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Newest Tri Tac Products
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The following items are both found as download only purchases on our home page or at the listed links for print on demand versions.

Unusual items, including contraband and crystals, are finding their way to the IDET trading post at Fringe Outpost 217, aka Rooterville Station. Odd comments from local tradesmen indicate that the items come from Fringe scavengers trading curiosities for services. But the inhabitants of Station 217 are less concerned with pleasing IDET than with profits, and the local “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy has made deeper probing into the origin of the items unwise.

Can your Fringeworthy team succeed where others have failed, piercing the silence and uncovering the source of the enigmatic artifacts of Rooterville Station?


Enjoy the odder side of Fringeworthy with Tri Tac's new and bizarre book of adventure hooks, designed for discerning Game Masters in search of something different. 
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