedamono on November 10, 2019, 11:39:30 PM
One thing Dr. Gaius-Seuss might admit to, is that the Krelvin may have "been around" various sophonts' worlds longer than what most people might think. Ask him/her/it/xei why making a purple pony unicorn body with a star shaped icon on the rump is so funny, and you get one of his patented Sighs. Then he might say, "I remember more things about your culture than any one of you..." and leave it at that.

What he/she/it/xe is trying to say is that the Krelvin have been tooling around known space for millennia. With stops at all the interesting worlds. What, no one remembers a space penguin visiting Faxn 'Chr? Of course not. There was that Bor'cha though who was great at parties and had some interesting ideas...

When you're dealing with a species that can build any body that they want, and are survivors of an ancient galactic war, sneaking on to a backwards planet is child's play. Now I'm not saying they were steering us out of trouble, no, they learned that lesson a long time ago: Don't mess with the primitives! Yes, talk to them, give them next year's model of whatever, but don't try to "fix things". That never works. Give that naked ape a can opener that uses the strong force to open cans, and it's weapon that tears people apart in a week. Show them what it means to be an adult, so that they can grow up strong.

And when they are ready, all that "lost history" that every culture has... give it back to them. (Sorry, no library of Alexandria book collection, they saw the contents and only got the interesting stuff... all the plays and stories. The science and political stuff... Boooring!)