A Basic Role Playing (BRP) Fringeworthy?

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Re: A Basic Role Playing (BRP) Fringeworthy?
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2019, 03:30:09 PM »
I was able to get two players for my Fringeworthy game this past weekend at RadCon.  They managed to explore alternate portals 1-4 on Platform +102 in the four hour time slot.  Neither was familiar with Fringeworthy or even the Chaosium/BRP game system for that matter but did a nice job playing their characters and seemed to enjoy the Fringeworthy setting/concepts. 

Portal one was a modern day world with super powered cats, portal two was a medieval world where a Northern Kingdom sailing ship had ran aground while on a mission to find a new king, portal three was a dead world that died out when the Carrington Solar Flares never stopped, and the fourth portal was Roman Tangier where a plague was raging due to the curse of desecrating an ancient hero's grave mound (or smallpox as the IDET doctor diagnosed).   

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Re: A Basic Role Playing (BRP) Fringeworthy?
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Excellent, sounds like it went well.
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