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Title: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: rune081624 on June 14, 2019, 06:47:20 AM
One NPC who was an endless source of amusement and bewilderment to the members of IDET in my Fringeworthy campaign was an early explorer of the Fringepaths by the name of Daisuke Matsumoto.

A brilliant biologist and wildlife photographer who accompanied Sayuri Tanuma and her team on the first explorations of the fringepaths, Daisuke was a self-professed misanthrope who hated civilization, and much to the horror of UNISS disappeared one day to explore the multiverse by himself. Although many members of UNISS believed Daisuke would never survive on his own, the talented explorer with his cameras and survival gear often saved the lives of other members of IDET by leaving developed rolls of film next to the Portal Stations as well as Post-It notes with brief, cryptical, and sometimes dire warnings written on them.
Daisuke has since become something of a legend among the members of IDET, and many believe the biologist has encountered not only the mysterious Tehrmelern known as Schmert, but at least one or two other members of the species. Daisuke is known to possess a high-level crystal key as well as a small number of other artifacts he has acquired in his travels, but refuses to carry any weapons other than a compound hunting bow, arrows, and a katana--although the Japanese biologist refuses to use them except in self-defense, since Daisuke is a scientist and not a warrior. According to UNISS, Daisuke Matsumoto holds a first degree black belt in Kenjutsu and Shorinji Kempo, although the biologist may have received additional training in one of the alternate Earths along the Fringepaths.

Daisuke is seldom met by the player characters; I keep him as a man of mystery, a strange and eccentric benefactor who supplies them with plot hooks and the occasional warning. I once had a character become separated from the rest of the team on an Alternate Earth suffering from nuclear winter, and she nearly froze to death in the middle of a blizzard. She awoke in a small tent wrapped in blankets, next to a fire while a cup of hot chicken broth with ramen noodles was pressed into her gloved hands. A voice heavily accented in Japanese said:
"Your friends will be here soon. Beware the cities."

A figure wearing a heavy parka tossed down a magnesium flare and disappeared into the night.
The IDET Team later discovered the frozen and ruined city not only had pockets of radioactivity; it was swarming with Mellor.
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: rune081624 on June 14, 2019, 06:49:22 AM
A common note found stuck to a control column by a Fringe Portal: "Need more film and Post-It notes."
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: Kedamono on June 14, 2019, 03:25:11 PM
Daisuke Packet #129
Film: A series of pictures that at first looks like Daisuke was doing some macrophotography until he takes a picture of himself standing next to a dandelion, indicating that the flower is some 15 meters tall. Other pictures show giant creatures and a group of normal looking people, until you notice that their feet are stubs. Also pictures of giant animals... wearing clothes.

Notes: This is an interesting world, the "humans" look a bit like full grown chibis, with all the same proportions. They thought I was odd looking. But they have an interesting culture where it seems that all mammals and many species of beetles are sentient. Not too dangerous, but a nice place to visit. Check out how big their coffee beans are!

Contents of the package: A roasted coffee bean 25cm long.
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: rune081624 on June 15, 2019, 10:45:29 PM
Daisuke Packet #144

Film: A dramatic series of nature photographs showing high mountains covered in snow and glacial ice, an erupting landscape of cinder cones spewing smoke and ashes into an overcast sky, and forests of pine trees, scrub oaks, and palm trees on the edge of lakes and rivers with more snow-capped mountains in the distance. Mammoths, mastodons, sable-toothed cats, and other Pleistocene mammals figure prominently in the images, but no signs of human habitation.
Biologists and geologists will conclude this alternate Earth is behind our world in development, about 50,000 to 100,000 years in the past while the Fringe Portal opens in what would be the Los Angeles Basin, near the area of Devil's Canyon Reservoir.

However, one frame near the end of a roll of film shows something very much out of place: planted on the summit of what would be Mount Wilson is a faded flag on a slightly weathered brass pole, bearing the all-too-familiar Union Jack. The final frame shows a nearly boulder, to which is fastened a brass plate bearing the inscription:
Her Majesty's Royal Interdimensional Expeditionary Force, 1889.
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: ORtrail on June 20, 2019, 11:39:32 PM
Nice.  It adds some background depth and give the GM a chance to aid the team if they are in dire circumstances.  They might even half expect to see him in their hour of need. 
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: Kedamono on August 12, 2019, 07:05:30 PM
Daisuke Packet #214

Film: Images of what looks like an ordinary town in Japan. Street signs indicate that it's the Aomori region of Japan. Images of daily life and happy residents... until you see the pictures of various Japanese with white, blonde, even red hair. Some of the pictures seem to show someone riding a broom in the air, another a motorcycle. But the vast majority of the images are of normal happenings, though you do recognize several young adults that Daisuke seemed to encounter often. The last picture is of Daisuke having tea in an conservatory, sitting next to him is a fox, and the person serving them is translucent, like a ghost.

Note: This is an interesting world. Magic is in use here, and the practitioners are well aware of the Warp. When I came through I set off some sort of alarm, but it took them about 2 days to track me down. We had a nice talk, the "witch", who's name was Akira, explained that they are trying to keep a lid on things, and the warp has been a source of problems, with the occasional visitor popping through. However, I explained what was on the other side and she was intrigued. Sadly, no one in the city we were in were Fringeworthy, but Akira said that now they know it's a special signature, they will find out who in Japan has it and maybe go visiting themselves if they can figure a way to impose the FW signature on themselves. Got lots of new Post-It notes and more film, 100% compatible!  I hope you like them! I explained that IDET will probably follow up on this, so they will be expecting you. The warp is in a Shinto Shrine compound, so don't drive a truck in. Ask about Cafe Concrucio, they have the most interesting customers there!

(The Post-It notes have Hello Kitty on them.)
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: Kedamono on February 21, 2020, 05:17:34 PM
Daisuke Packet #316

Film: Images of ruins with a large stylized "の" character. Images of a youngish looking pair of women... only one has large cat ears and tail, the other blue hair and long snake like tail. More pictures of more young women with various animal like head adornments, including it seems working wings, as demonstrated by several of them caught on film in flight. Pictures of short, round robots with bunny ears and at least two normal looking humans, not counting their dark green or dark aqua colored hair.

Note: What a strange place. It's called "Japari Park". The first two individuals that I met were these young women... well, I say young. Based on my conversation with one of them, Tsuchinoko, (Which is a name of a Japanese cryptid by the way.), claims to have living in the park for at least 40 or so years, yet she barely looks to be over 20. The other, "Sandcat" is only 24 years old. They both claim to have been animals before something called "sandstar" changed them into their current forms. They call themselves "Animal Friends", and I have to take them at their word.

I did meet some normal humans, a woman named Bag and the other, a young man,... well, the Japanese is "キュルル" but that's just the noise your stomach makes when it growls when hungry. The woman claims to be a human friend, while the man seems to be the only true human on this very large and confusing island. It's between the size of the Big Island of Hawaii and New Zealand. And I was informed that there are other islands out there with more Friends on them. Nothing about other humans other than Bag and Growl.

There is some danger here from a creature called a "cellien" or "cerulean". Pronunciation varies. They attack Friends to get at the sandstar that's within them, but these young women are more than a match for these creatures. Still, go armed if you venture out into the countryside.

If you do visit, I do recommend visiting the Japari Cafe on top of a mountain. It's accessible either by flying, something any of the flying Friends can help with, or by a pedal powered cable car. (This small, barely up to my chin young woman named Toki was able to pick me up and fly me down from the cafe with ease. I am not a light load.) I did the cable car, luckily a pair of Friends, Arai and Fennec were going up, so we took it in turn... well, me and Arai-san, pedaling up the mountain. My legs were like jelly after attaining the top. Lovely cafe with plenty to eat and drink. It's run by this young woman Suri Alpaca. She has the most amazing eyes.

Oh and once you're there, one of the robots will become your guide. They are very informative.
Title: Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
Post by: ORtrail on February 24, 2020, 11:16:00 AM
Hmm, reminds me that living next to Monster Island would be bad neighbors turned up to 11.