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A Japanese research team investigating the  ecological effects of an unusually warm Antarctic summer makes a startling discovery that is destined to change man's role across the universes.   The alien building they find buried deep in the melting Antartic ice encloses a portal that leads to walkways that connect worlds without number.

It is quickly discovered that only  one person in a hundred  thousand  possesses that unknown mental quality which
allows them to travel the dimensional pathways.

A desperate worldwide search begins to find and train
explorers for this greatest frontier.  The world press soon
begins to label these pathways "Fringes" and those who can transverse  them "Frlngeworthy."

This is the story of Team Malachi, one of the first Inter-Dimensional Teams to be established.  More specifically,
it is the story of Ed Powers, who is identified as
Fringeworthy and thrust into the  Fringes by UNIDA, the
United Nations Inter-Dlmensional Agency.       

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