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Title: Problems with Web Sales
Post by: wasahbe on May 16, 2018, 12:01:35 AM
I recently received this via email:

I am trying to order your Genesis I & II plus Incursion III but your system will not let me bundle the three together. When try to purchase them separately the system ask for paypal password while all the system I work with all me to click on the PayPal log and let my own system log me in. why is the system asking for my password and not taking directly to the PayPal site.

This references the main Tri Tac website, (  We use a fulfillment service called Sellfy, that inserts itself between our website and Paypal, then sends a download link to the purchaser.  This gives customers secure and quick access to what they buy without forcing me to upgrade my internet connection to a business cable package (to get the static IP address) and maintain a secure file server. 

I did a couple test runs and it looks like Sellfy has intruded itself into the purchasing process.  When I clicked on a BUY IT NOW button I was asked to enter my email address (so Sellfy would know where to send the download link) before I was ushered over to Paypal for payment.  This is new and might look like a signon scam to someone not expecting the extra step.   Our web sales dropped to nothing in April and I am wondering if this process change is scaring people off.

We are grandfathered in at Sellfy with a plan that doesn't include a monthly fee, just a percentage of each sale.   To get a cart as well as BUY IT NOW buttons we lose that deal and won't be able to go back to it.  The standard fees for fulfillment services doubled in the last year, and if the problem is not the links, the extra cost might end up not paying for itself.

If any of you decide to buy something off Tri Tac's site, please let me know about your experience.

Title: Re: Problems with Web Sales
Post by: wasahbe on May 17, 2018, 10:48:12 PM
I have been having to tweak backend settings on to meet the standards of the security enhancements added to the latest generation of browsers.  I just added an SSL certificate.  Let me know if this causes new problems, please.

This opens the door to taking over fulfillment from Sellfy myself.  Does anyone know where I can find instructions?  I have run a Minecraft server, so basic setup isn't the problem.  And when I add "fulfillment" to the search all I get are ads for cloud solutions.   >:(
Title: Re: Problems with Web Sales
Post by: ORtrail on May 18, 2018, 12:19:35 AM
No issues noticed, well I couldn't post any images, but figured that was turned off.