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First let me be clear about one thing, this is entirely MY opinion, and does not reflect Tri Tac Games in any way, shape or form and if it costs me the mod rights I have so be it.

This forum is already becoming a monster of empty sections being added at a rabid pace because someone suggests it might be nice to have xsdfssdfsdf type area, Then NEVER posts in it.

I admit the initial phase of the forum relaunch was limited on purpose to see what people wanted added and would use so that the forum didn't become the monster it was before. But it seems that everyone that has sent private messages, email and even posted here, want the forum to look like the old one.

So you all have gotten your way and it looks just as bulky as the old forum and yet the number of posts are so limited I am wondering WHY people asked for the things that got added other than the comfort of reminding them of the old forum.

This was meant to be a lively area for discussion, questions/answers and ideas for the future of the games in Tri Tac's universe.  Right now all I see are a mess of empty sections and areas that were mostly seeded by Wasahbe or me. 

I know that logging into a forum isn't as simple as facebook since there is no app for the forum, but sometimes things worth doing take a few moments more to do. Logging in once a day and posting a quick note or sharing news with forum friends should be just as automatic as checking Facebook a dozen times a day.

And hopefully I will still be around to post replies to new topics or answer questions, but if not, Thanks for reading this.


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Re: Excess
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It's a balancing act.  I do agree that getting more people to post something every couple days is critical to building a thriving online community.  Snowball effect. 


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Re: Excess
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2018, 06:42:29 AM »
The painfully empty sub-forums of the old site were definitely an issue, but in the case of this version I'd not registered that it was happening again: quite simply, they're pretty much invisible to anyone using the mobile display rather than the desktop one; and that's how I generally see the board.

That's not to say that it isn't (or will become) a problem, but it does suggest that multiple sub-forums aren't even helpful in organising topics to someone in my situation. I quickly found that the easiest way to navigate was to click on the new and unread posts list, ignoring the different departments altogether.
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