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NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS / Tri Tac Spotlight #3 is out!
« Last post by wasahbe on October 30, 2020, 09:04:07 PM »

This quarter, the spotlight is on Tri Tac's post-apocalyptic settings.

Download links are up for this issue's contributors!
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Incursion and the Supernatural
« Last post by ORtrail on October 29, 2020, 02:24:15 AM »
If you can avoid the bait-and-switch feeling with the players, sure.  Like starting a fantasy campaign and then the players find out they are living on a ringworld where civilization fell ages ago.  Or a fantasy world where it turns out everyone was just doing cosplay with really advanced tech and no one wanted to be the first to break character.
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Humanoids: One Big Happy Family?
« Last post by ORtrail on October 29, 2020, 02:17:38 AM »
Nothing I disagree with, but I'll leave this to you and William.   :)
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Getting Back to Earth
« Last post by ORtrail on October 29, 2020, 02:14:04 AM »
I agree with Earth not being on a standard type Nav cube.  However, are Nursery World Nav cubes a thing? 

Also, Earth astronomers can now check for signs of life (or at least the chemical composition of the atmosphere) with the transit spectroscopy method; so you could check a lot of planets fairly quickly.  Although line-of-sight and waiting for the planet to orbit in front of the star means you probably can't check every one of those 63 stars using transit spectroscopy.
Incursion I, II, and III / Re: Incursion and the Supernatural
« Last post by wasahbe on October 28, 2020, 08:48:24 PM »
Thanks for the thought-provoking posts!  How cool!
Incursion I, II, and III / Incursion and the Supernatural
« Last post by Kedamono on October 28, 2020, 02:54:07 PM »
Now before you complain, Richard confirmed this. Incursion is in the Bureau 13 universe. One piece of evidence is that one of the Focus Characters, Joanna Barnes was involved with the focus character from B13, to quote: "After ditching her boyfriend, a crazy Science Fiction writer who thought he worked for some secret governmental agency..." that is, Robert Harrison.

That means the supernatural is definitely a component to this universe. Now, unless your PCs are former agents for the Bureau or other similar Earth agencies, they probably won't notice the weirdness and attribute it to the place being an Alien world. But it does have implications.

So, Headcannon Time: The reason no one has been able to reproduce Anshani technology is that the Anshani did the thing most folks tell you not to do: Mix magic with technology. The White Boxes can't be reproduced because there's spells on them. The HFTL and the InterGalactic version of it? Magic and Technology.

Why were the Anshani the only ones to figure it out? Well, they weren't. Because they are big "P" pacifists, they didn't do the one thing every other species did when they tried to mix magic and tech: Make Weapons with it. Every other culture ended up smoking ruins because their first impulse was to make a BFG that shot Balrogs...

There are other implications about this. The Fae. The Land of the Fae is another radically different universe that intersects the Bureau's through various fairy rings, magic mirrors, portals, and the like. Elves are everywhere... but how they appear depends on the species and culture of each world. A Teb Elf would look nothing like the ones that bedevil Earth, but they could be the exact same person, just shifting their appearance for the different species.

And that means you could use the Land of the Fae as a way to get back to Earth, right?


The Land of the Fae does not operate by any rules that humans or other species can discern. Time is optional in the land, as is distance, substance, and other features. Use the Land to go home could result in you returning thousands of years later... or earlier. The trip could take a lifetime, or a minute through the Land. And you may not be able to leave if you are incautious and partake of any meal or drink offered by the residents.

And that's assuming Oberon or someone just like them decides it's time for the Hunt and look... prey.

This of course presents an opportunity for a GM and willing players. WILLING PLAYERS. A Bureau team is sent out in a Bureau designed research sub to investigate that North Atlantic anomaly... only to get blipped across the galaxy to the shipyard where the sub is turned into a spaceship. "Oh woe is me!" they wail. "Oh wait, I have a Bureau Cell Phone. It always gets bars!" Phoning home is easy with Bureau technology... that mixes magic with tech... heyyyy....!

Incursion I, II, and III / Humanoids: One Big Happy Family?
« Last post by Kedamono on October 28, 2020, 02:30:54 PM »
There are 5 different Humanoid species listed in the book. But are they different species or all related species?

We know that the Anshani protected Earth from outside interference via the Guardian. But, why?

My pet theory is that the Anshani were trying to create a species that could take their place and unite the Three Galaxies in peace and friendship. Thus all these related species across the galaxy. The Galactics, the Manaki, the Muzz, the Kuro, the Blaxx, the Dymoo, and the Teb, are found on many worlds in many variations. They are all probably creations by the Anshani, and there are probably countless more of them, as well as "naturally" evolved species.

And with each, the Anshani probably took a hands on approach to make sure a viable sentient species evolved. The fact that all Humanoid species are probably cross-fertile is a bonus from their point of view. Don't think so? Look at the illustrations of various Humanoids, they look human. Not vaguely human, or human in a dim light, they look like someone that would live next door. Galactics are the biggest bunch of the Humanoid species, and probably span a good portion of the galaxy. Why?

The Consto were fighting an interstellar war with the Opnor. Both Humanoids. With planets with the population in the Billions. And unless you have a forced breeding program, it takes time to get into the billions. Like tens of thousands of years. (Sure, they could have creche babies, but you still got to raise them and feed them...) The Constopnor Collective is only 1,200 years old, and they have Billions of people, perhaps verging on Hundreds of Billion.

As for interbreeding with other Humanoids, we were still interbreeding with Neanderthals up to about 41,000 years ago, and that's after 200,000 years of divergent evolution. Yeah, you and a Constopnor can have babies.

It also puts another nail in the coffin for their being any FTL:2448 alien species to be about. For stars of roughly the same age as Sol, +/- half a billion years, the Anshani seeded them with their experiments and then put Guardians in place to keep them safe. Any type G stars probably got seeded.

(Note about the Guardians. Richard had them destroy any nosy ships, which flies in the face that the Anshani were Pacifists. My retcon is that the Guardian will stun the crew, grab the ship in a tractor beam and zip it light years away in a random direction. It probably uses the HyperFTL drive to take them 10's of light years away, then returns. Which is how the slavers managed to grab folks. They'd send in a sacrificial ship in first, let it get caught, while the second ship, mere hours behind it, arrives and descends down to the planet for a raid. Sometimes they get over a day to do the raid, others they barely break atmosphere before the Guardian returns.)

Incursion I, II, and III / Getting Back to Earth
« Last post by Kedamono on October 28, 2020, 01:54:10 PM »
So, I've have had many a "discussion" on this topic with various folks. We all disagree on one thing: Finding a Nav Cube with a destination for the Sol System.

Most folks think that there is one. I totally disagree.

Why? Because the Earth was a restricted Anshani world, a Nursery World. Why would a Space Tugboat, AKA the Ardanna Nuu, have a cube for that world? It wouldn't. But, it would have a cube for a Anshani administrative world, one that watched over many Nursery Worlds. Now, since stars move, the admin world would have a shifting area of responsibility, especially since the Anshani, a species over 8 billion years old, had more than enough patience to deal with the shifting stars as they travelled around the galaxy.

So, the admin world would be about 20-50 LY from the Sol System. That also means that there probably many other Nursery Worlds near Earth as well. There are close to a thousand stars within 50 light years of Sol, enough that it would take a lifetime to find Sol and Earth. Even if you left it to just the type G stars that's 63 different stars to check out to see if they are a match. And using the constellations won't help much. At 50 LY, they would be unrecognizable. 

It would be the height of irony, if cube #1 was the one to get them home. It's the one that's sitting in the Nav controller as they were traveling. Which world? The first one, the Frozen planet with High Tech buildings. It's been a hundred thousand years since the Anshani threw up their hands and ascended/left the universe/whatever. It's amazing that it's still mostly intact. The fact that Dakkel Shumeh didn't tell them is that he's a bit of a schmuck. If they can hunt him down after leaving him somewhere, he might relent and let them know basically what direction Sol is from the Frozen planet.

FTL: 2448 / Re: Star System Generation
« Last post by ORtrail on October 22, 2020, 02:20:36 PM »
I just noticed this post.  If you get a chance, check out the Frontierspace RPG.  It's a serial numbers filed off modernized version of Star Frontiers, but has some really nice generation tables for aliens and star systems.  With all the exoplanets being found, I'm not sure how much -if any, updating might need to be done to recreate what has been found so far.  I'm looking at YOU, TRAPPIST-1b. 
NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: vyndanian banned
« Last post by wasahbe on October 17, 2020, 06:50:13 PM »
There is a cap.  Vyndanian managed to answer the Tri Tac questions I have been using to keep the scammers out and get himself registered as a Field Agent instead of a Rookie.  I think I've closed the loophole, but the permissions are sort of a mess.  I ported the forums to SMF from a different software that had glitched so badly it wouldn't save or upgrade, so the only other option was to lose everything and start over.  So I hand rebuilt them.

I have upgraded the forums and pruned a bunch of crap.  I think this should take care of the issues.
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