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Node C +21 and C +22
« on: May 16, 2018, 05:31:02 AM »
I don't have these written up in any detail, yet.... Sort of

I wrote up McDonald's world but not as a FW node.

I just have one word for C +21.  "Banduch"  referring to the race from GURPS Aliens

Jay in Spokane


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Re: Node C +21 and C +22
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Kitty Campaign McDonald's World

Genre (fantasy/SF/modern, etc):

Space Opera. Ships swoop improbably and act like super airplanes, flying into space and using hyperdrive to get to the next planet.

Gigagntic battleships wallow ponderously and trade broadsides.

In space bars, colorful characters drink, make deals and find adventure.

Heroic good guys face bad guys and the right fighter plane or hero with a blaster in the right place can settle things

Setting (name of the kingdom/planet/city)

The central City is McDonald's planet.  It is a very "Normal" place for the PCs to be from and to defend against marauding evil (tm)

In this area of known space there are humans and other folks. So within reach there are a lot of planets.

Alternatively: Recently McDonalds Planet rediscovered fast Hyperdive and is now reaching out into space, meeting new friends and encountering new enemies.

Theme (military, exploration, intrigue, etc - what the PCs will be expected to do)
Semi-Military, Semi-Cop

The PCs are members of the McDonald's Guard.  A sort of mix of State police and defense force. Sometimes the PCs will be called on to support law enforcement actions,  and sometimes they'll be sent to straight up shoot bad guys and capture locations.

Hook and Background (opening scene and the relevent events that lead up to it)

Once upon a time there was an ancient empire.  It had great wonders and super technology.  It fell, leaving McDonalds World populated by humans and friends, to rebuild until they reached the stars

Although humans are the major race on McDonald's world there are others.

I'd make up better names, maybe, if I thought I could consistently remember them

Cow people - think minotaurs.  Very large and strong.
Dog Folks - loyal and fun loving
Cat Folks - independant minded, not fond of crowds
Chicken folks - not an entirely successful transformation
Duck folks - much better. They get along with their human and other friends.

A long time ago, the Old Empire had amazing biotechnology and created the people from animals.  The original animals still exist on McDonalds World.

There is some argument.  Some sources indicate that humans were the original Empire Builders.

Non-Humans point out that this is unlikely, as humans are not exceptionally smart in relation to everyone else and besides Chimpanzees.

Most folk consider this an obscure point of religious debate and don't sweat it.

McDonald's world is a nice, normal world.  People live. make stuff, grow stuff, sell stuff.  They live in houses and make cities happen and over all it's well done and most folks get along most of the time.

Not all the time, and not everyone. so McDonald's world has a defense force.

In recent history starships started coming by McDonald's world again.  Using bought and "Borrowed" technology the McDonald's Space program managed to explore some and recover more technology.

Now McDonald's world is about on par with other worlds and can defend itself.

But... there's more out there.

Along The South axis there are Cow Folk and Sheep Folk, they have fewer or no other people with them, and are fine with things that way.  They trade, some and are suspicious.

Along the East Axis there are the Wolf-folk.  They're pretty far away, but they're a definite presence.  The Wolf Folk prize having a firm social order and knowing one's place in it.  They are slowly but surely imposing order on the Galaxy.  They have human subjects and even adherents. They'll hire mercenaries and privateers.  But the Elite of the Wolf Empire are Wolves.

Wolf-folk consider humans to be chaotic, unreliable and flighty.  Too changable. They get along with Humans and like them, but among the Wolf-Folk there's a natural order and Wolf-Folk are at the top of it.

these guys and their allies are the Evil Empire of the game.

To the west are rats.  Rat-Folk live in enormously crowded cities.  They enjoy being really close.  They have a fully developed and technological culture.

Small groups of Rat-Folk wander around trading or raiding, as they see appropriate.

Although very socialble among Rat-Folk, they have a narrow people button.  You're not Rat-folk and you never will be.  Rat-Folk are perfectly willing to get along, trade, interact and even join groups of other races for adventures.  But if loyalty to non rat-folk friends and rat-folk becomes a conflict, most Rat-Folk will side with their own kind.

A small minority of Rat-Folk don't have this narrow people button.  Some of these even really enjoy getting to know non-rat folks.

The Rat-Folk narrow people button make treachery and crime against non-Rat-Folks much more acceptable to ordinary Rat-Folks.  Remains of some captive have been found with gnaw marks. When out numbered or confronted with equal force, ordinary rat-folk will be well behaved and sociable.  But when Rat-Folk outnumber non-Rat Folk, well,  things might not end well.

Rat-Folk and their allies (There are some. Some Rat folks take on assistants and cannon fodder of non_rat-Folk people) In the campaign they fill the role of Pirates and Vikings.

There are worlds with human population, and worlds with mied populations and world with all sorts of cultures for PCs to visit on their journeys


The PCs start out as problem solvers.  They are assigned to weird or odd assignments, their goal is to defend McDonald's world and bring bad guys to justice, one way or another.

They has a small courier ship, sutiable for driving a group of PCs around.

If the players are up for it, they might have a second group of Players Character who fly Fighter escort for the PCs ship.

This can allow for space based combat encounters that then transition to ground based scenarios.

Although often called to battle pirates or bandits, they may be tasked with solving a puzzle, or a crime or searching for missing people.

They might get Guest-Star NPCs as technical experts to help with these tasks.

From the Wolf-Folk point of view, the home-area is a semi-wild frontier, with indian country right behind it.  They'll be sending scouting missions and diplomtic missions to try and set up taking control of the area (In a friendly way.... if possible) and then fighting a campaign against the Rat-Folk.

Everyone else in the region would rather they not.


Scattered among this will be ruins and artifacts of the Old Empire. 

What it was and what happened to it is a question of interest to all parties.

Somewhere there may be clues to the location of the long lost ancient homeworld "Earth" and what actually happened to it.



If I were to pitch this to a face-to-face group,  I might change the names, and see if I could disguise the origin a little better.

The pattern underlying this just coalesced together in my brain one day.

Old McDonald had a farm, you see,

McDonalds world represents the house and near farm area.

The southern part of the map is the back 40 where herds of sheep and cows grazed.

Rats were a persistent problem

In the woods beyond wolves lurk. 

Then the house burned down and the farmer disappeared.

The Farmer is the Old Empire. metaphorically.

Metaphorically, the game represents a period of time when the residents recover from the fire and re-establish themselves in the are previously covered by the farm.

Are there aliens?  Certainly.  What kinds and what shapes?

I would leave that blank for the players to suggest - their additions would certainly change the spin of the game. (That would be part of the fun!)

Everyone in the region was once part of the Old Empire.  Was that a good thing?  Was it a bad thing?  Was it a mixed, ambiguous thing?

I'd probably wait and see how the game flowed as different ancient artifacts and installations were discovered and the PCs were called to rescue the various archaeologists and treasure hunters from these ruins and the pirates who'd love to loot ancient wealth.

The Wolf Folks are not actually wolves.  They are the descendants of humanoid herd dogs - they formed the back bone of the cops and defenses of the Old Empire.

Without the Imperials to temper them, they have established a pretty rigid military state.  They think this is natural and how things should be.

The Dog Folks of McDonalds and other planets are very closely related, but not entirely the same. They are interfetile.

The Wolf-Folks would consider Dog-Folks to be odd, weird variants of Wolf Folks.  Dog-Folks might, at first be intimidated.

But the rigid social hierarchy and the careful cultural elements designed to let you know your place and how you were expected to interact -

This appeals to some people and some Dog people.

The Wolf People accept anyone who is willing to follow the rules into their empire and even into their military.

But there's a glass ceiling.  Non-Wolf-Folk get so high on the table of organization and no farther.

Dog-Folk can get higher, but still encounter the same glass ceiling effect.

The Wolf-Folks don't see themselves as bad guys.  Just as people trying to restore law and order to a chaotic galaxy.

What happened to the farm?  What happened to every place else?  What happened to the old empire?  Where is Earth and what happened to it?

All questions left blank, to be filled in as the game progressed, by interaction between players and GM.
Jay in Spokane