Environ - Karbazoon

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Environ - Karbazoon
« on: June 01, 2018, 01:56:37 AM »
Is this an okay place to post Environs?


At the center of Karbazoon is a shining city of crystals and odd technology called Neon. It is ruled by the Purple people of Neon.

Name  Karbazoon
Strange people fight for control of an ancient city

20,000 Purple people
10,000 Orange Thurasks
15,000 Yellow Thurasks
5,000 Confederate Humans
2,500 Drop ins who are confused.

Centered in Neon there is a Monarchy. It claims jurisdiction over the whole environ
The council of the Yellow Thurasks rule thier own people with an obscure conpiracy
The Orange Thurasks have tribal council set up
Jacksonburg has a city council that holds elections every 2 years.

The split authorities can lead to conflict or intense diplomacy, depending on other circumstances.

Can be Fighty

1878 by the reckoning of Jacksonburg.  Multiple and weird from the POV of non humans

Horses from Jacksonburg
Hegsarks from Neon

Neon and the Thurasks use mirrors to flash messages and have networks messenger towers.

Neon, Purple people 65%
Orange Thurasks 15%
Yellow Thurasks 20%
Jacksonburg 85%

Weird.  Each community trades with the others as they can.

Jacksonburg has torn up it's useless railroad rails and re-purposed the steel.  They do horse and cattle farming as well as selling 1850s level technical gear when they can.  The town has tanners, tinkers and everyone necessary to support a farming community.

The Kingdom of Neon has Silver and Gold coinage that have become acceptable to just about everyone.  Jacksonburg created their own silver and god coins but no one really cares as long as the coins have the right amount of silver and gold in them.

 Hot a dry in the center, more temperate Towards the edges.  Except the northern edge  which is badlands right down to the sea.

At some point in the past, this Environ was ruled by a more advanced kingdom and the races all lived in harmony.  However, this old kingdom fell in some disaster.  When the survivors pulled themselves together, they were segregated.  The Purple humanoids of Neon declared themselves the rightful rulers and began a long war to enforce their rule.

The Thurasks, Orange and Yellow are large, strange looking people with 4 arms and single curved horns sprouting from their foreheads.  The longer they live the more knurled and curled these horns become, so Thurasks elders can easily be spotted. They stand 7 to 8 feet tall and are gangling.

The Thurasks engaged in a war of near mutual annihilation in the aftermath of the collapse.  The Orange Thurasks were almost exterminated and only survived by hiding in difficult northern desert and badlands.

The Yellow Thurasks have a complex social and religious structure that they hide from outsiders. Aggressively so.  They claim better knowledge of the Ancient Ones but categorically refuse to share any of this knowledge and seek to kill or drive off explorers archaeologists and explorers.

The Yellow Thurasks, at some point in their history decided it was okay to eat Orange Thurasks, and continue the practice.  The Orange Thurasks greet this with understandable hostility and delight in helping scholars and explorers uncover Yellow Thurask secrets.

About 14 years ago, the town of Jacksonburg appeared in the Southwest corner of the environ.  They were a town in Georgia, USA in 1864.  The town was bracing against an expected attack of the Union army. Defenses were set, supplies laid in against a siege.  A sizable confederate force was camped out not far away ready to move when the Union forces came calling.   There were almost no black people in Jacksonburg.  All had either been previously liberated or removed from the path of advacing soldiers.

Appearing in this environ was difficult and strange for the inhabitants of the town.  It was a mixed blessing that much of the Confederate force reinforcing Jacksonburg did not make the transition.  The commanding officers of the Confederate Army and the Civil Authority of the town made a quick alliance and began to explore their new home.

This process became violent quickly as the Purple people and the Thurasks tribes moved to try and either eliminate this new threat, or bring the new Pink Neons  to their side.

In time Jacksonburg settled down into a establish relationship with the other factions.

Jacksonburg has one advantage. They developed a formulation of their gunpowder that works properly.  Militia and the few active duty troops left in Jacksonburg were able to fend off aggression from the Purple Neons, and the Thurasks.

In time they grew food crops and began to breed horses and cattle which they can both eat and sell to neighbors.

Neon City, home of the Purple Neon culture is advanced, but in a very odd way.  They have flying craft more reminiscent of flying boats and ships, dependent on Lightening crystals and alcohol fueled turbines.

They have inherited a lot of technology from the ancients.  Including a crystal replicator.  Add raw materials and the crystal replicator spits out ancient wondrous devices.  The Purple Neons are very sensitive.  Asking how this works is a good way to start an argument if not a fight, because the Purple Neons have no idea at all. 

Plugged into power supply at the center of the Environ, the Crystal Replicator can even make new Lightening Crystals, but this takes a long time.  Weeks or months.

There are about 2500 people in their Environ from other places in time and space.  Most are earth people.  These people are generally split between Neon and Jacksonburg.

The civic leaders of Jacksonburg are actually not nice people.  They have been pursuing a course of re-armament.  In private they are absolutely certain that God has put them in this place to tame the Purple people of Neon and the Thurasks.

Most of the People you run into in Jacksonburg are old fashioned, but the transition to this new world and this new life has left them much more cosmopolitan than they were before they left.

The town has a "Landing field" to the northwest of town, but that's all it is. It's designed so that the flying ships of the Purple Neon people can land and trade. The City Fathers of Jacksonburg are hot to get their hands on flying machine technology. Expeditions by explorers, adventurers and scavengers have yielded mixed results so far.

A few more modern people are trying to talk the city Fathers of Jacksonburg out of their parochial world view.  This, is met with a mixed reception.

Places of Interest
Neon.  A city in the center of the Environ.  In a desert.  Evidence suggests that the area was more temperate some time ago.  Neon has deep wells and plentiful water if everyone is careful.

There are numerous districts of neon City, and vast number of crystalline buildings which do complex technological things automatically.

In fact the Purple people have not reclaimed 100% of the original Neon City.  Scouts who delve into deep corridors, tunnels and under-layers  can get very wealthy from salvaged money and technology.  Or, they can wind up extremely dead at the hands of mysterious monsters or diabolical traps.

The Royal Army of the Purple Throne is tough, professional and puts down any challenges to the power of the crown quickly and directly.

The upper layers of the city are inhabited by innumerable craftsmen, merchants and brokers plying their craft.

McDonalds: A restaurant featuring meat sandwiches and "French Fries" run by Juliet Grenkowski a drop in from Earth in the 1970s and her husband, a purple Neon merchant. The restaurant has become an unlikely success story and a popular meeting place for merchants and travelers.  They have McBooze which is not unlike Mint Schnapps, as well as the normal fare one would expect from a restaurant in Neon City.  Grenkowski will always welcome visitors from Modern America and exchange news.  But she feels like she is committed to her restaurant and her family.  She will cheerfully trade info with people from "Back Home"   Grenkowski's husband, besides being a restaurateur is also an information broker about doings in the black market. He knows people from all over Neon and some in much less friendly places.

Hegsarks:  Hegsarks are a lizardy form of riding creature.  They are herbivores.  Slower than horses, they can survive deserts easier and are more robust.  But they're not as smart or versatile as horses.  They look like a mix of horse, alligator and brontosaurus.

Jacksonburg:  An American city from 1863 dropped into place in the Southeast of the Environ.  The area is temperate and green.  Originally a haven for dangerous predators, these have mostly been forced out of the area of the town.

Jacksonburg has blackmiths, two saloons, and all the services you'd expect from a town supporting a farming community. They were also the HQ for an army, but most of the army didn't come with them.  They limit purchases of firearms to humans.  Humans with darker or purple skin can buy but with a surcharge.

Southwestern plains.  Home of mobile tribes of Orange Thurasks.  These people move in pursuit of food animals and natural fodder. They are fiercely independently minded  There is an old saw that says if you put 10 Orange Thurasks in a room you will get 13 opinions out.  The one thing all Orange Thurasks can agree on is that killing Yellow Thurasks is fun and necessary.

They have ruins of the pre-Collapse culture in their territory.  They generally lave these alone.  To explore these would first necessitate making a good relationship with at least one local tribe of Orange Thurasks. Once this is done, (Not easy!) then the friendly tribe will allow exploration and salvage attempts, with the proviso that all booty be shared with them.  The Orange Thurasks attitude towards the ruins seems like superstitious dread, but it's actually well founded dread.  Traps to guard against thieves or to subject them to amusingly violent poetically appropriate deaths are numerous and diabolical in nature.

The Northwestern Villages.  In the Northwest, another Temperate zone, there are numerous villages of Yellow Thurasks. They will put on a friendly face to visitors, but if the visitors are seen to be vulnerable, they Yellow Thurasks will use stealth and guile to kill or capture visitors.  Their religion states that all but Yellow Thurasks are excellent food items and should be enjoyed whenever circumstances will allow.

But usually the Yellow Thurasks subsist as farmers and ranchers, supporting themselves and engaging in light trade.

The Northern badlands.  This area is very dry, hot and the ground is worn away granite and sandstone.

There are innumerable small canyons, arroyos and ridges in this area.  It's difficult terrain to cross.

Hidden deep inside this zone are the ruins of an ancient city and the HQ of the Yellow Thurask Obscure-Conspiracy form of governance.  Priests tend to ancient ruins and machines and try to glean the knowledge of the ancients.  They are guarded by desert warriors who know the land well and are very tough.

North Eastern coast.  From the Middle up to the center are villages of Purple humanoids, we well as Thurasks who have left the genocide, cannibalism and weird religions behind. There are Earth humans scattered in this area, too. From a story telling  POV these people are boring, but in truth their agriculture supports neon and much of the rest of the Environ.  None of the power factions will mess with this zone because they know they need it intact to keep the rest functional.

The Purple people of Neon are cross fertile with Earth people, although at the lower fertility rate seen everywhere in the Hinterlands.

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Re: Environ - Karbazoon
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2018, 10:21:34 AM »
I am reminded of the Lost Regiment: Rally Cry by Wiliam Forstchen.  That was a group of Union soldiers lost in an alternate world.  Actually, I get more of a Barsoom vibe from Karbazoon, as you intended I imagine. 


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Re: Environ - Karbazoon
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2018, 03:12:30 PM »
I did.  The intent is not only for a GM to have an excuse for ancient dungeons filled with treasure and traps, but also people who would be interesting, but perhaps a little skeezy to interact with.

If you trade with the people of Jacksonburg, are you validating their unpleasant views?
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Re: Environ - Karbazoon
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2018, 08:29:35 PM »
I need to read that book/story to see where you are coming from on this one but it is closer to what would make a good upper environ.


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Re: Environ - Karbazoon
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2018, 04:33:31 AM »
I need to read that book/story to see where you are coming from on this one but it is closer to what would make a good upper environ.

Read which book?  I am riffing off Edgar Rice Burroughs there.
Jay in Spokane