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Node C +20 Law and Order 2013
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Node C +20 Law and Order 2013

This world is Earth of 2013. It would take some work to figure out just how this world is different.

In this world, the events of the "Law & Order" franchise are, roughly real. The characters exist as real people in situations roughly analogous to where we saw them in their shows in 2013.

This also implies several other TV shows are real.

But, PCs from the Fringepaths would have had to have A) watched the TV shows and B) make their way to New York (mostly) and c) Somehow run across the Analogs to the TV characters. So from the PC point of view, this world would be mostly a vanilla version of Earth. Good for grabbing cheeseburgers and other Earthly items they may have been missing.

The clock is set at 2013 because that's when my game started!

The (locked) notation refers to a low level lock that was installed generically in the system. basically any key can unlock these. The current PCs have a key, so these aren't locked. But without that, only gates without the (locked) notation would be usable.

Since there is only one gate unlocked and that's in Morocco, it would be even more unlikely that any PCs would discover what made this earth non-vanilla.

There's a lot of action going on in the Stellar arena.

12:00 - Path to Alt

01:00 - (Locked) Mammoth Caves

02:00 - (Locked) Beni Mounds, Bolivia

03:00 - Blank

04:00 - Caves of Hercules, Morocco

05:00 - (Locked) Lascaux caves, FR

06:00 - Antarctica

07:00 - (Locked) Krubera Cave, Georgia

08:00 - (Locked) Mohenjo-daro

09:00 - Blank

10:00 - (Locked) Yonagumi Monument

11:00 - (Locked) Ayers Rock, Aus

Node C +20, Alt Platform

All Gates here Open in Mammoth Caves, Kentucky. The Portal is in a chamber hidden by a hologram hidden in an artful crease in the cave wall. It looks so boring and generic people don't challenge the hologram because it looks like there's nothing there.

01:00 - Icke's Earth.
02:00 - Earth Meets Pax Draconis
04:00 - Pokistop, Callahans
05:00 - Dominae Draconis
07:00 - Paranoia
08:00 - UG-317
10:00 - Terra Draconis
11:00 - Doragon no ruru

01:00 - Icke's Earth.

Looks mostly like a Vanilla Earth, Circa 2013

Here there is a hidden cabal of Draconics. Call them the Red Draconics. They believe in domination and strength. They aren't big fans of human rights or anything we'd lke.

This handful of Draconics use a sort of polymorph technology to shape themselves into humans. They are trying to build enough of a power base to not get instantly squished by the Pax Draconis.

In the mid-1980s, David Icke, a former Soccer star and news reader discovered he, and a few other humans had a natural ability to see through the disguises of the Draconics.

Since then, Icke and a band of resisters has been fighting a shadow war against the Draconics. Icke's attempts to reveal the truth to the greater public have been labelled as the rantings of a deranged mind.

But there is a minority of humans who, for what ever reason, can see through the Draconic disguise, so Icke's messages have caused trouble for the hidden cabal.

The Hidden Draconic Cabal acts through the Queen of England (A role worn by Draconics since her death in WWII) the Rothschild Banking family and other agents of the New World Order.

The Red Draconics work to keep galactic technology out of the hands of Earth people, while building up Earth's native technology. They fear Earth getting out into the interstellar community before the proper mindest of xenophobia and human supremacy can be inculcated.

If discovered the Pax Dracnix will act quickly and decisively to crush the Red Draconics - they are not having a Draconic led rebellion. Not happening.

Neither the Red Draconics or the Pax Draconis knows of the gate on Earth, or much about the Fringe system.

02:00 - Earth Meets Pax Draconis

On September 11, 2001 a Pax Draconis scout sat down on the WTC helipad and the world changed.

Earth discovered that they were not alone.

Then came a worse discovery - no one in Pax Draconis cared. Earth is a primitive backwater not much worth paying attention to.

Over time other scouts and adventure traders came by and educated Earth about what was valuable. Earth was able to buy (At inflated prices) hyperspace radios and old science and tech manuals.

Like selling a stone-age tribe science books and tech manuals from the 1940s. Earth is starting to diffuse this knowledge and put it into action, but they're still a backwater.

The Draconics consider balkanized worlds to backwards and too poor to worry about - so the message is "Call us when you get your stuff together."

The US and some other nations are working on building real space ships and hyperdrives as defined in the old tech manuals, but this is slow going.

Meanwhile, for everyone else, life continues roughly as normal.

Every few weeks or a couple of months, a new space ship appears. They seem to have decided that Kennedy International Airport is Earth's Space Port. When a new ship comes in, all airplanes are redirected to other nearby airports. There's talk about adding runways, so that the facility can stay in operation as aliens come and go. But since aliens also have repulsor lift, no one is sure airplanes of the future will need runways

Automotive and aerospace innovation have stopped dead, as everyone holds to see what they'll get out of the old tech manuals. Replacement machines are still built, but it's the machines of 2001 with 12 years of refinement, not much new about it.

After twelve years of effort, the drive to develop galactic technology is paying off.

Consumer electronics has continued to advance, since the development and obsolescence cycle is much shorter.

All Big ticket items have been put on hold barring further developments, unless they really necessary in an immediate time frame.

The United States Government bought the tech manuals and are releasing items in a controlled fashion. Edward Snowden, a researcher for the U.S. Government is about to try an liberate the alien tech manuals and release them on Wikileaks for everyone.

DARPA is working on the first zero point energy generator. It will be the size of a building and weak compared to Galactic technology, but it will be the first step towards making them available for everyone.

Progress is slow on Super Batteries, and the project is frustrating everyone.

Intel and a coalition of tech companies are working on the first "Modern" processor from this manual, but are finding it a hard slog. They have to boot strap a lot of technology ahead of design and building of their first device.

The US Secret Service and the Border Patrol have created a new joint division, the "Department of Alien Affairs" based in new york. Their agents were black suits and are rumored to have access to advanced technology.

Node C +20

04:00 - Pokistop, Callahans

A Bar called Callahans, in a pokestop world that looks like Rural upstate New York.

Oddly people can get here from all over. many human patrons will assert that they can just drive to the place, Comparing notes will reveal that they are from different times and Earths along this node. occasional space ships stop by as well.

Mike Callahan himself will assert that people will find the place "When they need to". For Fringeworthy, it's a nice watering hole, near a 1950s style motel. There's a general store and a gas station nearby as well, but they're always closed. Mike has the keys and will open them up as needed by the patrons. Regular patrons will be surprised - they always assumed these places were out of business. But no, despite dust and a disused look, all are stocked up as if in 1974.

05:00 - Dominae Draconis

In 1963, the Dominae Draconis descended and announced that Earth was now the territory of the Dominae Draconis. Earth people objected. The war was short and extremely one sided. Now the nations of Earth are satrapies of the Dominae Draconis. But if you don't resist the Dragons, you can travel the stars


Unlike the Pax Draconix, this Interstellar entity is ruled with an iron fist by Draconics who seem somewhat more angry and paranoid about than the Draconics of the Pax. The Nations and Provinces of Earth were retained as administrative districts. A Draconic Governor rules the world with his hand picked deputies. In the intervening 50 years, Earth people have largely gotten used to the idea. OId people and some patriots still hide old flags and preserve the old stories. But being found to be in resistance to the Dominae Draconis carries an instant death sentence.

This Earth is now a base for the Subjugation of other places in the galaxy. An enterprising and energetic human from Earth can go far in the Dominae Draconis Military. They reward loyalty and good service. If one is a loyal subject, or at least strictly non-political, one might get a job with the DomDrac merchant marine and go visit the stars. They have a branch of their military academy on Earth, where Earth humans are trained how to be loyal officers of the Dominae Draconis.

In and around Bowling Green KY, obviously armed humans will be shunned. There is strict gun control. Patches and badges that suggest pre-war nations could be considered evidence of Resistance.

Local police are tasked with keeping order and enforcing laws. But if they call for back up, one can expect DomDrac Army units who will shoot first and ask questions later.

The technology is space fantasy to modern eyes. DomDrac troopers show up in antigrav vehicles slinging blasters. To someone used to the Pax Draconis the technology and style look retro. DomDrac ships, weapons and equipment are, on the average 5-20% less efficient and powerful than PaxDrac equivalents. The DomDrac does not have the commercial or cultural dynamism of the PaxDrac.

But they have a MUCH bigger military, one much better at conquering and occupying planets.

Alt 07:00

Here at Mammoth Caves and nearby Bowling Green KY, things look pristine. The area is inhabited by people who live like Native Americans, sort of. Someone familiar with the Native Americans will recognize that these people are not any tribe or culture with which they are familiar. They have many of the same skills, from necessity. Their tools and artifacts looks similar, but this is due to having to survive in the same area.

The people are all healthy, on the large side and seem to be of random ethnic background. They're all the pretty. Examination will show that mothers and fathers have babies of effectively random ethnic appearance.

About the location of Columbia, Missouri, there is an underground city. It is sealed and dug in deep, against an ancient catastrophe.

It is run by an insane, paranoid AI. The AI essentially tortures its residents, always suspecting them of treason, sedition, thought crimes and other things.

Once it finds evidence of thought crimes or disloyatly, the computer executes it hapless captives.

The computer can clone seemginly endless numbers of replacements. They come out of the cloning chambers with skills and memories. but no real backgrounds and no detail to their pasts.

the punchline is that the people living like natives in and around Mammoth caves are the descendants of escapees from the insane AI.

The residents of the supposedly sealed city and the people leaving wild on this earth are replicants. Demi-humans, they don't suffer from many of the problems humans do, but they also don't get much of the diversity. In D20 all these people naturally have stats of straight 12s. You see little, if any variations.

The Computer considers escape to be treason. It considers having been born outside of it's rule to be treason. to be related to someone who commits treason is treason.

So occasionally, the computer will send armed parties out to attack thr escapees and their descendants.

But leaving the city, even on the computer's orders is suspicious. People who are sent on these missions are usually declared traitors not long after and hunted down themselves.

If the Pax Draconis of this universe discovers this, they will destroy the city with prejudice.

I wouldn't blame them,

The City was a hidey hole during the first wave of the Mellor war and has just gone south since then.

Survivors have gone all over the American continents. They haven't reached anywhere else, yet. Other wise this Earth is as if humans had not evolved there.

The machinery the AI uses to replicate people is similar to the PC generator which spawned the PCs, If a PCs brain crystal is inserted into the Victim generator, here, they will be replicated, but all stats below 12 will be raised to 12. They will seem vaguely plastic and generically good looking unless their natural appearance is better. Their reproduction equipment will hand them happy, healthy vaguely pretty children of random ethnicity, with stats of straight 12s

Alt 08:00


The year is 2043. The Earth's population is 9 billion and topping out. All the cities seem too crowded, The technology is Cyberpunk.

On factory farms all over this end of Kentucky figures can be seen working to feed the huge mass of people. The creatures seen working are Bioroids. Synthetic humans .

They have formed a new underclass. slaves working to provide "Natural" Humans with food and goods.

in 2030, courts ruled that Sythetic beings have no natural rights and are therefore property. This set up a techno-slavery based society.

At Mammoth Caves, it looks like the usual tourist attraction, with a touch more touristy kitsch.

Nearby at Bowling Green the local industries are tourists and supporting the factory farming,

Natural humans are given a UBI (Universal Basic Income) this is to cushion people displaced by economic upheaval and the transition to this weird techno-slavery, and frankly to bribe people not to revolt and burn everything down. This seems to have worked.

Some folks work, Many folks work part time. A solid minority have become useless couch potatoes.

Bioroids are also seen as cops, firefighters and EMTs. Well armed PCs will be approached by a plastic looking, blandly handsome under armed person in a police unifrom. This person will engage the PCs and encourage them not to wander around so heavily armed, asking for an unfortunate incident.


Are these Bioroids from a person replicator? Unknown. Left for the GM to work out.

Alt 10:00


On this alt, Earth was left with a situation like the Pax Draconis, but limited to the surface of the Earth. Now, 10,000 years later. The World is divided into 25 regions, each run by a Draconic overlord.

The language and culture of Earth is pretty different from Prime Earth. the Physics of this world is the same. So certain engineering principles, biological and ergonomic principles remain the same. So Doors, cars, machines, weapons will all be Similar to known examples. Just descended from a different line of thought.

Here the area covered by Bowling Green and other small towns and farms is covered by a modern city. This city is where the Draconic Emperor of the Earth makes his throne.

Although, the technology is roughly comparable to 2013, in one area it has lagged badly. Weapons. Since the Draconic Overlords do NOT fight among themselves, military technology is an afterthought.

So the Imperial Guard are security guards with clubs to beat down people who get out of hand. These guys are good hand to hand fighters. They get practice from various insane individuals who want to get close to and harm the Emperor.

Ranged weapons are bows and cross bows, used for hunting.

Any engineer will understand a firearm, once the principles are explained. These items were just never deleoped on this alt. The closest they get to war is going into the back country to flush out gangs of bandits.

These people have littered the Solar System with unmanned probes and serious robots for exploration. Their computer and electronic engineering is good.

Buty this has all developed through paths we're not familar with, since war has effectively been banished from this world.

The gate has been locked from the other side for almost 10,000 years. The Dracnic Emperor has almost forgotten it was there. An archeology minded person might see the remains of ancient guard posts at Mammoth caves.

guarding the portal is WHY the Capital city was put here to begin with. The Draconics and their friends on Earth were attacked and almost destroyed by Mellor forces and then left alone ever since.

If PCs are identified as coming from the Fringeportal, the Draconic Emperor will call for them and ask them to come give him an update on what's going on. Dependind on the PCs reaction, they may make an enemy of these people, or they may gain an ally.

If things go well, the Draconic Emperor will offer support to Fringeworthy and start trying to find his own.

If thing go poorly the next visitors will discover that the portal chamber has been walled off with reinforced concrete.

Alt 11:00 - Doragon no ruru

In this Alt, the economic and cultural center of gravity of the Earth is in the East. China, Korea and Japan are in a sort of weird federation with each other. China is by far the richest and most powerful nation on the earth.

Europe and the Americas struggle to escape a distinct second world status.

Here, at Mammoth Caves and in Bowling Green, things look retro. Styles are sort of 1960s, it may take PCs a bit to notice that something reinfrocing this image is that consumer goods are fewer here. American made items have older styling and older technology.

Asian built devices are very modern and very capable, but they're expensive so the people of Bowling Green don't have a lot of them. Same with cars and other machinery. American made has lagged and Asian made, while modern and capable are few, since people struggle to afford them.

Tourism is a strong industry here, with signs in Mandarin, Japanese or Korean. Asian upper middle class people can afford to travel the world. Some come to visit Mammoth Caves.

Farming is also not too bad. Besides America, Chinese are always willing to buy agricultural products with their sweet, sweet yuan.

Well Armed PCs may be taken for backwoodsmen on an infrequent trip to town to stock up.

In this Alt, On Sept 11, 2001, a Pac Draconis based scout ship landed in Shanghai.

Now every few weeks to two months alien space ships land at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

China has traded for out of date Galactic technical manuals and science text books, and now Asian scientists and engineers struggle to update their technology. They are disappointed and slightly offended that the Pax Draconis considers Earth too podunk a back water to deal with.


Asian People from this Alt would not recognize the names Mao, Kim Il Sung, Prime Minister Tojo, or Chiang Kai Shek. The idea of a Divided Korea would strike them as silliness.

Western people would be even more lost. History unfolded very differently in this alt. The Diversion point seems to be some time in the Early 20th century, Understanding more will need more study.

In this alt Japanese has become a very common second language, since Japan invented the internet.

Node C +20

12:00 - Path to Stellar

01:00 - (Locked) Luna

02:00 - (Locked) Mars

03:00 - Blank

04:00 - (Locked) Pallas

05:00 - Ganymede

06:00 - Path to Alt

07:00 - (Locked) Mimas

08:00 - (Locked) Miranda

09:00 - Blank

10:00 - (Locked) Triton

11:00 - (Locked) Pluto

O5:00 this portal leads into a dome, It looks like a Geodesic dome made of glass, but the material is impervious to any known effect.

On the outer surface of the Dome straight across from the portal there is another portal. It's the same size as a fringeworthy portal, and looks very similar. it, too has a control pylon next to it. However instead of being open with a black curtain effect, it has a clear surface across it.

Activating the control pylon will cause the clear surface to retract back to the circular portal. This will went all the atmosphere and let in the conditions of Ganymede, This will not be fun for anyone not wearing a spacesuit specialized for those contidions.

If the door is closed, the clear material will close across the portal and Fringepath-normal conditions will be restored in two minutes.

There is a control pylon outside, too.

A Fringepath key can be used to lock this door, not allowing it to close or open with out a key.

A merciful GM might have the door open slowly with appropriate terhmelern warnings about atmosphere fleeing, humanoids freezing and ice being.

Node C +20 Stellar

01:00 - Bor'cha
02:00 - Arkol, Skay, Tugan
03:00 - Blank
04:00 - Kynmar
05:00 - Blox
06:00 - Path to System
07:00 - Frendle
08:00 - Dabe
09:00 - Blank
10:00 - Grexian
11:00 - Whurr

Node C =20 Stellar

01:00 - Bor'cha

On this world, until recently, Iron Age Bor'cha were fighting for their survival.

In a deep canyon, sort of like the grand Canyon, but much uglier, at the bottom, there was a source of monsters.

(Meta - this was a Monster Mother programmed with the D&D Monster manuals)

Although usually not all that dangerous to an armed Bor'cha, some of the creatures were extremely unpleasant.

A Pax Draconis scout landed and didn't find much of interest, until she realized that many of the monsters were not consistent with the Borch'cha eco-sphere.

A second specialized scouting mission with biologists and zoologists discovered that the monsters were of alien origin to the Bor'cha, but also that they frequently have very interesting biological compounds in them.

A Corporation from a Pax Draconis World (mainly humans, but they'll hire anyone who is qualified) set up a monster rendering and bio-chemical plant

They'll buy Monsters, living or dead from Bor'cha adventurers. and then sell the Bor'cha goods from galactic technology.

Smarter Bor'cha are pressuring the Corporation about education for young folks and greater inclusion in the Pax Draconis community.

This is in early stages, yet, but promises to be the core of a modern Pax Draconis colony.

Meanwhile there has been a quick and dirty selection of Monsters in the Great Canyon Valley in favor of meaner monsters

Node C +20 Stellar

02:00 (Hanson's World)

Here, the Arkol, Skay and Tugan have drawn interest. There are several worlds of Lizardfolk, many of whom are active partisans of Pax Draconis. They were interested in the Arkol, Skay and Tuggan. The Arkol, Skay and Tuggan all stem from a common ancestor and it seems like they and the Lizard folk have a common ancestor quite some distance back.

This is part of why the are is being lightly scouted but otherwise ignored, because the Lizardfolk are focused on their cousins.

There is a Pax Draconis colony now and the natives of Hanson's world are busy bootstrapping and learning like mad.

Node C +20 Stellar

04:00 Kymnar "Ghost Town"

This world is an Earthlike world. pretty hospitable, although the specific life forms are somewhat different from Earth.

This world is inhabited by the Kymnar. The technology is early 20th century.

Life is a slightly different pattern here. Since the Kymnar mostly carnivores, their agricultural revolution was about food animals and feeding their food animals.

Their favorites are sort gigantic mouse-bunnies. The docile farmed ones can reach 30 lbs. The wild ones range between 8 and 15 and can run amazingly fast. You also see analogs of chickens, pigs and even, more recently cows.

So the pattern is lots of ranches with scattered towns. Specialists in towns manufacture goods for farmers and the system has boot-strapped. Progress has slowed, however. Their ability to share information is early 20th century, magazines, newspapers, books, radio and films.

There are cars, trains, ships, airplanes, and airships. Kymnar actually prefer motorcycles and have developed 2,3 and 4 wheeled machines to a high degree. But these are few and can be expensive. The Kymnar don't do mass production as aggressively as humans. They do some, but not nearly as much.

But the number of specialists is lower and the population density is lower than Earth in say 1935. This combined with slow information sharing has slowed down Kymnar technological progress. Most Kymnar of this world don't mind and think things are going pretty well.

They have myths and legends of Gods in the sky who fought a terrible war, and brought terrible misery and suffering.

The portal is a warp into a ghost town.

This town was set up to support a mine in a semi-desert area. But then the Ghosts happened. Eventually, the Kymnar abandoned the mine and the town.

The abandoned town was picked over by looters.

Underneath the abandoned mining town there are crystaline ruins. A Commonwealth city stood on this site almost 10,000 years ago. Most has collapsed under the weight of accumulated dirt, layers and centuries. This is why the portal on the world side here is a Warp.

However, certain pieces remained intact, as such, and sort of functional.

One such device was intended to capture recordings of the minds of people who died, so they could be preserved and recreated, thus saving them from death. Most of the rest of the machinery is damaged and buried.

But the death recorder is still functional. Someone who dies in the town has a good chance of being recorded. Now, to give the freshly dead some feedback on their new forms the recorder creates a simulation of them. It projects these as holograms. The machinery uses the heat below the surface as it's power source for this.

The dead are blue, transparent, immaterial holograms of the people they were at the moment of death.

The first batch were miners, killed in an accident. A smaller batch were civilians who just happened to die in town, over time. These dead people just wander around bored. They can't touch anything, they can't do much of anything and they don't change. They can speak audibly. They are shown wearing the clothes they wore when they died. They can't change them. A Ghost can take off it's ghost clothes. It can throw ghost clothes on the ground. No other ghost can touch these ghost clothes. The original ghost can pick them up and put them back on. The Ghosts report very little physical sensation. They can't touch each other.

The natives of the town did everything they could think of to rid themselves of these ghosts, but no amount of prayers or magic rituals or skeptical investigation did much.

The Ghosts only come out at night. When the sun rises, they see it rise and get about and hour of morning and then they fade away until the sun is setting. The ghosts have no awareness of what happens during the day time.

If a Ghost is naked or has abandoned clothing when the morning comes, his clothes are back on him when he reappears.

The Ghosts usually appear at sundown in the place they were when last seen. But they can deliberately choose to manifest elsewhere. They can travel up to ten miles away from the machinery, near the center of town. But no more. A Ghost kind of feels resistance at the 10 mile range limit, but if they cross that line they disappear. The default point of appearance for each ghost is where they died. Understandably, most ghosts don't like this. A ghost who has been disrupted by distance reappears the next night at their place of death.

A ghost can also seemingly choose not to manifest for a set amount of time, or until summoned by another ghost. They can see and hear, but have no sense of smell - something that they miss.

Understandably, being an immaterial spirit, trapped in the town has had various negative effects on the victims. They exhibit symptoms ranging from depression to anger to disassociation and catatonia.

It's been about 70 years since the town was abandoned. The living residents just couldn't cope with the dead and so left the town until it was (please excuse the term) a ghost town. In the years since then, it has been thoroughly looted by scavengers.

So now, a few spirits of the dead wander around and try to find ways of amusing themselves. If they see Fringeworthy, they'll be VERY interested. Something NEW!! They are not capable of doing anything physical to people. nor can their own forms be affected by much. Really strong light could swamp out their holographic manifestation, disrupting them. they'd reappear the next night in their default location.

In about 2000 years, the recorded images will lose enough data to be wiped by the system. But the dead Kymnar have no way of knowing this.

If someone was to come out to the town and set up a radio or a television for the trapped spirits to watch, he'd relieve a certain amount of suffering.

But the area is now said to be haunted. Kids and young people come by. Get scared when a Spirit shows up. A few get to know the spirits and eventually leave, demoralized about their inability to resolve these dead people.

The worst are the kids. Three very young Kymnar. One died from disease and two in a single accident. They occasionally run though town, giggling, shouting, playing tag and hide and go seek. Some adult ghosts join them, occasionally. The boredom hits them worst, but they seem more resistant to being driven crazy by their circumstances.

Its kind of a downer, but being friendly and sharing some new stories with these people will help some of them quite a bit.

Node C +20, Stellar

Blox Barbarians.

Here the Blox have entered their iron age. The technology is sword and sail. Huge stone walls are the best defense. They ride a sort of horselike herbivorous dinosaur. Imagine a micro-brontosaurus, shaped into a horse like thing, with long running legs and so on. They call these Knorgs.

Some Blox who live hard and become enormously tough and strong feel that civilization is turning the Blox weak and decadent.

Among the various kingdoms, principalities and city states, there is a cabal of telepathic Blox who seek to rule from the shadows.

This world is occasionally beset by monsters, and brave Blox have to fight these things, with swords, bows and other implements.

Underground there are extensive ruins. People we would call "Dwarves" lived in this world alongside the Blox, until the Mellor War. Using advanced technology, they carved insanely large cities underground. They had amazing technology as well.

Statues in the deep ruins depict dwarves, as well as a few other creatures unknown to modern Blox. These deep cities not only contain troves of treasures as well as ancient "Magic" they are also infested with monsters and nightmares. A Team of Blox might get rich delving these ruins.

Or they might get dead.

The gate is a warp near a walled Blox City. The Blox will be surprised to see non-Blox people. Diplomacy might convince them not to be too hostile.

But the Barbarians from the North are not as easy going. Abominations from other worlds are Abominations and the only good abomination is one that's been hacked to pieces with a sword!!

Picture a mix of Dungeon fantasy and Conan. Except with Bloxians. The most violent Bloxian barbarian has a bad austrian accent.

Node C +20, Stellar

Sci Fi Frendle

In this solar system, there is a war brewing.

The Frendle homeworld is built up and technologically advanced. But it's demand for rare earths and minerals is ravenous and bottomless.

In the last 100 years, The Frendle have gone from halting interplanetary steps to colonies on asteroids moons of gas giants.

But for the last 30 years, there has been a battle for control bubbling just beneath the surface.

The Frendle Space Authority controls all colonies and regulates all shipping. It determines what gets shipped where by whom. The Frendle born in space chafe. Their needs are placed secondary to the demands of the home world. Their ability to meet their own needs is in direct contradiction to the FSA's need for control.

10 years ago there was a war, as hidden factions of Spacer Frendle fought for independence against the FSA and the homeworld's dominance. This was was bloody and ugly. Once it started the Frendle government was horrified to learn that the spacers had created an entire infrastructure and economy out of sight.

But the Spacers were optimistic about how willing the Homeworlders would be to fight for control. Although the Spacers ran the boards early on, the homeworld rallied and crushed the uprising.

Now, the FSA struggles to maintain the control that conquest brought.

And Free Frendle are building up for another push.

The Frendle space war developed the space fighters and carriers methodologies that the underlying physics of this universe prefers.

They also developed a run of mechas - Piloted robots to act as tanks and fast strike machines.

The FSA ended the war with the best fighters, the best carriers, and the best mecha. In the 10 years since, they have upgraded their machines.

But the hidden Free Frendle have had time to engineer machines designed with the FSA/Homeworld machines in mind.

The Portal here is a warp into a modern, science fiction looking city, all designed around Frendle sensibilities. Doors are wide and very low. Cars are also much lower. Skyscrapers claw into the sky with shorter decks than humans would design.

The Frendle have fusion power, but the super magnets that make this power supply work depend on supplies from off world. They have much nicer batteries than Earth (Although only 1/10th as good as the Pax Draconis), but these also need off world mineral supplies. Their computers are as good as can be expected. They've run into limits built into physics that make further progress very difficult. Thier computers as good as any in Pax Draconis.

The weird physics that allow hyperdrives and other space fantasy technology are under study by Frendle physicists. They have pushed normal physics to their limits.

How this system has not been discovered and visited by Pax Daconis scouts is odd. It's not all that odd when you run the numbers, space is stupidly big. But still. Really?

It's only a matter of time.

The Frendle have been noodling the notion of extra-Frendle life for some time. There's no consensus, but they expect it to be weird.

When Fringeworthy are encountered... Most normal Frendle will flee. Eventually, Frendle experts will be called to talk to the newcomers, unless the Fringeworthy cause problems. Then they'll be viewed as monsters and attacked.


Whether by Fringeworthy or by Pax Draconis, contact is coming. Then the Frendle will make another discovery. An unpleasant one.

They just don't especially like non-Frendle people. Almost universally, non-Frendle people will cause vague discomfort and distaste among the Frendle.

It's sort of a Frendle version of the uncanny valley. Non-Frendle people just cause an "ew." reaction.

Once in regular contact. the Frendle will find that a very few among their number are xenophiles. These people come off as insane to normal Frendle, but if the crazy Frendle can get what Frendle want in trade then good for both. Just don't make the normal Frendle watch. Or listen. Or even be around. Ugh.

The Frendle do have material to trade. Once brought up to speed on Galactic technology, they'll be able to make stuff other people want. Easily. But it'll be up to crazy Frendle and e-mail contacts to sell these things.

Once the Frendle understand that there are non-Frendle people and that other solar systems can be reached, the conflict between the FSA and the Spacer-Frendle will sputter out, quickly. They'll be motivated to get into a more unified stance before contact with aliens becomes (ew) more routine.

if asked directly for help, the Frendle generally will, but they'll be reluctant and they'll grumble. They'd much prefer you go be alien somewhere else.

Node C +20

10:00 - Grexian Vikings

This is the Grexian Homeworld, but colder. The jungles are much smaller, but death traps, filled with carnivorous plants and all sorts of insane survival adaptations.

Away from the Jungles the ecoology is normal ish.

The Gate is a warp that opens along a Fjiord. At a Village not too far away, Grexians so a little bit of farming, ranching and fishing. But their big thing is a viking ship. They can row and sail this thing insane distances and then if the people they meet are weak, they raid them, and if they're strong they Grexian Vikingstrade with them.

The Grexians will view Fringe travelers as creatures from myth and legends.

Elsewhere on this world, Scouts have landed and have not discovered much worth returning for. The world is destined to be a backwater in the Pax Draconis for the foreseeable future.

The Grexians have Iron Age technology, Their chief riding animal looks like a long, thin mastadon. Well trained ones are very handy indeed. Poorly adjusted animals can cause all sorts of havok, if not tended to.

Pax DraconisEdit
About half the Galaxy is Ruled by the Pax Draconis. The leaders of this nation are Humanoid Dragons. They were created long ago. There are 24 Draconics who Actually remember their creation.

They don't die of old age. they get bigger and top out at about 10 feet tall and about 1000 lbs.

They started out in a galaxy where humans were rampant. It was a chaotic time of war adventure and chaos.

The Draconics became mercenaries and then assistants to nations they liked.

Over time they just out lasted everyone and became senior officers and advisors.

Then, as a natural progression, they became the rulers. Then once they had inherited the thrones of many human nations, they formed the Pax Draconis. A peaceful realm where people of all kinds could live and grow and build lives.

But this Draconic alliance was not without rivals. Angry humans insisted that men should rule men, not "serpents". Other races simply refused to be a part of the Draconic order.

Then the great Cyborg war happened. In the end all the races of the Galaxy had to band together to fight this menace.

Entire planets were wiped out. for every world murdered 100 were reduced to barbarism.

The war was won, but at a terrible cost. A dark age set in.

The surviving Draconics lead the way back out of this, re-establishing order and technology

In the present time, the galaxy is largely a civilized place, although not everywhere.

Most of the time the face of the Pax Draconis is a human who truly believes that this Dragon Flavored Monarchy is the way to ensure long term peace for everyone.

Draconics who are part of the ruling elite (Not all of them are) parcel out regions, zones and worlds as fiefs to good managers. They don't care about the details they just have three demands - There must be as little injustice as possible. Injustice and cruelty create rebellion. It's easier to fight corruption than to fight and rebellion, so the Draconics demand justice.

There must be peace. You will get a fair hearing from a Draconic. But if you try to rebel or start up with violence they will deal with it directly and permanently.

You must support the Pax Draconis. Defense and policing do not come cheap, everyone must pay his fair share.

Anyone appointed to his post by a Draconic answers to that Draconic. If he manages poorly enough to provoke a rebellion or a tax-revolt he might just wind up dead. Or invited to be the guest of honor at a Draconic meal.

Most of the time, life in the Pax Draconis is good. People enjoy a high standard of living and are free to do any business they like so long as it doesn't hurt anyone unjustly and the Dranics get their small cut.

But there are still people who hate them and resent their domionant position in political affairs. There are also pirates and raiders.

There are also races that are just enemies of everyone.

11:00  Zuhurm  Age of Napolean

On this world, Zuhurm Animal not entirely unlike bald horses.  Although metalworking is primitive by human standards, plastics are everywhere.  The Zuhurm build nice buildings out of plastics and natural materials. 

The gate is in a meadow, in the foothills of a mountain range. Multicolored plastic plants grow riotously and plastic insects flitter. Occasional plastic animals flee from the interlopers.

To the Southwest, over a rise, Travelers can see a town, down in a valley. It's a sizable town, with interesting architecture and farm fields full of cultivated plastic plants.

The valley has thousand of soldiers camped out in it.

Sooner or later a patrol will happen by.  They are armed with flintlock guns and their carapaces have brightly colored bits glued to them, in a specific pattern.

Patrols will attempt to capture the Aliens for questioning.

The army seen below will soon move out to rendezvous with other units, facing the great dictator Paloziot.

Paloziot has taken a moribund country with a poor population and has whipped them into the most successful army of conquest anyone's ever seen.

Other nations in the area have made an alliance against Paloziot.  They are moving to get to their chosen battlefield and set up.  Paloziot has heard of this alliance and knows that if he and his guys can get there and attack before the allies are ready, he can hand them a disastrous defeat.

So it's a race against time.  Spies and scouts in the wrong place could spell disaster for each side.

Large beasts of burden drag heavy muzzle-loading cannon, Troops march in formation and cavalry ride more beasts.  Their horses look sort of like horses, but smooth-skinned and plastic. Instead of saddles as we know them, the Zuhurm use a similar rig but with 4 handles on each corner to grip with their feet.  They ride in a sort of crouched down position.

Cooks gather plastic foliage, and sprinkles weird spices on it to make weird army food.

Soldiers tend their weapons and talk about what they'll do after the war.

If there's shooting in the meadow, a larger force of Soldiers and Cavalry will respond trying to prevent spies and scouts from escaping.

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Pax Draconis and the Peacekeepers
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Node C +20 Pax Draconis

Group Name: Pax Draconis
This is a rough grouping of a lot of different nations and worlds who exist within a broad political framework called The Pax Draconis.

Created by:  Jay P Hailey

Appearance: The Draconic is a humanoid Dragon.  Imagine a small dragon wrapped around a large human skeleton.  Their skin is smooth and scaly, but the scales are not thick.  To a human they feel like snake skin, warm, living linoleum.

They do not have wings, but enjoy flying vehicles, parachutes. hang gliders, flight belts and other such conveyances.

Occurence: Node C +20

Number of Members: Unknown. 
Originally there were 500.  There are 25 survivors of their first generation.
Draconics breed slowly and young are carefully cared for.  The numbers could be anywhere from 5000 to a million.
They have trillions of human and humanoid subjects, partners, partisans and minions.

Nature of Members:
The Core of the Pax Draconis are the Dracopnics.

The most numerous race in the galaxy are humans, most of whom see the rule of Dragonkind as normal and desirable.

There are hundreds of different races who are members or allies of the Pax Dronconis.

The Pax Draconis is a loose political umbrella, although a bare majority of worlds are actually ruled by the Draconics. They have a sort of membership requirment list to be part of the Pax Draconis Club,  but it's loose. However no Draconic ruled world fights another. That's not how it works.

Game Role:
Ancient Ruling class, who may or may not be a Good Thing.

World Role:
Rulers and peacekeepers

Relative Influence:
Huge, They rule half the galaxy.

Public or Secret?:
Very public, there are things about them that are secret.

Publicly Stated Goal:
To ensure Peace and Justice.

Relative Wealth:
Huge.  They own huge battlefleets

Group advantages:
Big budgets, Lots of willing minions

Special Abilities:
Draconics don't die of old age, they just get bigger and smarter.

Group disadvantages:
Non-humans ruling humans - this can cause problems sometimes. Long lived rulers can get stuck in their ways and be surprised by fast moving events.

Special disadvantages:
They are in no way hidden

Those who favor them:
Humans who like living in a stable, free-ish empire

Those opposed to them:
Humans who resent being ruled by non humans.  Humans who want to be violent as a way of life, but not in the service of the Pax Draconic

Area of Operation:
The Galaxy

Headquarters Location:
Terra Draconis, the homeworld of the Emperor Dranconic

Public Face:
Stern yet fair masters who prize justice and peace.

Notable Members:
The Emperor - Sometimes fair and stern, and other times disengaged and distant.  He's been the ruler of all he surveys for a very long time.

History of the Organization:
In the beginning of the story, we have a galaxy with a lot of humans in it.  Things were chaotic and adventurous.  Rollicking and occasionally really ugly.

Then about 12,000 years ago, somneone created the Draconics.  They won't speak of this.

The Draconics were created by a Termelern who used altered Dragon eggs.  The Terhmelern lived with his dragon children for a century until they learned just who they were and what had happened to them

Then they killed and ate the Terhmelern for doing that.

They came to this universe, and settled into a human dominated galaxy.  Over time they discovered that they tended to rise in human power structures, once accepted. They could just outlast everyone else.

They began to meet and actually plan for this, and discuss what they wanted to see out of a galaxy they were in charge of.

Note that not all Draconics are of a piece here.  Some considered trying to justly rule the galaxy to be a fools errand.  Others just weren't that interested in politics.  Some Draconics didn't especially like humans or anyone but other Draconics.  Some not even that.

But enough decided to try to deliberately rise to the top, that this process was well under way when the Cyborg Invasion happened.

The Cyborgs invasion
10,000 years ago, the Cyborgs invaded.  These loathsome creatures are Twisted cloned brains installed into terrible war machines from man sized Spider-bots to fighter planes to huge mega carriers. 

These appeared out of nowhere and rampaged across the galaxy.  The death toll was gigantic.

In a brutal war the Cyborgs were defeated and exterminated, but at the cost of a dark age falling across the Galaxy. 

The Draconics led the way back out of the dark age, and cemented their position as the domionant political forces in the galaxy. 

Biologically the Draconis are Dragons.  They are carnivores and lay eggs.

A normal Dragon will see these people as monsters.  They might disparagingly refer to the Draconics as Kolbods with Delusions.

Magic is weak in the universe they call home.  But they have a touch for it.  If they enter another universe with stronger magic they'd be able to gain spells and abilities quickly.

Only one of the early generation of Draconis will know anything about the Fringepaths or be able to recognize the ring station. The first generation has actually forgotten, more or less where they left it.

Most of the Pax Draconis is actually borne by human true believers. They have nice flags, logos and stirring anthems for humans to swear allegiance to.

The Draconics don't run a police state, principally because most of them don't care that hard. rebels and dissidents are temporary problems for them.  Draconics will prefer to subvert or absorb dissidents or rebels. usually it's a matter of sharing political power, and draconics will cheerfully buy your cooperation with a little bit of power, because they feel (Rightly) that once the conflict is undone, the natural course for subsequent human politicians is towards supporting the status quo.

So far the Draconics are native to Node C +20 Law and Order 2013

In an alternative timeline, C +20, Alt 02:00,  A Pax Draconis scoutship discovered Earth and Landed on the World Trade Center on the morning of Sept 11, 2001. 

Since then Earth has become a backwater in the Pax Draconis, sparsely visited and under developed.

In another Alt,  C +20 01:00, Earth is actually the host to an evil faction of Draconics, they were exiled from the Pax Draconis for being power mad and greedy (destructively so).  They've used shape changing technology to become the heads of an Earth political faction. They fight undercover for dominance because they're certain earth would not accept them as they are.

On this Earth they form the core of the Rothschilds and British Royal Family conspiracy, but are opposed by other shadowy factions.

In the Main universe the Pax Draconis discover the Arkol, Skay and Tugan, three varians of lizardmen.  The Pax Draconics are busy making light sporadic contact there, leaving Earth to Languish in obscurity for the time being.

The Peacekeepers are the force the Pax Draconis uses to enforce
peace, they are an elite force of cops and space navy, who keep an eye
out for trouble and then stop it.

Besides the Peacekeepers, the worlds of the Pax Draconis keep their own militaries as they see the need.  In the case of a large threat to the galaxy, planetary militaries are expected to be mobilized under the Peacekeepers.  Everyone trains for this.

The Peacekeepers HQ is on Terra Draconis and reports to a Draconic Space-Marshall.  He keep the organization focused on it's mission and non-partisan among it's members.

The Pax Draconis is a big peace treaty. It's not much more than that.   An agreement to eschew violence in favor of playing nice with the other players.  So there are exconomic benefits. Unlike the Federation and Starfleet, there is no mutual exploration - this is handled by
individual planets as they chose.  Some have extensive scout services, some just pay for info grabbed by freelancers.

There is no obligation to share technology or anything - usually this happens as part of becoming part of the economic network.

The qualifications of becoming part of Pax Draconis is that you not be a tyranny. Usually planets are sucked in, and the the Pax Draconis starts exerting pressure to adopt more of the Pax Draconic standard, or risk sanctions, fines or even expulsion.  The Pax Draconis governing standards aim towards a very lose, business friendly, sort miniarchist-libertarian situation - although most world achieve a sort of compromise between their old ways and the Draconic Standards.

The Draconics have been ruling humans and others for almost 10,000 years, and so they have a good eye for what tends to become corrupt and what's more resistant.  All this is not idealism, it's pragmatism.  If a ruthless and charismatic demagogue can become a business leader instead of a tyrant, he's much easier to deal with using legal and business means.

The theory here is that Henry Ford is easier to control than Adolph Hitler.

Scouts can be a brave force of explorers, or they can be freelance scum or anywhere in between.

The Pax controls a majority of the galaxy, but not all, and there are still evil regimes, pirates and pockets of insanity.   After that, there are the other galaxies in the region.*

Trade is encouraged, but there is an unstated assumption - everyone has, naturally a license to do business in the Pax.  But if you screw people or abuse them, this license can be revoked.  The license is passive - the black list is active and there's a registry of people who have been black listed.  Black listed people are assumed to have lost their right to do business within the Pax Draconis by bad action.  It's possible to appeal your way off the black list, in time.

This acts as an effective "Corporate death penalty" - no business wants to get on the wrong end of that.  The best you could expect would be to have your assets seized, and sold off to satisfy penalties and creditors, and then have to start over from scratch working as someone else's employee.

Worse could be jail time or being left hanging in the breeze while pirates come to liquidate your business for you.

There is plenty of business for entrepreneurs, and you often see independant tramp frieghters doing adventure cargo, or handling small
runs by subcontract.

A Black listed ship is seized by peacekeepers and auctioned off - ideally.  If they resist seizure sufficiently, they just get blown up.

The Peacekeeper court is like a supreme court.  Indiviual planets have their own courts - but cases can be appealed to the Peacekeeper courts or to the Emperor himself.  The Dragon is, essentially the court of last resort.  But he hates being asked to decide things so the Peacekeeper courts try to be clear, concise and final.

Jay in Spokane