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Title: A Basic Role Playing (BRP) Tschai Planet of Adventure?
Post by: ORtrail on April 11, 2019, 03:27:46 PM
I first read the Tschai books decades ago, and eagerly grabbed a copy of the GURPS setting book when it released back in 2003.  It always struck me as a cool setting for some RPG fun.  My biggest issue was how much I felt I needed to know about the world, the various alien races, the various human cultures, etc.  Plus I was never a big fan of the GURPS game system.  So run a Tschai campaign I'd need to:

     -Pick an RPG system and create a character sheet
     -Read through the source material and GURPS setting book, plus figure out the pronunciations of a number of things
     -Assembly a decent amount of art to help myself and the players to visualize the world and various beings in it, including the PCs
     -Outline some campaign notes and adventure ideas, which is probably the easiest part

I discovered, and purchased, the unabridged audio book version of the Tschai books about a week ago.  They've been around since 2015, but I stumbled upon them when searching online to see if there was another printed series with more illustrations.  I've owned both the Bluejay Books that came out in the 1980's but sadly only the first two books got printed before the publisher went under. 

BRP is an easy choice as my players know it well, and converting a character sheet was pretty easy for use with Fringeworthy, so why not one for Tschai?  The audio book at least gives me some possible options for pronunciation (the audio book reader says "Chai" for "Tschai" and I prefer the "shy" used in a promotional video on the offical website for Jack Vance's books.  Since this is fiction, picking a pronunciation and sticking to it is the way to go. 

I found a slightly battered second copy of the GURPS book (only $10), which I am planning to cut up to make decent scans with our printer, then assemble those into a PDF.  I love my physical copies, but a PDF version is always handy and there is no PDF version of the Tschai GURPS book as it was never released in that format. 

Artist Craig Henderson did a good job with the art for the GURPS book, so that along with some scans from the Bluejay books, and the Heromachine dot com website should be enough for my needs. 

I was hoping to have an adventure ready to run for Free RPG Day this year (June 15th) but Guardian Games in Portland is keeping all the game time slots to 2 hours or less, so I may shoot for RadCon 2020 instead, so I have plenty of time to ease the players into the world.

Title: Re: A Basic Role Playing (BRP) Tschai Planet of Adventure?
Post by: ORtrail on April 11, 2019, 03:56:31 PM
An example of the artwork by Craig Henderson, the four main alien races (from the viewpoint of Adam Reith anyway).  The books also mention several other alien invaders having occupied Tschai in the distant past, so there are plenty of ruins and other aliens could be introduced as desired. 

Title: Re: A Basic Role Playing (BRP) Tschai Planet of Adventure?
Post by: ORtrail on April 12, 2019, 12:46:47 PM
The Tschai character sheet, which still needs some skill names tweaked and maybe some basic equipment added (Pilgrim Pod and Sequins as the Tschai money for example).  I started an Adam Reith character sheet just because, but I'd want to run with all new PCs.  Maybe another Terran survivor from the Explorator IV who managed to dive into an escape pod moments before the starship got nuked?

Also, I've got other variations of this character sheet with the other main Tschai aliens.  Just for variety.