Update on the status of Tri Tac Games

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Update on the status of Tri Tac Games
« on: May 09, 2018, 05:00:40 PM »
 Over the past year Tri Tac Games has continued to function and grow in our attempt to honor Richard's legacy. Before his death we promised to keep Tri Tac alive and to continue projects he had approved before he got sick as well as projects he was working on himself.

          Tri Tac Games has opened the doors to new audiences with our RPGNow/DrivethruRPG shop.  Many of the items in that shop are Print on Demand, something we cannot offer on our home page.  This shop is putting Tri Tac in front of people that may not have heard of us and is providing a place for existing fans to get some of their favorites in a print format.


          A novel that had been approved by Richard but hadn't gotten all the way through the process was completed. The Ed Powers Story is available on our RPGNow shop as an epub version or print on demand and will be available as a pdf download on the home page in the near future.  This novel was written by David N. Powers and gives an alternative view of Ed Powers' story, told from a more military based point of view.

        Two new supplements for Fringeworthy were added this past year, Dingoes At My Banjo! and Mystery at Rooterville Station. These were ideas that were outlined and approved by Richard. Both are done in the EZ Rules format, making them usable with any game system.      

       There are several projects in process at this time. While there has only been three new products this past year, putting the older content in Print on Demand format has been time consuming. We are presently working on a revamp of Hardwired Hinterland to make it more EZ rule friendly as well as a few more print on demand products. 

        If there are projects that should be considered or existing products someone wishes to see as a print version please let us know.  There is no promise that it can be converted to Print on Demand (all the original versions of Richard's games are not in an editable format so unlikely to be converted to print on demand), but we will attempt to do so if there is enough demand.
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