Jane's All The Worlds SpaceShips: Norge Class General Purpose Ship

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The Norge was the first FTL capable design from the Alvarez Shipyards. Known primarily for their system ship and mining ships, the Norge was the brainchild of Edith Landsverk, renown designer of the Steinbeholder Asteroid Miningship and the Støvsuger Comet Miner Droneship. She turned her design acumen on to bigger things: Starships. The Norge represents 10 years worth of research into optimal design of ships, and to use standard modules in the production of what has turned out to be a the best general purpose design to fly the stars. The main contract was for the Scandia Corporation of Earth and Seridin, in providing a state of the art heavy hauler ship.

It uses the latest technologies in Phase Navigation and other ship board devices, including the innovative Kjærgaard Automated Cargo System (KACS). Equipped with Standard e Phase Drives, it originally used Standard c drives, and over the years, almost all Norges in space have been upgraded. The only exception is the class ship itself, the Norge. It was purchased by the Martian Air And Space Museum and is on display in their orbital facility.

Length: 163 m
Specials: cdfhjmn
Remass: 1610 M units; 258,000,000kg
Reaction Drive: 1 Medium 2GW Mendes-Xiong Fusion Drive
Max velocity: Loaded Mass1: 8.92 m/s2; Dry Mass2: 10.34 m/s2
Power Plant: 500MW Andrade Toroid Fusion Generator
Phase Drives: hiv
Classification: General Purpose
Crew: 41
Passengers: 112 passenger containers+89 10-person hibernation containers
Cargo Capacity: 41,925,000kg (Approximately 1,290 containers)
Ship's Mass: Loaded: 300,425,000kg; Dry Mass2: 258,500,000kg; Unfueled Mass: 500,000kg

1 Loaded Mass is a ship with maximum cargo mass.
2 Dry Mass is a fully fueled ship.
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