How many Aliens?

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How many Aliens?
« on: March 08, 2021, 08:10:00 PM »
In terms of FTL:2448, not that many and not that close to humanity's tech level. Based on this article on Centauri Dreams, Lost in Time and Lost in Space, to get the density of "close in tech" that's present in the game, Every Star In The Galaxy would have or have had, a native population. Most would be over a Million Years Old.

For the most part, they would either be Angels or Apes. There's a great description of how hard it would be for aliens to encounter us during from Atomic Rockets:

Consider the history of Planet Earth. Let the height of the Empire State building represent the 5 billion year life of Terra without Humanity. The height of a one-foot ruler perched on top would represent the million years of Humanity's existence. The thickness of a dime will represent the ten thousand years of Humanity's civilization (i.e., "apes"). And the thickness of a postage stamp will represent the 300 years of Humanity's technological civilization. An unknown portion above represents "pre-Singularity Humanity", the period up to the point where mankind hits the Singularity/evolves into a higher form/turns into angels. Say another dime. Then they leave Terra to go to better things. Above that would be another Empire State building, representing the latter 5 billion years of Terra's lifespan without Humanity.

If you picked a millimeter of this tower at random, what would you most likely hit? One of the Empire State buildings, of course. So, assuming only one civilization develops on a planet, chances are the first-in-scout starship Daniel Boone will discover mostly planets that are currently empty of alien civilizations (but they might have an almost 50% chance to discover valuable Forerunner artifacts or other paleotechnology).

If you only use the section with an alien civilization, you have a ruler and two dimes worth of apes and angels, and a postage stamp edge worth of near Human civilization. If you pick a millimeter at random chances are you ain't gonna pict the edge of the postage stamp. Ergo: apes or angels, but not humans.

Something to consider.


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Re: How many Aliens?
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2021, 08:44:00 PM »
There could be some uplifting from a visiting advanced alien race to what will often be primitive worlds.  You can hand off a lot of technology in a very short span and change the 'natural' curve of technology. 

In other words, one galactic spanning civilization could devote themselves to helping primitive alien races along.  That might mean doing some genetic engineering, but just giving out tech would change everything.  An Earth example is how just introducing the horse back to the Americas changed many of the native tribes in permanent ways. 

So, within the sphere of influence of an elder alien civilization, you find a minimum standard of technology, often to allow them to travel and trade with others around them.  Some may advance the technology they are given, others just become dependent on it without a true understanding of the physical laws around it.