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Title: Thoughts on Crystal Keys
Post by: Kedamono on December 18, 2018, 05:45:59 PM
During one of my walks I was musing about how the Crystal Keys work, both as a security device and as a tool. And a phrase crossed my mind:

"It's not crystal key levels, it's the level of the crystal key."

That one thought changed how I looked at how crystal keys were managed by the Tehrmelern. They didn't make keys of different levels, they only made one key and assigned a level to it. That means there must be a "Crystal Key Management System", CKMS, of some sort. A device that lets you assign a security level to a blank key or change the assigned security level up or down. Like most Tehrmelern devices, it's rare as hen's teeth, but they are out there, usually on T-Alts.

To use it you only need three things: A crystal key, an engineering key, and the proper clearance to make the change that you want.

That last part is the problem. Your average Joe Fringeworthy has the lowest clearance, so no changing key levels. Schmert can do it, if you can find the furrbutt. But maybe, just maybe, there are two people who also can use the CKMS. Sayuri Tenuma and the Earl of Greystone. Both of these people were messed with by Schmert and information pumped into their brains. Maybe, he also gave them clearance to certain portions of Tehrmelern security so that when a CKMS is found they can use it to turn gray keys into rainbow keys.

Title: Re: Thoughts on Crystal Keys
Post by: ORtrail on December 21, 2018, 03:51:41 PM
I love the idea of a "Crystal Key Management System" but since I seldom meet a complication I don't like, why not have different levels of CKMS?  Most only create keys up to a certain level, the rarest CKMS can create any level. 

Title: Re: Thoughts on Crystal Keys
Post by: Kedamono on December 21, 2018, 05:57:31 PM
Hmm, yeah, I can see that.

Level of CKMS:

Tourist level CKMS units can be found at most Trade Centers and Trade Worlds. You'd need Commuter level access to change a key from one Tourist level to another.

Commuter keys can be updated at any Tehrmelern Home worlds, and needs Security level access to do so.

Security Keys were only able to be changed at T-Prime and a several of a Tehrmelern Home worlds. You have to be an Admin to make those changes.

Admin keys? Only at T-Prime and a handful of special pocket stops. With T-Prime gone, only the CKMS units in those pocket stops can make those changes. Like Schmert's little hidey-hole.