Alterate Earth: Frozen Hell

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Alterate Earth: Frozen Hell
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:03:53 AM »
The Ring Portal opens into an Alternate Earth nearly identical to our own, but barely a decade after World War Two.
The location of the portal is Antarctica--almost exactly where Hatsumi Base was established--but the explorers find themselves facing a pair of U.S. army soldiers wearing arctic combat gear and armed with assault rifles, circa 1955. The Ring Portal stands a few hundred yards beyond what appears to be a U.S. Air Force base, and based on both the temperature and position of the sun, winter is fast approaching.
The moment the exploration team steps through the portal, alarms will sound and the soldiers will immediately shoulder their weapons; the IDET team will be ordered to drop their weapons and surrender. Anyone who refuses will be shot.
Assuming the exploration team surrenders, they will be taken to the commanding officer, who will demand to know who they are and where they came from; the Colonel and his staff will assume the IDET Team are extraterrestrials, and are here to invade Earth. Once the members of the team can prove they are human, the Colonel and his staff will reveal that a scientific survey team sent to Antarctica several years ago found the alien artifact as well as the corpse of an alien life form frozen in the ice. The slide show will reveal pictures of a Ring Portal and the frozen body of a Tehrmelern. The creature was found clutching a blue crystal pyramid; if asked, none of the scientists or military will mention that the crystal glowed or did anything out of the ordinary (it can be deduced none of them are Fringeworthy)

Unless anyone asks about the creature, no one will mention that the alien corpse was recently thawed out for study and dissection--something that should frighten and disturb anyone who suspects the body is anything but one of the Tehrmelern. Although the scientists are reluctant to grant them access to the cadaver, should the explorers convince them to open the refrigerated compartment in the morgue, the scientists will discover to their horror that the body is missing! At first there will be accusations of espionage and spying for the Russians as well as other foreign powers (this is the height of the Cold War, after all), but a complete search of the base will reveal no evidence of the missing corpse. Should the explorers suspect the creature was a Mellor, they are correct: more than ten thousand years ago, a Master Mellor staggered out of the portal clutching a crystal key, then promptly went into hibernation in the hope one day it would be found.
That day has come.
The Master Mellor has stolen the shape of one of the biologists sent to study it, and now waits for the opportunity to step through the portal, bring more Mellor to Earth, and begin its reign of terror.
Think John Carpenter's The Thing meets Stargate and that should be the mood of this scenario.


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Re: Alterate Earth: Frozen Hell
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I was thinking The Thing by the third sentence.