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Title: Tri Tac Games Podcast: Episode 434: Fringeworthy in Mario World, Part 2
Post by: Kedamono on June 11, 2018, 01:10:40 AM
We continue with our series on Fringeworthy on Mario World. We recount Mario's origins, talk about Power Ups, and really get into it about Mario Kart Racing. We finish off with a stab at the cosmology of the Mario Universe!

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Title: Re: Tri Tac Games Podcast: Episode 434: Fringeworthy in Mario World, Part 2
Post by: GreyVested on July 03, 2018, 01:10:01 PM
I really enjoyed listening to these set of episodes. I wasn't aware of the existance of the Video Game Magic Items thing for OGL, so that was interesting to hear about.

In that vein, hearing the discussiion about what certain power-ups do what was compelling in that it kinda highlights how different such items can be in terms of both use in the video game and in interpretation for the tabletop. The red Super Mushroom for example has been used for making Mario grow taller and be able to take more hits in the mainline games, but in the RPGs is used as a healing, so having something that either increases the eater's size or restores health feels equally valid. The 1-UP Mushroom is also an interesting case in that depending on the genre, it's either a free restart of the level or an instant revive. Something that temporarily grants a chance at ressurection seems like a good, balanced way to handle the 1-UP.

I was glad to hear the mention of Mario Kart as well -- it's probably given, since it's one of the more ubiquitous spin-offs, but I think it also helps display just how off-the-wall the world can be that seemingly bitter enemies can unite to have impossible go-kart races. Besides the other sports games though, I think the possibility of something resembling Mario Party might be worth attempting -- having essentially a boardgame setup punctuated with mini-games that might be represented by various sorts of skill challenges. The implications of the zero-gravity karts didn't really hit me until hearing this, and the idea of bringing that tech back to Earth is neat.

It had me thinking though about the missed oppurtunities of discussion, like how warp pipes would be considered to work, and whether such a thing could be replicated elsewhere. Sure, the portals on Earth Prime's hub platform already give an opputunity to shorten shipping, but I could see there being a benefit in warp pipes in areas distant from those points.

The idea of treating the "galaxies" as star systems also felt like a neat way to use the star platforms -- It's certainly irked me how such small-scale structures get called galaxies in game, but having them be treated as just functioning an alternate or dated naming scheme and being treated as solar systems feels like it would work.

Treating the franchises as connected when seen in mario games through cameos and whatnot feels like an interesting take as well -- it would not have been my first thought, but I like the idea of working with it. The idea that say, Splatoon is connected because of the inklings in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe feels like it has room for fun. I thought I heard a mention in there somewhere of the universe of Metroid being explored in the context of Fringeworthy, and I would most certainly be interested in that, being a fan of that series. I'd be interested in trying to contribute to such an examination, if that ever comes up.

On some final notes, hearing things like the recording date in the final part really put into perspective how long production of these episodes can take, I appreciate being privy to that.

I'd also like to add one little nit-pick from the start of part 2, the creator of Mario was Shigeru Miyamoto, not Hiroshi Yamauchi. Yamauchi was the president of Nintendo at the time, but Miyamoto was the one doing the creative action there.

I also recall a mention in the previous thread on this set of podcasts mentioning Horizon: Zero Dawn as a condidate for examination within Fringeworthy, I'd like to support this idea.
Title: Re: Tri Tac Games Podcast: Episode 434: Fringeworthy in Mario World, Part 2
Post by: Kedamono on July 03, 2018, 03:20:22 PM
Thanks for the kind words! I'll let the rest know, especially Professor Pixie!
Title: Podcast
Post by: longshot on December 12, 2018, 05:14:46 PM
I am up to Ep 114 so 25%?  Discovered podcast last fall (Sept or so).  I fell in love with FW when got it in '83?  Back in '80s I wrote programs to do everything for game.  Character generator, npcs, worlds, all those wonderful charts.   I ran FW maybe 30 times in '80s and some '90s.  A couple times on my BBS.

I was looking at 'stuff' online when saw podcast first time.  Since 1999 I've run a PBEM play by email - website, mailing list, email - game of Powers and Perils.  2019 Summer will be our 20th year and 8th major adventure.  I was considering leaving on top at 20.  Granted some pbems are longer (2-3 I think one trek game is a decade older.  But after 35 years of P&P I was considering another system.  I run 26 game systems in the last 4 decades.  Biggest was Gamma World on my bbs with 17 active players.  A Star Trek game with 30 players (15 in 2 groups against each other) at a convention.  Sadly with RL its harder to run/play so a pbem allows that.

Enjoying the last 112 eps.  I started in September.  Instead of pandora and Diablo III I do podcast and d3. :) Just wanted to say thanks for good podcast.  I got 300 more eps to go!  So doubt will hear any reply to this in podcast for a long time. ;)

Hoped to email the old hosts but see no links. :<

Title: Re: Tri Tac Games Podcast: Episode 434: Fringeworthy in Mario World, Part 2
Post by: Enkeli on December 14, 2018, 04:04:40 AM
one of them is a moderator here, Kedamono.

As for the podcast. it split from Tri Tac Games during the summer. Any podcasts from July on are in a different format with no connection to Tri Tac Games. It is more of a generic look at gaming, they did not change their address because it is tied to the podbean account the owner has had since the beginning.