My Incursion Campaign - Combined History

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My Incursion Campaign - Combined History
« on: September 16, 2020, 05:42:48 PM »
I wanted to use all the races from FTL2448 in my Incursion campaign... so I created a combined history:

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Combined History

The history from FLT2448, has been combined with the Incursion history to create an entirely new Galactic Government.  Names have been changed to avoid confusion with the Terrans.


-50000 Anshani
The other races were fast to fill in the power vacuum created by the end of the era of the Anshani. Countless different races and political systems flourished and died in flames. The once mighty multi-galactic empire fell into ruin as empire after feeble empire rose to claim this Galaxy and quickly failed. The miracle HFTL technologies became scarce and old FTL ship designs re-emerged.
-4000 ISCO
Anshani seeds the Neues with humans, flora and fauna from the europeon region on Sol, mostly from the germanic areas.  The name themselves the people, or menschen.  The planet is Neues Zuhause, or New home.  Eventually this is reduced to Neues.
100 Anshani
By the first century on Earth a new Empire, the houses of the Constopnor began an FTL expansion across Earth’s Spiral Arm.
The primitive planet Earth, protected by an Anshani Sentinal Drone, was bypassed. Entry into the system was an instant death warrant from the ever vigilant robot. The Constopnor had long respected the legends of the Anshani technologies and the warnings that the life of Sol System was to develop without outside interference.
789 Constopnor
Consto family finds an Anshani HFTL ship and ends interplanetary war with Opnor collective. Instead of destruction both groups rebuild as one.
914 Constopnor
Constopnor begin exploration of interplanetary space within 10 light years. Ruins of the Anshani empire provide new resources and technologies. Contact is made with primitives on several low tech worlds. The Constopnor uplift them to civilization and enforce their ideals.
934 Constopnor
Constopnor Lightship finds ruins of Anshani port. Exploration of the site yields a large stock of Nav Blocks, Lift Technology and Robots. Secrets of FTL discovered. Ships can jump beyond light speed and measure light years in days.
989 Constopnor
Fifty worlds have been colonized or contacted A 5 year convention is called and the Constopnor Code Legal is established.
995 Constopnor
Second Anshani HFTL ship is found and flown.
1002 Constopnor
Formation of Constopnor Light Force, a body of Interstellar Law and Commerce that patrols the planets.
1019 Constopnor
Constopnor Sphere of Peace becomes the Constopnor Consortium.
1029 Constopnor
Empire contacts the Groomlouch. With an eye for profit they quickly join the Consortium and add their 3 HFTL Starships to the fleet.
1059 Constopnor
War with the Muzz is over in a day. Muzz go to work for the Consortium.
1109 Constopnor
Eight more HFTL ships including a pair of 2000 foot HFTL Freighter are now part of the Consortium. While the new empire is growing, exploration is slowing due to patrol time.
1239 Constopnor
Now 34 of the Anshani ships have been found are in flight. Astounded historians realize the Old Empire spanned this and at least three other galaxies with a hundred million known worlds.
1289 Constopnor
Over 1400 worlds in the Consortium have slowed from expansion to stagnation. Three of the Anshani light ships vanish in their rounds.
1389 Constopnor
The Constopnor feel the burden of empire as they become a police force to stop little wars from turning into larger ones. Communications between the ends of the empire are lagging as they are more reliant on the HFTL Ships.
1489 Constopnor
A Zobaxi HFTL ship scythes across Constopnor ‘Close Home’ systems leaving a path of destruction. They use it to seriously damage Opnor before being captured by three HFTL ships. The ship had been Constopnor originally and modified with Black Boxes.
1492 ISCO
Birth of the Atomic Age.
1506 ISCO
First orbital satellite launched.
1508 ISCO
First manned menschen space flight.
1516 ISCO
First menschen sets foot on Neues's 2nd moon.
1528 ISCO
First reusable space vehicles launched.
1530 ISCO
First permanent space station completed.
1538 ISCO
The Landnia Union collapses as its many satellite countries revolt. Eastern Block countries begin fragmenting as old ethnic and social problems resurface.
1541 ISCO
Nitedelands, attempting to convert to a working ‘common market' economy pushes the continent into a depression. The United Lydesh States, already strapped by financial and social unrest, attempts to avert economic collapse by massive aide programs for Nitedelands.
1542 ISCO
Minor wars in Dali and the Litintu escalate. The high social unrest in the United Lydesh States creates warzones in what once were its major metropolitian areas.
1544 ISCO
Beginning of the “Lawless Years”. The ULS Government, strained by political indecision and corruption declares Martial Law as protesters storm and destroy government offices. ULS closes its borders to Moland refugees as the second Moland Civil War rages.
1550 ISCO
The ULS Military begins to assist remaining corporations still operating to begin reconstruction and reclamation of Ragland and Washoe Valley.
1554 ISCO
Plagues sweep Dali, Honturk, Newsu and Guitadad.
1556 ISCO
United, the most powerful Multinational Corporations form the International Corporate Organization (ICO). The “Lawless Years end.
1557 ISCO
Shuttles begin to launch again for satellite replacement and removal of nuclear weapons in orbit.
1560 ISCO
Permanent space platforms established for shuttles. ICO begins specialty manufacturing in space.
1565 ISCO
A multi-national corporate expedition is sent to Taiki. The planet is a mineral storehouse.
1566 ISCO
Construction of four solar satellites begins. First permanent settlement established on the 3rd moon.
1568 ISCO
Political unrest in Guigua and Namark as Moland rebels begin terrorist activities against ICO offices.
1572 ISCO
General Hans Omoxomo takes control of the Namarkian government. the first solar satellite begins to beam power to Neues.
1574 ISCO
Civil war splits Guigua. Rocnor gains a longsought independence. The Northwest Territories join ICO as the remaining provinces form New Guigua.
1576 ISCO
Moland rebels attempt to take over the Moland government and are crushed. ICO and the Sacanese Corporate State (SCS) begin construction of sea habitats, the first underwater cities. Boupuman becomes a province of New Guigua.
1577 ISCO
Moland troops clash with Namarkian invasion forces in Iman. ICO aids Maoa. Guai and United Newsu join ICO. Neria Fico becomes a Namarkian protectorate.
1583 ISCO
ICC second expedition to Taiki becomes a permanent colony at the North Polar ice cap. Namark begins a huge accelerated space program.
1586 ISCO
Makzie/Phillips fusion torch tests successful. Namarkian space platform assembled in orbit.
1588 ISCO
First fast in-system ships with fusion drives completed. The solar system is opened to exploration. The first of three space habitats is begun.
1590 ISCO
Namark uses spacecraft for asteroid mining. ICO establishes second colony on Taiki and sends exploration
1593 ISCO
Dr. John Lashaw finishes Gobel's Unified Field Theory and begins work on Phase Mathematics.
1594 ISCO
Construction begins of first L5 space city.
1595 ISCO
Janice Herbert publishes her thesis on “Applications of the Lashaw Mathematical Theories”. Construction on second L5 city by the Dalin People’s Corporate State. first mass driver (space catapult) built on the lunar surface. Permanent underground cities are planned for workers on the moon.
1596 ISCO
Herbert and Lashaw, working together, propose a design for a phase-drive, a Faster-Than-Light (FTL) starship propulsion system. Pacific sea cities unite to form the Federation of Aquatic Habitats (FAH). Namark changes name to become the Namarkian Corporate State (NCS).
1597 ISCO
Herbert and Lashaw vanish while on a Caandstan cruise. Maoa is again threatened as Omoxomo’s impassioned speeches cause a patriotic fervor throughout the NCS and their territories. He directs the construction of forty freighters in Neues orbit. Rumors point to a Taiki colonization project.
1599 ISCO
The world is shocked when the first Namarkian starship “Riu is phased to Alpha Krikir. ICO raid on the NCS city of Campos fails to rescue Herbert and Lashaw. Omoxomo declares war on the ICO and Maoa, but takes no action. Continuing sabre rattling over the missing astrophysicists continues as Omoxomo claims them missing.
1600 ISCO
Starship Riu returns from Krikir. In four weeks it is launched for a new destination and lost. ICO phase explorer “Messenger launched to the star “Groombridge. FAH and NCS clash over Wenglingen’s fight for independence from NCS.
1601 ISCO
FAH headquarters on Sennfeld is destroyed by a nuclear weapon. FAH and Zeatiuski declare war on NCS. who deny all responsibility. The world again hovers on the brink of war. Over a two month period, over 40,000 Namarkians vanish. From orbit, Omoxomo declares Neues a hell, and phases his now completed fleet to find a better home for his people. ICO, FAH, Maoa and Zeatiuski prepare for the assault.
1602 ISCO
With Omoxomo gone, a quick and bloody revolution topples the remaining NCS regime. The new SCS calls for a truce, which is welcomed by all.
1603 ISCO
SCS joins ICO.
1607 ISCO
A colony on Azlio 23 is established.
1610 ISCO
Three new colonies opened to menschenity.
1617 ISCO
Beginning of the Big Ship” era. The modular Fernreith Class 'A' designs under construction.
1623 ISCO
First corporations on other worlds are started by ICC splinter groups. The International Scientific Co-Op (ISCO) takes control of starship construction and exploration.
1631 ISCO
ISCO 0024b “Schwemm is lost in a phase accident. “Homesteader” Class colonizers and freighters in general use throughout Sol and other near star systems.
1639 Constopnor
A century of fear leaves the ruling Advisory of the Constopnor fearful and corrupt. Only the checks and balances of the Constopnor Code Legal have saved itself from the appointment of unscrupulous forces. The Royal family is a rock that inspires the people.
1642 ISCO
Research task ship HMS Aardvark lost in Quantum jump accident. Over 1700 crew vanish with the ship. All Quantum jump drive tests and the use there of is banned.
1647 ISCO
Frenner Colony 3 established.
1650 ISCO
A Namarkian freighter returns to Neues from two prospering colonies. Twenty six of the Namarkian freighters are accounted for. The location of Omoxomo and the remaining 14 freighters of his fleet are unknown and never found.
1651 ISCO
Work begins at Wolkerding colony “America to build an orbital star port and starship construction facility.
1663 ISCO
Construction of “Wolkerding” star port continues as it Opens for use. It‘s rich system with two inhabitable worlds soon makes it the commerce and industrial center for settled space. Alvarez Staryards are booming.
1665 ISCO
Taiki declares independence and is granted selfrule after a year of ICC debate. Mia and Finia colonies declare independence, but give it up as a bad idea. Terraforming on Corusna fails.
1667 ISCO
Henderson and Archaeopteryx, two deep space
1669 ISCO
Wreckage of an alien shuttle found off Luyte’ns 789-6. Extensive research shows a slightly inferior technology in electronics and propulsion. Pilot size estimated at 600+ pounds.
1672 ISCO
Damaged alien freighter goes into orbit at Floss colony. menschens and the alien “Bor'cha achieve a peaceful first contact. The bear-like aliens prove to be open and friendly. Bor'cha history and politics bear a close resemblance to those of their menschen counterparts. Aside from shape and family structure, the Bor’cha seem to be psychologically identical to menschenity. Bor'cha discover tobacco, fast food, and beer.
1675 ISCO
menschens and the Bor’cha sign expansion treaties and begin working together. Starship “Henderson returns home without sister ship “Archaeopteryx”. The story unfolds of a disastrous meeting with another alien race.
1677 ISCO
menschens and Bor'cha form close economic ties. Mixed settlements and crews become common. Bor'cha soon have new communities on Neues and Taiki. menschens begin to settle on “Faxn'chr”, the homeworld of the Bor'cha.
1679 ISCO
Three intelligent lizard-like races are discovered on “Hansen's World”, the Arkol, Skay and Tugan. they soon became common across menschen space. In time, they have colonies established in the Sahara desert as well as the Zeatiuskin Heartland.
1689 Constopnor
With the death of the entire royal family the Constopnor Advisory and Magistrates take power. In the hope of cloning a Royal Family Member from the remains of a Prince, they create an all but mindless puppet for the Magistrates. He lives to be 90.
1692 ISCO
Celestar Corporate Scout finds the race that destroyed the Archaeopteryx. The race calls itself: “Kymnar.
1696 ISCO
Celestar scouts the Kymnar homeworld as well as three colonies. A long range plan of conquest is formulated.
1701 ISCO
A race called the “Blox” are discovered on Ott. The Blox prove to have a talent for paperwork and organization, finding a niche in government and merchandising. Within a decade, the Blox have virtually integrated themselves within all known homeworlds and colonies.
1707 ISCO
Despite being faced with a supeRiur enemy, the Kymnar chose retaliation over surrender, giving Celestar the excuse for a full-scale attack.
1709 ISCO
Elimination of Kymnaran spacecraft paralyzes their colonies and gives Celestar control over Kymnar space. Kymnar are blackmailed into harsh trade concessions to keep their colonies alive. Celestar announces the end of the “Kymnar Menace and is given protectorate rights over the Kymnaran worlds by the ICC, and nothing is heard from Kymnaran space for nearly 80 years. lCO becomes the InterStellar Corporate Organization.
1722 ISCO
Giant task ship “John Lashaw” built at Wolkerding. This ship is the largest starship to date, virtually a mile long deep-space city and industrial center.
1727 ISCO
Kymnar revolt on C'char is brutally crushed by Celestar. Debate on the reality of PSI ability continues.
1737 ISCO
Colonial corporations open four new planets for settlement. For 50,000 creds, anyone can settle on a new world. The rush to the star colonies is beginning as the poor, uneducated, and social dregs are forgotten. The fight for meal cards and survival wages becomes the monthly rite of the elderly and unemployed. Old Neues cities continue to crumble as ISCO creates an Neues Authority.
1739 ISCO
Busy with politics and their expansion in settled space, lSCO fails to check the validity of the Celestar cultural reports on the Kymnar.
1743 ISCO
PSI talents documented. Drugs found that enhance talent.
1747 ISCO
Task ship “Omoxomo launched from the Namarkian colony of Bryox. It is the second-largest starship to date. ISCO becomes the Inter-Stellar Scientific Co-Op.
1757 ISCO
The destruction of three ISCO cultural teams reinforces Celestar's ban on communication with the Kymnar.
1777 ISCO
The Omoxomo task ship disaster kills 38,210.
1785 ISCO
Second Kymnar revolt stopped in a four day war.
1786 ISCO
Task ship John Lashaw disaster kills 31,230. The remaining three task ships are dismantled.
1789 Constopnor
The Magistrates are entrenched and like it that way. The cloning of the Prince is a continuing sham to keep an Idiot in power. Only the High magistrates know that the royal clones are allowed to reach maturity before being sterilized and brain wiped.
1795 ISCO
Ben Faumnol takes command of the Fernreith class ship ISCO 0013 Ventura. Within 4 years Ventura becomes the first Independent Star Freighter.
1798 ISCO
Omoxomo and John Lashaw disasters are exposed as sabotage backed by Celestar. Celestar tyranny against the Kymnar exposed as the Kymnar manage to seize a communications installation on C'char and send evidence of the crimes of Celestar.
1799 ISCO
ISCO disbands Celestar and takes control of Interstellar corporate expansion. Treaty of Honor signed with Kymnar. Kymnar worlds freed.
1804 ISCO
Aliens settling across Neues and bringing many new problems and crime, and legal hassles for the police of Neues Authority.
1807 ISCO
Inter-Stellar Protection Treaty signed to ensure protection of all races, to provide for a common defense, and to ensure the welfare of intelligent life in any form.
1810 ISCO
Neues Authority launches a century long program for the renovation of major cities across Neues, including the creation of 5 new starports. The old buildings and monuments are saved wherever possible as the ravages of time and pollution are erased.
1822 ISCO
Opening of Taiki Orbital Air and Starflight Museum. Second terraforming attempt on Corusna fails. Universal Registration of Neues's population met with refusal and violence. Legal systems bog down as Bloxians follow terrestrial law to the letter. Major law reforms made.
1832 ISCO
Plague on Seredin kills 80% of the menschen, Bor'cha and Blox population. The beginning of a medical renaissance across settled space.
1834 ISCO
John Fiogan, considered the greatest economic genius of the time, predicts economic disaster unless a new set of guidelines and economic systems are developed. He is ignored by most of the prospering Corporate worlds. The Kymnar begin outward travel and ventures into settled space.
1837 ISCO
Frendle are discovered. Their non-expansion doctrines confuse the ISCO contact teams. Even more confusing, with their homeworld a mere 1.1 light years from the Frendle, are the “Dabe”. The Dabe have been trying to start an interstellar conflict with the Frendle for nearly 400 years. After meeting with the Dabe, ISCO decides that the entire race may suffer from some sort of minor mental instability. While mostly harmless, the Dabes soon spread across most of settled space. The Frendle, on the other hand are much more cautious, and only a few Frendle will ever actually venture into space.
1840 ISCO
Niblock Industrial funds the building of 21 starships of experimental design and utility.
1847 ISCO
For 25,000 creds, anyone can settle pretty much where they please. Colonization is at a peak, with over a million individuals departing Neues annually. Phase time is refined.
1867 ISCO
Economio depression curtails expansion as the colonial agencies collapse. The large starship yards are mothballed as independent shipping prospers. A 30-year reorganization plan is begun. This reorganization bogs down in red tape and corporate bureaucracy within a year.
1869 ISCO
Niblock Industrial goes out of business after the experimental starship “Altamera” is stolen.
1873 ISCO
On Neues, crime, illegal aliens, and synthetic drugs, and gangs have created problems not seen since the Twentieth Century. Special Police (SP) units are formed as well as Special Assignment Police Service or (SAPS).
1877 ISCO
First “Grexian deep space scout comes to Fomalhaut and spends a month learning of settled space. He departs, promising a return visit, but the Grex never return.
1882 ISCO
Fernreith ‘0' Class ship launched. These multipurpose freighters become an economic necessity for many worlds. The new “Onta Riu Class freighter becomes an economic alternative to the larger, more expensive ‘0’. The Nudge” canister freighters take economy one step further with their modular designs.
1884 ISCO
PSI drugs and their illegal use become a social time bomb as a sick Psionic goes on a rampage in Atlanta leaving nearly 200 dead. SAPS units now empowered to hunt down rogue PSl's.
1887 ISCO
Recovery progresses carefully with the colonies being reopened. menschen settlement on Zoetfails to report an alien colony already on the world. menschens and the Whurr prosper together for more than a century before ISCO notices. Colonists change the name of their new world to Fenderwall for no apparent reason.
1897 ISCO
Using menschen and alien technology, the first Androids are created for general labor. Twice as strong and fast as a menschen, they have a lifespan of 400 years. Tens of thousands are created.
1908 Sol
A large FTL Starfreighter slips into Earth System and is destroyed by the Robot Sentinel in low orbit over Central Siberia near Russia's Stony Tunguska River.
1917 ISCO
Grexians discovered after a 40-year silence. The race was exterminated down to a few thousand by a mutant virus believed to be the common terrestrial flu. ISCO begins to aid the Grexian survivors.
1919 ISCO
A race called the Fritzians are found to be ancient startravelers. They have one colony and a superior technology, but refuse to have anything to do with other known races. Anti-Grav becomes a reality.
1920 ISCO
A conference on interstellar law and commerce results in the formation of a police agency. The Interstellar Court of Law (lCL) will oversee difficulties and crime that spans more than one legal system.
1924 ISCO
Androids begin protest and revolt to claim equality and civil rights. In the massacre that follows, Androids are banned and SAPS units empowered to eliminate any who are hiding. Androids flee to the colonies as the production of Synthetic menschenoids is declared illegal.
1927 Sol
(1927-1935) Mysterious radio signals from the plain of the ecliptic fascinate scientists, but little comes from the data transmissions received. Only in the 1970‘s does a single researcher discover the significance of the code, but by that time, it’s too late to communicate with the alien device. Atomic weapons detonation triggers the probes return home to tell its makers that the natives of Sol are ready for contact. The probe returns to Anshani Prime with its message and begins a long wait for a reply. Home is a blasted ruin.
1937 ISCO
More aliens are joining ISCO.
1943 ISCO
In a landmark decision, remaining Androids sue and are granted civil rights. Many come out of hiding.
1943 ISCO
Evidence of an earlier star spanning empire found that dates them 200,000 years earlier. Last of the Morrow Project dug up from their long sleep. . 2400 Interest in exploration is waning, economic security is overshadowing new progress in many areas.
1949 Sol
A Star Pirate group drops into Sol System to find the Earth now unguarded. Realizing they have a good thing going, they pick and choose artifacts worth stealing. This continues for the next 40 years.
Each year also sees 500-1000 of the terrestrial natives kidnapped for resale in galactic slave markets.
1972 ISCO
Independent starships have all but been eliminated by corporate dealings. Construction of ICL “Commando” Class Warships begun. _
1975 Constopnor
Constopnor Consortium of Worlds is now a wreck after a long rule by an idiot prince and increasing economic problems. All expansion is forgotten as the consortium breaks into small splinter states and open warfare.
1979 Constopnor
The Magistrates are corrupt to the core. The Genetic Heir to the throne of Constopnor is a fool and exploration has been halted. Anshani medical technology has been hidden. Only 25 of the HFTL ships are left and the hostilities against Constopnor Rule is increasing.
1981 ISCO
A race called the Trell discovered on a dying world. Despite insurmountable odds, they continue to survive. Much like the Blox, they too find a niche, but in technical fields, and soon spread across settled space.
1982 ISCO
Numerous cargo ships destroyed on the colonial frontier. ICL begins investigations.
1987 ISCO
Barlow discovered. Because of the odd nature of the race, the ICL and ISCO keep the location of their homeworld classified.
1989 ISCO
Numerous attacks on the colonial frontier now point to an alien race of unknown origin.
1992 ISCO
ISCO and its alien allies discover they have branched into an alien territory called the Hagoni Sphere of Prosperity. These aliens and their allies consider ISCO space and its property part of their empire. While talking peace they continue to raid colonies and steal technology.
1993 ISCO
Starpirates become active on the frontier
1995 Ardanna
The pirates are still at work but something has gone wrong. In one last desperate gamble, three aliens decide it‘s time to fight their masters and save the captive Terrans. Little could they know they were about to open a Pandoras's box and give Terrans the stars.
1995 Constopnor
Terrans wake up on a pirate ship. They fail to realize the Galaxy isn't theirs.

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Re: My Incursion Campaign - Combined History
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2020, 10:58:12 PM »
Hate to dash your hopes, but Richard Tucholka was adamant that the Incursion universe is separate from the FTL:2448 universe. In fact, the Incursion setting is in the Bureau 13 universe, which means magic and the supernatural are an element.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't try combining them, but understand, that's not canon to either settings. The only thing in common between the two is psionics.


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Re: My Incursion Campaign - Combined History
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2020, 11:27:46 PM »
Hate to dash your hopes, but Richard Tucholka was adamant that the Incursion universe is separate from the FTL:2448 universe. In fact, the Incursion setting is in the Bureau 13 universe, which means magic and the supernatural are an element.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't try combining them, but understand, that's not canon to either settings. The only thing in common between the two is psionics.

Oh sure, I get that.  I've actually heard the B13 thing before somewhere.  I just want access to more aliens, and I like the idea of conflicting empires that the players are constantly slipping thru borders due to HFTL.  Conflict is fun (for me at least, maybe not for them).  Most of the writes ups for the aliens mention FTL governments and such... so I just thought adding the history together would give me a reason to put them there.

I haven't thought about adding in magic, but who knows... what are jedi after all but space wizards.

Thanks for the input :)
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Re: My Incursion Campaign - Combined History
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2020, 02:29:16 AM »
Is there much more detail about the Kymar that I should be aware of?  Outside of what is found in the species description in the FTL:2448 Book 1? 

The Celestar Tyranny seems to be the defining event for much of their modern era.  Dealing with that subjugation will be the motivation behind most of the events of the adventure I'm working on (at least as a setup for a campaign).