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           Dingoes Ate My Banjo is a special supplement for
           Richard Tucholka’s Fringeworthy RPG.  

          DAMB was written to provide inspiration to new
         and old GM’s alike, as well as provide never before         revealed information about places to be found on         the Fringepaths. Often Game Masters find        themselves in need of a short filler encounter or       small story arc to get their players to the place in
      their campaign where they want them to be. This
     book should provide a few enjoyable sessions with
    minimal work for the GM in charge.

Keegaks And The Egg Some Dingoes Ate My Banjo Kagoody Cooking Contest, May The Best Spam Win Steam Punk Toll Collectors Zane Gey is Missing and Presumed Writing? Mindtouched Send in the Clowns

The story hooks herein are basic story ideas that can be played in one or more sessions and fit into pretty much anyone’s campaign, either as random events or part of the grand scheme of things. Each one has its own NPC cast of characters – human and nonhuman alike populate this book. The human NPCs found here are not ordinary Earth Prime based humans, and the nonhuman NPCs come from diverse cultures that will bring a fresh point of view to a routine encounter.

General information about the NPCs accompanies each hook, references to where they were first mentioned may also be part of the information provided. More information is available about each individual race mentioned in this book, and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have along the way.

7 All New Fringeworthy Plot Hooks:

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Mystery At The Rooterville Station is Tri Tac’s newest expansion module for Richard Tucholka’s Fringeworthy RPG.

Unusual items, including contraband and crystals, are finding their way to the IDET trading post at Fringe Outpost 217, aka Rooterville Station.

Odd comments from local tradesmen indicate that the items come from Fringe scavengers trading curiosities for services.  But the inhabitants of Station 217 are less concerned with pleasing IDET than with profits, and the local “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy has made deeper probing into the origin of the items unwise.

Can your Fringeworthy team succeed where others have failed, piercing the silence and uncovering the source of the enigmatic artifacts of Rooterville Station?

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Setup and Encounter Guidelines

Jail Encounter Table

Bar Encounter Table

Bribe Chart

Appendix A: Rooterville Map, People and Environments

Appendix B: Optional Bog Encounter

Instant Download in PDF format. Dice not included. Instant Download in PDF format. Dice not included. Contents Include: a