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Title: Not for $30! But for $19.99!
Post by: Kedamono on June 24, 2018, 12:17:21 AM
Ted Granger stared at the blockish video cassette tape. It was square and didn't have a take up reel, it looked as though the tape looped back unto itself. "This is the height of their technology?"

Lorenzo Di Stefano was busy chopping up some peanut brittle with a Ginsu knife. "Si. Calendar year is the same as ours but the technology is... well, retarded."

"Backwards you mean," said Ted as he fed the cassette into the player and then pushed the play button. The 21" television flickered and a warning appeared that said copying this tape was federal crime punishable by a massive fine and jail time. "OK... looks like this world slammed down hard on illegal copying."

The opening music blared with a familiar theme and the words "Star Wars" zoomed out. Then the subtitle appeared "The Next Jedification"

"Oy and Vey," said Ted. They tried to watch the show, but after a few minutes of bad acting and even worse special effects, they stopped the tape. "That's worse than the Star Wars Christmas Special!" exclaimed Lorenzo.

Popping the tape out Ted confirmed that this was episode 45 of the series. "This is seriously bad."

He looked around the furnished apartment they had rented and saw that everything in it was from "As Seen on TV" commercials. There were the Ginzu knives that Lorenzo were using, a Vegamatic sat on a rollup cutting board. A folding omelet pan was hanging by the stove.

Experimentally, Ted clapped his hands and the lights came on.

Looking at each other, they realized the same thing, "This is the Earth of Bad Taste!"
Title: Re: Not for $30! But for $19.99!
Post by: ORtrail on June 27, 2018, 09:58:56 PM
A world ruled by Billie Mays. 
Title: Re: Not for $30! But for $19.99!
Post by: Kedamono on June 27, 2018, 10:20:59 PM
Don't forget the venerable Ronald M. "Ron" Popeil!