Hardwired Hinterland Scenario: The Three Amigos

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Hardwired Hinterland Scenario: The Three Amigos
« on: November 09, 2018, 12:26:32 AM »
This is the tale of the three friends, Ted Brown Bear, Edgar Grizz Grizzly Bear, and Manny the Moose. They live in the deep forest of Almost Canada on land they got permission for from the Almost Canadian government. They built a log house, tore it down, built another, larger one... tore that down, and built their third, much larger log house, big enough for two male Bears and full adult male Moose to live in. The doors have two sets of door knobs: one at normal height that anyone can use, and one at moose height, that Manny uses... with his mouth.

Manny is a Moose. No hands, but he's quite dexterous with his mouth, lips, and tongue. Don't make any rude comments about that. He is a Male MOOSE, and he may not be sane. He is a genius, however, so that makes up for his lack of manipulative digits. He's the fastest one stick typist you'll ever find. He's an assistant professor of aerodynamics at the University of New Windsor, and worked on the Air Beagle project as a consultant. He also fancies himself as a consummate dancer, the best on four gangly legs.

Ted is more Berenstain Bear than a proper bear. He has fully anthropomorphic digits, each tipped with a claw. Ted is more a farming Bear, and has large blueberry field and apple orchard, and grows other crops as the seasons permit. He wears overalls, a straw farmer's hat, and boots for mucking about the farm.

Edgar is about a head taller than Ted, almost as heavy as Manny, and is an expert chef, specializing in the French cuisine. It's this skill that made the larger house necessary, as he runs a French restaurant, and employs several of the local Animals as his waiters and sous chefs. It's call Chez Grizzly, and no one ever sends a meal back to the kitchen after seeing him standing in the doorway.

They have an air strip nearby, alcohol fuel only, they make their own from the cider they brew. And this would be all that you'd need to know. Except...

They paid for most of this with the most valuable item in the Hardwired Hinterland: Coffee Beans. Twice a year, Ted and Manny go off with a cart, and then come back with 400 pounds of coffee beans in vacuum sealed bags, and donuts for days. Those bags are worth about 6,000 Canadian Silver Dollars. And they sell them. (Mainly because they can't drink coffee, and most of their customers can't drink coffee either. Except for the Goats. Goats love coffee for some reason.) That amount of coffee represents about a week's worth of coffee for a Tim Horton's.

And that's what they have out in that forest, somewhere, a Tim Horton's that restocks, and they've been doing it for the past 6 years.

So, the story behind this fabulous thing, is that after they built their first house, basically a cabin for the Bears and a nice paddock for Manny, they went exploring and ran into some Restorkies busily getting ready to build something. The trio kept their distance and watched the Restorkies work like demons cutting trees, digging foundations, mixing cement, laying asphalt, and building a Tim Horton's in less than one night. Since they stayed clear of the Monkeys and the Shaman, they were allowed to stay on the property while it was built. When it was finished and the Monkeys took their leave, the trio checked out the place. The Bears went for the donuts, saving the unglazed ones for Manny, who really doesn't like sweets. He looked around, sniffed the coffee machines, and wondered.

He convinced the other two to let the place sit for 6 months and see if it restocked. It was a long wait, but 6 months and one day later, all the donuts where back, all the cold drinks restocked. That's when they knew they had hit on a gold mine. They grabbed everything they could and loaded up a cart that all three pulled back to their cabin. Manny went back to hide their wheel tracks. The soft drinks that weren't caffeinated were kept, while the rest were taken to the nearest city, New Quebec. They made a mint and decided to upgrade their home. 6 months later, an anxious trio went back and found the Tim Horton's restocked.

Manny more or less said that was impossible. Once, it's possible. Twice? They should all buy lottery tickets. If it happened a third time, they would have to capitalize on it. 6 months later, it restocked again.

During those 6 months, Manny had gone to New Windsor to do his semester of teaching at UNW. He did some research on Restorkies and MaintainAnts. Everything told him that what had happened out in the forest was impossible. When he came home and found that it had happened again... he came up with a theory.

"Since we were there when the Shaman and the Restorkies built the place, we somehow got incorporated into it. At least as the MaintainAnts are concerned. We're just part of the building. We have to protect this, as we're going to make money off of this."

So the trio has a secret that they are protecting: The location of restocking Tim Horton's. They've made over $66,000 from that find from coffee alone. They also salvage the coffee grinders and machines. Edgar, after much trial and error, found a way to turn all the brewed coffee into a kind of an instant coffee, that they use in the restaurant for those customers that can drink coffee. But they live in constant fear that someone will find their Tim Horton's and ruin it.

There's much anxiety between the three of them, and it has caused some friction in their relationship with each other. Manny is all for letting the Hinterland know about his theory, while the other two want to keep a lid on it. But they all know that sooner or later, someone will find the donut shop and chase away the MaintainAnts.

Now, they won't be hurting if they lose their coffee run. Chez Grizzly makes more than enough to pay for everything it uses and the salaries of its staff. It's just that that money pays for the finer things in life.

So, enter the Players. Tales of the Coffee Run have reached them, and the prospect of finding an intact Tim Horton's is a great carrot to dangle in front of them. The fact that it's a restocking Tim Horton's... ah, that's the tricky part. Maybe the three amigos are really good a finding Tim Horton's in the deep woods. But... it's all the same brand of coffee, the same machines, circa 2017. If the coffee was from different eras and quality, and different machines...

Dealing with the Three Amigos will be touchy. Manny wants desperately to talk about his theory and possible loophole with how MaintainAnts operate. Ted is tore up by his two best friend at odds with each other about something they really don't care about. And Edgar... Edgar sees the Coffee Run as a safety net, something to catch them if his successful business fails. Because Edgar suffers greatly from Imposter Syndrome. He thinks that the only reason people say his food is good is because it's made by a Grizzly Bear. The Coffee Money is his security blanket. Of the $66k they've made over the years, they have spent only $8k. The rest is in the First National Bank of New Quebec, mainly because Edgar is afraid to spend it.

If this keeps up, they will break up as friends and god only knows what will happen with the Tim Horton's.

So, this scenario can go many different ways. Trying to follow Ted and Manny as they go on the run is next to impossible: Ted is an Apex Predator and Manny an Apex Prey. They'll know you're coming from miles away. Over flight of the forest looking for the Tim Horton's is problematic, as they are scores of buildings built here. Which one is the Tim Horton's and which one is a lonely duplex with a pool?

Trying to help the friends deal with their wealth might be the better route. Especially dealing with Edgar's insecurities.
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