Storks and Babies

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Storks and Babies
« on: June 03, 2018, 01:11:19 AM »
All stories are true in the Bureau 13 universe... that includes storks delivering babies... well, not exactly. Babies are made, um, the usual way, plenty of YouTubes on the subject... But what the stork delivers isn't the baby.

It's the baby's Soul.

And the stork is more metaphysical than physical. And takes the shape of different things in different cultures. But the bottom line is that the stork arrives just in time to link a fresh soul or a retread one to an awaiting vessel. And no mix ups, no comedy of errors, the beings that do this are very good at their job. Besides, who'd want to stop a soul from being attached to a baby?

Ok, it happens. Something prevents the stork from making its delivery, and the baby is born... soulless. It still cries, learns to walk and talk, but it's missing that spark, that something that makes it fully human. And that's the best case scenario. There's a window of opportunity and if the stork misses it, soulless baby.

But, that vessel can hold all sorts of things. Dark things waiting for a stork to mess up, or even better, it's friends prevent the stork from making a delivery and it finds a new home. Not a demon, those prefer the act of making a child, and insert their essence at the front end of the process, not at the tail end. (The same goes for being of light. Conceiving a demigod is not left to chances.)

These things are more dark spirits, lost souls, and other critters looking for a more real life. (Lost souls are not retreads. Retreads are souls that pass muster from a previous life and are being given another go at it. Refurbished and given new treads, they go back and try again.)

Now, the Bureau views these children as children, and because being made human the spirit that is now inhabiting the child can be guided to humanity. Otherwise, you could end up with a real monster. No, really, a monster that sheds it's human skin and goes on a rampage, then puts it back on and coos quietly at mom in the morning.