Hardwired Hinterland: Molly and the Rabbits

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Hardwired Hinterland: Molly and the Rabbits
« on: December 06, 2018, 02:11:59 PM »
In the prairie of Our Kansas, there's a little commune run by Rabbits for Rabbits. The core group of Rabbits are lead by Patches a brown, orange, and black furred Rabbit. They run a farm and grow all sorts of vegetables for sale at Our Topeka. But it's not the cauliflower or cabbages that people come to visit the farm. It's for Molly.

From a distance, Molly looks like a human with rabbit ears... that is, until you get a profile view of her head. Then you realize she's not human. Standing 5' 5" tall, Molly is a fully anthropomorphized Rabbit. Her skull is a Rabbit skull with a much larger brain, she has four fingered hands, (three fingers and one thumb) and with her long white hair, tinted pink at the ends, her fine white fur covering her body, and bright red eyes, she looks like a cosplayer. But she's a Rabbit, not a primate, so she can go topless without worry. Exposing her midriff, yeah, that would be a problem. She normally wears teeshirts and bib overalls, as she works at the farm. Her appearance is not the reason folks come to see her. For you see, she and the original 12 Rabbits aren't from Our Kansas.

They are from NORAM.

That also explains T.O.D.D. Todd is a fully sapient, autonomous flying vehicle. He's an A.I.

All of the Rabbits are native born residents. They were from a rabbit warren in Area 9 in NORAM, and all became sentient over time. Patches is the oldest Rabbit, 40 years old, and the youngest, but still an Adult by Rabbit standards, is Molly at 12 years old. And all of them have unique powers that the environment of NORAM granted them.

Patches can make plants grow faster, if he concentrates on a plot of land for an hour, he'll get a week's worth of growth out of it. Then he needs a rest for day or two. Dimitri, a Dwarf Rabbit is prescient and can forecast the future with 70% accuracy. Sadly, it's the visionary type of predictions and need interpretation. Also, it's only for the Rabbits and their commune.

Molly? She can teleport up to 500lbs of material a mile away. Or up. Especially up if the thing she's teleporting is a threat. And it can be just part of the thing she's looking at. Many a killer robot found itself free falling after threatening Molly or her friends, or at least the most threatening bits of the robot. And her power is increasing. When she first demonstrated her power 11 years ago, she could teleport about 300lbs. It is plateauing, and the estimate is that she'll top out at 700-800lbs. The only limitation on her power, she has to see what she's going to teleport. A simple blindfold can cancel out her ability.

The commune is called Daisy Haven, after all the daisies that grow in the area. There are traditional farm buildings, but they are designed for folks that range from human size to rabbit size. After Molly, the next largest Rabbit is Hugo, who can lift a quarter ton with both hands. The Rabbit's home is what someone once called a "Cross between a Hobbit Hole and sod house." The major excavation was done by Molly, depositing the dirt and rocks nearby. The ceilings are 7', though there are sections that are smaller for the smaller Rabbits.

Again, people come here to see Molly. Some for very legitimate reasons, such as having her remove debris to help save lives, and others... Let's say a few want her to remove bits of vault walls or other secure barriers. She turns down all requests as she's not comfortable with non-Rabbits. She's timid and shy, and easily scared. Of course scaring her results in you ending up in a field a mile away, if you're lucky. (Free falling from a mile up if you really scared the crap out of her.)

The story they tell of their life in NORAM is one of terror and death. Most rabbits don't live past three to four years, just long enough to sire a couple of litters of kits, and the colonies were very secure in the debris of the ruins. The Rabbits did their best to keep their colony safe, but it was a losing proposition. Then came Molly and she could barely fit inside the colonies. That's when Dimitri had a vision of a friendly Robot.

That's when they met T.O.D.D. He was an autonomous flying vehicle that became sentient. He found life in NORAM to be just as treacherous as the Rabbits did. But from the airwaves, he heard of other places where life was easier, safer. He didn't have the endurance with just his fans to cross the 200 miles to the nearest environ, but he did have a gas bag... if only he could get to the Helium source.

He couldn't, but the Rabbits could. It was a massive battle, the Rabbits lost a few of their numbers to the rogue robots, but they gained the Helium pipe and with that secure, Todd could fill his tanks. Sadly, it was a case of leave now or not at all. So the rabbits in their colony had to be left behind. The remaining twelve Rabbits got on board Todd and they escaped NORAM and headed for Our Kansas.

They arrived at Mumbai and then went to Our Kansas City, where they registered as citizens. Selling some NORAM devices they had scavenged, they made enough to buy a plot of land just North of Our Topeka. That's where Daisy Havens was founded.

Plot Hooks:
Even though the rabbits they had left behind are more than likely dead, they know where the warrens were located. They'd want someone to go there and rescue the rabbits and any new Rabbits that may be living there. They themselves are not going to go back, but they can supply accurate maps, thanks to Todd, of where the warrens were. They will pay $1,000 for the mission.

Molly has been kidnapped! Someone figured out her weakness and has bagged her and taken her away from Our Kansas! At least two bodies have been found in the prairie outside of the commune. They are dressed in the latest fashions from New Old New York. Wallets will confirm that. A quick call to Hinterpol will confirm that they belong to a suspected criminal organization in New Old New York. Dimitri has a vision of an Iron Lady and a giant ape falling from a great height. Interpret that as you will. There's a bounty of her rescue of $5,000 dollars.
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