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Fringeworthy / Re: Notes Along the Fringepath
« Last post by Kedamono on August 12, 2019, 07:05:30 PM »
Daisuke Packet #214

Film: Images of what looks like an ordinary town in Japan. Street signs indicate that it's the Aomori region of Japan. Images of daily life and happy residents... until you see the pictures of various Japanese with white, blonde, even red hair. Some of the pictures seem to show someone riding a broom in the air, another a motorcycle. But the vast majority of the images are of normal happenings, though you do recognize several young adults that Daisuke seemed to encounter often. The last picture is of Daisuke having tea in an conservatory, sitting next to him is a fox, and the person serving them is translucent, like a ghost.

Note: This is an interesting world. Magic is in use here, and the practitioners are well away of the Warp. When I came through I set off some sort of alarm, but it took them about 2 days to track me down. We had a nice talk, the "witch", who's name was Akira, explained that they are trying to keep a lid on things, and the warp has been a source of problems, with the occasional visitor popping through. However, I explained what was on the other side and she was intrigued. Sadly, no one in the city we were in were Fringeworthy, but Akira said that now they know it's a special signature, they will find out who in Japan has it and maybe go visiting themselves if they can figure a way to impose the FW signature on themselves. Got lots of new Post-It notes and more film, 100% compatible!  I hope you like them! I explained that IDET will probably follow up on this, so they will be expecting you. The warp is in a Shinto Shrine compound, so don't drive a truck in. Ask about Cafe Concrucio, they have the most interesting customers there!

(The Post-It notes have Hello Kitty on them.)
FTL: 2448 / Re: Killing a trope: Low Gravity Elves and High Gravity Dwarves
« Last post by ORtrail on August 11, 2019, 03:55:13 AM »
Not to mention once you can start tweaking DNA, environment will mean even less.  I could see a future society where NOT checking and altering your offspring's DNA would be considered a form of child neglect. 
FTL: 2448 / Killing a trope: Low Gravity Elves and High Gravity Dwarves
« Last post by Kedamono on August 10, 2019, 10:26:45 PM »
Sources for this post: How much of human height is genetic and how much is due to nutrition?
Reproduction and growth of mice and rats under conditions of simulated increased gravity

I've had this conversation before with some other folks about one pernicious trope in SciFi: Heavy Worlder: Short and stout, Light Worlder: Tall and thin.

But that's only true if you believe in Lamarckian evolution.

Height and weight is about 80% genetics and 20% environment, mainly nutrition. Basically, if both your parents are tall, you'll be tall, and you can get taller if you eat well, mainly protein, as a child and get all your mineral nutrients. So, what does this mean for the tropes? Well, Heavies probably will be more muscular, but they won't be short. They'll have denser bones, and quicker reflexes. (When everything falls faster, you learn to move faster.) And they will probably "weigh" the same as a person on Earth does.

Example: We have two clones, Abe and Ben. Abe is "born" on Earth and Ben is "born" on Planet Example. Planet Example is bigger than Earth, and has a G-force of 1.25 gravities.

When they reach adulthood, Abe is 175cm tall and "weighs" 70kg under Earth gravity. Ben is 173cm tall and "weighs" 72kg under Example gravity. If you look at their mass, Abe is 70kg and Ben is 57.6kg. Ben is far more muscular and has a higher bone density. He has about 2% body fat. And if he visits Earth for a while, his spine uncompresses and he's now 175cm.

Let's look at their other clone sibling, Carl. He's on the planet Other Example, with 0.75G. He's taller, but only by a bit, 177cm. But here's the interesting part. On his planet, he "weighs" 60kg. But his mass is 80kg. In the lower gravity, he's put on weight, because he's never had to work as hard to move or pick up things. He also has slower reflexes, as thing fall slower on his world. Now, he's not proportionally slower, as nerve impulses still move at the same speed, but his reaction time is off. And if he goes to Earth, he'll scrunch down to 175cm. This of course assumes that he maintains the same caloric intake as his clones Abel and Ben. But if he reduces his intake as he grows and matures, he may end up shorter than them.

Of course you'll say, but what about 10 generations down the road?

Well, if you send folks between 160 and 177 centimeters as colonists, that's going to be the range 10 generations down the line.  If you want short Heavies, you'll have to set your height limit to no more than 152cm.

Now if Ben was born on a world with 1.5G, he'd probably mass around 65-60kg on Earth, and weigh between 81-90kg. There's a limit to how much body fat and weight you can lose in this situation.

But, I hope this helps to kill the stereotype of heavy world dwarfs and light world elves.
FTL: 2448 / Re: Drawing FTL ships in Illustrator
« Last post by ORtrail on August 09, 2019, 10:01:40 AM »
This is very cool, thanks for sharing.  Our one FTL:2448 campaign had the PCs using a Titan ship, named The Sparrow as I recall.  I also have the deck plans laying around somewhere for The Kansas class ship. 

FTL: 2448 / Drawing FTL ships in Illustrator
« Last post by Russ H on August 08, 2019, 12:27:31 AM »
I have been adapting some of the ships to Adobe Illustrator. Here are some of my results... The Yellow and Magenta is just while i draw them, to aid in seeing whats what. That could easily be changed to black and white, and in the case of my current game, I colorized the Titat Freighter (We named our ship The Boblo Boat)

Woking on more. Eventually I want to create 3D Models of the ships!

Russ H
FTL: 2448 / Re: Species Focus: The Krelvin
« Last post by Russ H on August 08, 2019, 12:22:22 AM »
Great write-up about the Krelvin.

As Dr. Payne's player, I commend you (if somewhat late)

Russ H
Homebrew Design & Conversions / Re: Open Gaming License
« Last post by wasahbe on July 01, 2019, 05:14:35 AM »
BJB  -- Thanks.  I hadn't even thought about Duck Trooper, was looking at the 1992/3  flagship products.  But I already de-rastorized BBBwB, which was essentially the same system, so I could use those files and not have to OCR or retype all the text.

Appreciate ALL the input.
Homebrew Design & Conversions / Re: Open Gaming License
« Last post by wasahbe on July 01, 2019, 05:04:44 AM »
Thank you.  I will check out Legend.

Homebrew Design & Conversions / Re: Small Publisher Limited License
« Last post by ORtrail on June 30, 2019, 04:03:10 PM »

Gross sales revenue should not exceed USD$2000 per annum. If you anticipate a higher sales revenue, you should apply for a full Commercial License.

That seems like a very low bar when it comes to sales of a rulebook. 

Writing an RPG system would be a major undertaking of course, and frankly with older RPG fans there seems to be a reluctance to learning yet another RPG system.  A simplified system might be okay though. 

Over on the BRP website, any posts by 'Newt' who is the owner of OpenQuest, might be worth looking at.

It appears 'Legend' is its own RPG system and OGL.  It is certainly familiar as a D100 BRP-type game system (I own a PDF of Legend) but with any BRP, RP, or CoC material scrubbed. 

Homebrew Design & Conversions / Re: Open Gaming License
« Last post by BigJackBrass on June 30, 2019, 02:27:01 PM »
What about creating a simple, expandable system based on Duck Trooper? Take the core of it, the simplified attributes etc, drastically reduce and broaden the skill list and add in some colourful elements from full system like the Fast Kill chart.
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