In New Edo...

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In New Edo...
« on: June 24, 2018, 12:23:05 AM »
In the flickering darkness, Ted Granger and Lorenzo Di Stefano watched the fourth reel of restored print of Citizen Kane on the movie screen. Lorenzo had commandeered the jumbo sized tub of popcorn for himself, while both had long neck bottles of a local brew. The Kanji on side proclaimed it to be "Dew of the Mountain".

"Ten bucks he says 'rosebud' when he dies," whispered Ted.

Lorenzo nodded, knowing that they'd break even, after the scene with the chess set with the missing black king replaced another from Prime's version. On screen a digitally enhanced Orson Welles acted better than he had in the original print. When the scene where Kane dies, the two IDET agents leaned forward.

Kane dramatically expires, uttering the immortal words, "Gatachman..."

As the two of them watched fascinated by the alternation of the classic movie, a pile of Gatachman manga is tossed into a Toro chipper/shredder, though one appropriate for the 1940's.

As they left the theater, Ted shook his head. "And I thought Ted Turner's coloration of the movie was bad! Did you see the product placements in the movie! Hell, the reporter even used a Razr cell phone!"

"It was good though," said Lorenzo, still carrying his tub of popcorn. "I like the scene where he and his wife aged, and they did that fast forward stuff, morphing them, that was cool!"

"Philistine!" said Ted, waiting for the light to change, so they could cross the street. Both were still carrying their bottle so beer, as New Edo didn't have any laws against open containers of alcohol.

"I'm Italian," replied Lorenzo as he finished off his bottle of beer. They had 32 cases of the stuff stowed in their hidey hole for their vehicle and the portal. "So where's my ten dollars?"

"OK, OK," replied Ted after they crossed the street. "Here's your money." He peeled ten bills with a picture of George Washington in the center and a combination of English and Kanji on the bills. It still said "United States of America" but it was printed on plastic "paper".

At the corner across from them a post office flew the American flag with 62 stars in the blue field.

World Description:

America Won the War!

The United States was victorious in Great War of the Pacific in 1942, and added Japan, and many Pacific Islands to it's control. Japan, the Philippines, and several smaller island nations were annexed by the USA after the Great War and made part of the United States. Japan was admitted to the Union in 1983, dividing it up among its many provinces.

New Edo was built over the bombed remains of Tokyo, and given the original name. The Japanese Emperor and his immediate family died in that bombing, leaving a young boy of royal blood on the throne. He immediately surrendered to the superior forces of the USA, Britain, and France, and partition of Pacific Asia was divided up among three powers.

Nuclear power was never developed as a weapon, as Europe remained at peace due to the fact that the Great War of Europe (1913-1919) ended in a stalemate and with the USA remaining neutral.

Japanese America still speaks and reads Japanese or one of its many dialects, and its culture has greatly affected the USA. With free trade between the two, the USA has prospered, but at the same time, hasn't progressed as far as Prime. There was no cold war, Russia has a constitutional monarchy ruled by the Duma, and the USA has integrated even more thanks to the influx of Japanese to its shores. Space flight is still in the future, though satellites do fly overhead, many of them German.

The portal to this world is in the suburbs of New Edo in a small park. The ring station if fifty meters underground, buried by volcanic outflow.