Tri Tac Games Podcast is now Gaming on the Frontier

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Tri Tac Games Podcast is now Gaming on the Frontier
« on: June 30, 2018, 11:21:09 AM »
Both the Tri Tac Games Podcast and Tri Tac Games, LLC. would like to announce that the podcast is changing its name. Going forward from today, it will be known as Gaming on the Frontier.

This name change has been a long in coming. We at the podcast have always considered ourselves a “fan podcast”, but events over the past few years have brought home the fact that many folks consider the podcast to be officially part of Tri Tac Games, LLC.

We wish to make it very clear that we are not. We’ve have always been and are fans of the games of Richard Tucholka and his company, Tri Tac Games. We’ve discussed this with Melody Natcher, Richard’s partner and owner of Tri Tac Games, LLC., and we discussed with her about our decision to change our podcast name, and to remove any implied connection to the company.

Both Melody and us at the podcast, are sad to do this but rest assured that we are still friends with her and with the company and we’re maintaining both a professional and friendly working relationship with both.

Melody would like to thank the current hosts of the podcast, Bruce Sheffer, John Reiher, Josie Hughes, Robert “Trav” Poloskey, for all the excellent work they’ve done promoting the Tri Tac Games brand, as well as the former hosts, Peter Bryant, Jay Hailey, Amber Roe, and Paul Nunes for their contributions to the podcast.

We at the podcast would also want to announce we are proud to affirm that Tri Tac Games, LLC has full rights to use the content from various episodes that dealt with expanding the canon of Bureau 13, Fringeworthy, FTL: 2448, the Incursion series, Hardwired Hinterland, Weird Zone, and other properties that we explored.

So, what’s in the future for the “Gaming on the Frontier” podcast and its crew? We still plan to do shows on various Tri Tac Games RPGs, but with this change, we are giving ourselves the chance to explore other RPGs and how we can bring our unique perspective to them.  Melody and her managing editor, Sally Vilkman, have standing invitations to come on our podcast to talk about any new products that they’ve released or on upcoming releases. We also extend this invitation to all game companies. We really want to know what you’re working on and perhaps lend our talents to come up with potential campaign concepts for all GMs out there.

We look forward to doing many more podcasts where we will explore Gaming on the Frontier with everyone. But until then…