More thoughts on Phase Drives...

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More thoughts on Phase Drives...
« on: July 12, 2018, 01:15:01 PM »
A paper was recently published about wormholes, it has the catchy title of "Asymptotically flat cylindrical wormholes without exotic matter in GR" What does it mean? I'm still digesting the paper, (And so far it's gobbledygook to me. Me calculus days are far behind me.), but it's possible to create a stable wormhole system using only magnetic fields. It still uses a butt load of energy, and you still have to send one end of the wormhole to where you want to go.

So what does that mean for Phase Drives? Suppose that work by Herbert and Lashaw was into the possibility of another universe with sufficiently different physical laws where it's easy to make a wormhole... from anywhere. Even another universe. The other side effect, since it's linked, is that it's also easy to make an Alcuberrie Warp Drive in that universe. This turns the Phase Drive from a old fashion hyperdrive, into a wormhole/warp drive. But only in the Phaseverse.

It blows a bubble of Real Space and the ship enters it in the Phaseverse, then they navigate to a location where they do it again in reverse, and unblow the bubble and reenter the Realverse. (hopefully the same one as they had left.)

Oh, and navigation is needed in the Phaseverse. It's described as blue stars to the front and red stars to the rear, with a black void in between. Well, almost. That's in visible light. In the full spectrum, from microwave to X-Ray frequencies, it's alive with structure and form. All of it smeared in a gravity rainbow around the ship. The stars that you can see do not correspond to stars in the Realverse. But you can use them to navigate to a location where you can exit. Vast clouds of something wind around everything, but are only visible in the higher and lower wavelengths of light. And, it's all non-euclidian. AIs get a headache looking at it, as do most humans. But, there are a few that can look at the twisting mess and see pattern and form. These people are the Phase Navigators, not very sociable, and have other traits that sort of keep them separate from other folks, but their brains are wired differently, and that difference makes all the difference in the world. AIs can navigate, but not as reliably.

So this makes traveling in the Phaseverse more like sailing a ship, the navigator is also the pilot, and guides the ship through the Phaseverse, and updates their charts as they go along. Phase Charts from the 2050's are worthless, and their navigation systems incredibly primitive to what's available in the 25th century.

It's like the first Starships were like Viking longboats sailing the seas by the stars and sunstones, compared to the modern ships that navigate by GPS and other state of the art navigation aids.

Also, the shape of the warp bubble effects the speed of the ship in the Phaseverse. Early warp bubbles were more like spheres with a rough uneven surface. Modern phase bubbles are more streamlined and have smoother surfaces. The Krelvin Sunsailer warp bubble is even smoother and more streamlined.
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