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Incursion I, II, and III / Getting Back to Earth
« Last post by Kedamono on October 28, 2020, 01:54:10 PM »
So, I've have had many a "discussion" on this topic with various folks. We all disagree on one thing: Finding a Nav Cube with a destination for the Sol System.

Most folks think that there is one. I totally disagree.

Why? Because the Earth was a restricted Anshani world, a Nursery World. Why would a Space Tugboat, AKA the Ardanna Nuu, have a cube for that world? It wouldn't. But, it would have a cube for a Anshani administrative world, one that watched over many Nursery Worlds. Now, since stars move, the admin world would have a shifting area of responsibility, especially since the Anshani, a species over 8 billion years old, had more than enough patience to deal with the shifting stars as they travelled around the galaxy.

So, the admin world would be about 20-50 LY from the Sol System. That also means that there probably many other Nursery Worlds near Earth as well. There are close to a thousand stars within 50 light years of Sol, enough that it would take a lifetime to find Sol and Earth. Even if you left it to just the type G stars that's 63 different stars to check out to see if they are a match. And using the constellations won't help much. At 50 LY, they would be unrecognizable. 

It would be the height of irony, if cube #1 was the one to get them home. It's the one that's sitting in the Nav controller as they were traveling. Which world? The first one, the Frozen planet with High Tech buildings. It's been a hundred thousand years since the Anshani threw up their hands and ascended/left the universe/whatever. It's amazing that it's still mostly intact. The fact that Dakkel Shumeh didn't tell them is that he's a bit of a schmuck. If they can hunt him down after leaving him somewhere, he might relent and let them know basically what direction Sol is from the Frozen planet.

FTL: 2448 / Re: Star System Generation
« Last post by ORtrail on October 22, 2020, 02:20:36 PM »
I just noticed this post.  If you get a chance, check out the Frontierspace RPG.  It's a serial numbers filed off modernized version of Star Frontiers, but has some really nice generation tables for aliens and star systems.  With all the exoplanets being found, I'm not sure how much -if any, updating might need to be done to recreate what has been found so far.  I'm looking at YOU, TRAPPIST-1b. 
NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: vyndanian banned
« Last post by wasahbe on October 17, 2020, 06:50:13 PM »
There is a cap.  Vyndanian managed to answer the Tri Tac questions I have been using to keep the scammers out and get himself registered as a Field Agent instead of a Rookie.  I think I've closed the loophole, but the permissions are sort of a mess.  I ported the forums to SMF from a different software that had glitched so badly it wouldn't save or upgrade, so the only other option was to lose everything and start over.  So I hand rebuilt them.

I have upgraded the forums and pruned a bunch of crap.  I think this should take care of the issues.
NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: vyndanian banned
« Last post by ORtrail on October 17, 2020, 04:17:22 PM »
Is there a way to cap the number of posts a newbie can make?  Like no more than 5 posts a day until they hit 25 posts or so? Every board has to deal with this stuff at some point, sadly. 
NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS / vyndanian banned
« Last post by Enkeli on October 17, 2020, 03:20:47 PM »
sorry about the spambot post on every thread. the account is now banned.
FTL: 2448 / Star System Generation
« Last post by FuzzySadist on October 14, 2020, 02:52:14 AM »
Wrote a php program to generate star systems via the FTL2448 charts.  Some minor changes, but this what I have so far:

Code: [Select]

KEY: Primary Star | ZoneA | ZoneB | ZoneC | ZoneD | Outside System
Star Size: d=dwarf, s=small, m=medium, l=large, g=giant, x=super giant
Star Type: N=Dark, M=Red, K=Orange, G=Yellow, F=Yellow-White, A=White, B=Blue-White, O=Blue
Planets: s=small, m=medium, l=large / P=planet, G=Gas Giant
Note: The string of 'sml' that comes after each planet are moons

01: [mK]--
02: [lM]---|-(sP)sm-(lP)mmsssms-|--|-(sP)-(lP)s-(lP)-|-(sG)m-(sG)sllmssllm-|
03: [mM]---|--|--|--|-(sG)xs-|
04: [mK]---|-(lP)msmm-(mP)lslls-|-(lP)s-(mP)-|-(sP)-(lG)llmssmmlssmlm-|-(sP)ms-(sP)mm-(sP)ms-|
05: [sM]--
06: [gG]---|--|--|-(sG)s-(lP)ss-(aG)-|-(lG)mx-(sP)sms-[mF]-(mP)m-(sP)s-|
07: [mK]---|-(mP)ms-|--|-(lG)lmx-|--|
08: [mK]---|-(sP)mss-|-(lP)-|-(mG)-(sG)llm-(sG)lsmsxx-(mP)sm-|-(mP)mmss-|
09: [mK]---|-(aP)-|-(sP)-(mP)sms-|-(mP)ssm-[mM]-(mG)ssss-|-(sG)sxmmmm-(mP)-(mP)l-(lG)lmmsls-(lG)ssmmxxmlss-|
10: [mG]---|-[dM]-|--|--|-(lG)lmsmllmsxxmlsslsm-|
11: [mM]--
12: [mM]---|--|--|--|-(sG)mslx-| [sG]
13: [mM]---|-(sP)-|--|--|--|
14: [sK]---|--|--|--|-(sP)m-|
15: [dM]---|-(lP)ssmmm-|--|-(mG)sxllsx-|--|
16: [mK]---|--|--|-(lP)mmlmssm-|--|
17: [mM]---|-(mP)-|-(sP)sm-|-(aG)-(lG)lmmsssmlmmmlsss-(lG)mlsxsmmmmm-(mG)sm-(sG)mss-(lP)ssl-|-(lG)lmsmlmlsssmm-(sP)-(mG)ssxs-(aG)-| [sA]
18: [sM]---|--|--|-(aG)-|--|
19: [lK]---|-(sP)-(sP)-|--|--|-(sP)ms-(mG)msmmmlxls-| [sA]
20: [mG]---|--|-(lP)lmlssm-(mP)m-|-(lG)lm-(mP)s-|-(mP)lmss-(sG)xslmsmms-(lG)mlllmmxxmmsmllmmsl-|
21: [mA]---|-(mP)m-|-(lP)m-|-(mG)-(mP)-(aP)-|-(mP)mms-|
22: [mM]---|-(sP)mm-|--|-(sP)-|--|
23: [mA]---|--|--|-(mG)smsmms-(lP)mlsm-|--|
24: [mF]---|-(lP)ms-|-(sP)-(sP)ms-|-(aG)-(mG)lssmxslm-|-(sG)x-(mG)lsmmsmsllm-|
25: [mM]---|--|--|-(sG)lsss-(sP)s-|-(lP)mmms-(aG)-|
26: [dG]--
27: [lM]---|-(sP)-|-(mP)-(mP)sml-|-(lG)xlmmssllxmxlslsl-(lG)slslmlmsmllxmsss-|--|
28: [lK]---|--|-(lP)mss-|--|-(mP)ml-(mP)-(lG)sxllmsm-(lP)mlm-|
29: [mG]---|--|-(aP)-|-(mP)mmm-(sG)sslxmss-(lP)msmlm-|-(aG)-(sG)-(lP)mm-(sG)mxslm-|
30: [lM]---|--|--|-(sP)m-(lP)smmsss-|-(mP)lsm-(mG)smlxsmxm-(sG)llsmms-(sG)xl-|
31: [gM]---|-(mP)smms-|-(mP)-|-(mG)mllms-|-(lP)mm-| [mM]
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Incursion Graphics
« Last post by FuzzySadist on October 07, 2020, 10:32:06 PM »
Heroforge now makes color miniatures.  I'm all digital, but with very little effort I can make tokens for my VTT ...

Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Incursion Graphics
« Last post by FuzzySadist on October 01, 2020, 04:33:44 PM »
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Incursion Graphics
« Last post by FuzzySadist on October 01, 2020, 05:33:17 AM »
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Incursion Graphics
« Last post by FuzzySadist on October 01, 2020, 02:13:23 AM »
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