Submitting art to Tri Tac Games

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Submitting art to Tri Tac Games
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Artists wishing to submit their work for publication

Please send an email to summarizing your proposal. Include the following:

   The Tri Tac setting you're interested in.
   The reason why you're interested in that setting.
   A concise synopsis (one or two paragraphs) of how you would go about the project.
   A list of special skills you have that make you uniquely qualified to draw the supplement (if applicable).
   A list of sites or professional print or online galleries where your work is displayed. (if applicable).
   Anything else you think we should know about you.

If we are interested we will ask you to provide a sample based on a description we give you that would fit the Tri Tac setting you have shown interest in working with.

If we approve the work a contract will be negotiated for the art produced.
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