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Title: What do you want or need in Cloisters?
Post by: ArmySGT on May 27, 2018, 12:46:54 AM
What does everyone want to see in Cloisters?

So far I have been doing a little reading into Monastic Orders and Militant Orders as a way to generate factions for the Players to be a part of and to create intrigue within the Mother Church.

These Orders would specialize or be limited in some degree so as to not be fully autonomous. A way to have them perform a function for the Mother Church and be under that Authority.

Being under a Militant Order would give a player better starting equipment and fighting or riding skills. A Monastic Order would have specializations like civil engineering or literacy.
Title: Re: What do you want or need in Cloisters?
Post by: ORtrail on May 27, 2018, 02:24:21 AM
Only passingly familiar with Monastic Orders due to Cthulhu Dark Ages and a bit of reading on the Knights Templar during the Crusader Era.  If you're asking what I'd like to see as far as gaming resources?  Some maps, a general idea of what day-to-day life was like for those serving, and potential conflicts, I guess?
Title: Re: What do you want or need in Cloisters?
Post by: ArmySGT on May 27, 2018, 07:16:47 PM
Day to day life of these Monastic Orders? Makes sense and highly variable. Some would be strict and authoritarian and others more collective. Vows of silence or roaring drunken sing alongs nightly. I should through in Nuns and Nunnery's or Sororities to keep it rounded.

Maps of the Order house or Chapter houses? There is alot of the actual places on the web. These are suitable as is or adaptable to post apocalyptic with re-purposed salvage. Maps of the Counties or holdings these are found in? The game book itself has some useful maps of Michigan, and the U.S. to get a GM started.

Day to day life will depend upon the Order, the function of that Order, and ones plaxe in the pecking order. An order raised to be hospitalizer would function as rest stops for travelers and for medical care or similar aid. Another Order may be raised to rid the land of the massive scourge of enormous carnivorous boars eating the people and destroying farmland.

As a player, a hospitaler, has advanced beyond a novice with a mission to heal the sick and comfort the dying. Sent on a circuit of villages to preach and heal; or sent with a Militant Order as their battle medico.
Title: Re: What do you want or need in Cloisters?
Post by: ORtrail on May 28, 2018, 02:07:53 PM
Finding shelter, food, and safety would certainly lead people to join various groups/causes in a post-apocalyptic setting.  Once the worst of the trouble has passed though, some may begin to doubt, or maybe parents left children there so they would be safe?  The kids are now older and want to see what is out there?  Maybe find out who they are and what happened to the rest of their family?