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Ready Player Uno...
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Team Fremont walked through the door in the Renton, WA, supply dump into the Bangor facility pocket dimension. Seth Green, team leader, looked around at the mixed terrain of Bangor. The pocket dimension was assembled from bits and pieces of every state in the USA and territories. Thus the saying, "You're at most, 2 hours from Bangor, Maine." Overhead it was a gray day, but the piece to right of him had bright sunlight, and the one to his left it was raining.

"OK, we're here for some training with the new AR equipment... yes Gwen?" asked Seth.

The pretty young blonde that was Gwen Fliescher smiled in the endearing way she had and asked, "What does AR mean Seth?"

Her friend, April Smith, faced palmed. "Augmented Reality you idiot," she said.

Gwen thought for a second, then asked, "What's 'augmented reality?'"

April opened her mouth, then shut it. "I don't know. It's the latest thing I understand," she replied.

Plato Ferris smiled, and said, "It's a new way of working with computers. Instead of typing into a keyboard or using your phone, you'll 'see' your programs and see an overlay on things around you. And..." he said interrupting the next question from Gwen, "you'll be getting a hands on training with the new gear. It comes in glasses and a contact lenses. So whatever works for you."

Seth adjusted his glasses, "I'm going for glasses. What about the rest of you?" he asked the rest of the team.

"Glasses," said Father Murphy, "I can't stand contacts."

"Either one is good for me," said Stefano Renault, the team mage.

"Contacts for me," said April.

"Ditto for me as well," chimed in Plato.

"Do they have designer frames?" asked Gwen. "I'd want something I can accessorize with. Contacts are OK, but I probably should have backup glasses and sunglasses. Do they make them for diving masks or goggles?"

The rest of the team were floored by that. Seth said, "We'll find out. I see our ride is here."

A electric van silently pulled up and a white uniformed man stepped out. "Hi folks, sorry for the wait," he said. "I'm Keith Richards... no relation, and I'll be your guide for the training."

"Glad to meet you Keith," said Seth, "I'm the team leader, Seth Green... not relation either. Okay team, everyone aboard!"

After a quick ride, they arrived at the old Bangor, Maine complex. The old buildings were being renovated, and some temporary offices were setup outside. Keith led them to one of the container offices. "Sorry for the mess, but the old building has to be upgraded. It failed an inspection by OSHA. Mike was extra critical this time around."

In the container were an array of glasses and more cumbersome VR gear. "We're going to start with the glasses, as they are the easiest to use. They are paired to small processor unit that you can wear on your person, or keep near. The use BureauTooth, so as long as you're within a mile of them, they'll work fine. Sorry, nothing really fancy, these are primarily for training. We'll get you fitted for your field gear after training."

Gwen picked up the black plastic rimmed glasses. "These look like something a nerd would wear," she remarked.

"Hey!" exclaimed Plato, "I resemble that remark!"

She smiled and placed a hand on his muscular arms, "Oh Plato, I never thought of you as a nerd! I've always considered you a jock!"

Plato opened his mouth, then shut it as everyone around laughed. Gwen looked around a bit confused, then joined in with the laughing.

"And I've always thought of you as a little princess," he said.

Gwen smiled and said, "Why thank you Plato!" and danced off to the classroom putting on her glasses as she went.

Seth walked up and waved his hand over his head. "Right over," he said, "it will never register. Still, she is the most powerful person on this team when she gets her Glam on. Keith, are these window panes or do you have a prescription set of lenses?"

Keith looked up and said, "Oh right. Can I have your glasses a sec?" Seth nodded and handed over his eyeglasses. Keith put them in a device that scanned both lenses with a bright flash. He then grabbed a pair of training glasses and tapped them on a pad on the machine. "Here you go."

Seth put them on and was surprised that they worked. "I'll love these when I get my issued set. No more getting new lenses."

"Oh the field ones will track your eyes and keep themselves at the right correction for your vision," said Keith.

"Impressive, we'll let's go get some training."

They were in a large tent, with various QR coded blocks setup in various locations. Also there was Sarge. The old ghost was having a chat with Gwen and April. 'Always chatting up the girls,' thought Seth. "Gunnery Sergeant Hartman! Long time no see!"

"Mister Green!" replied the ghost, "Underweight, under muscled, and undernourished as usual. Son, you need to work out more. Just let me know and I'll put you through some physical training!"

Seth laughed, "Thanks Sergeant, but as team leader, I never get the time to do much of anything. So why are you here?"

Sgt. Hartman smiled, "I'm here to help you use them new fangled goggles you're wearing. Trainer Richards I believe we are ready!"

Keith nodded, then said to everyone, "Okay, we'll now activate your AR systems." He touched the right side of his glasses by the hinge. "Place and hold your finger here. This will activate the system. Miss Fliescher, the other side."

Gwen nodded and reached up with her right hand and touched the hinge of her glasses. They went black for an instant, then words and indicators appeared floating in the air in front of her. She looked at April and a boxed formed around her face and her name and a short bio appeared next to her. "Oh wow," she said, "There are words everywhere!"

"Correct," said Keith, "in the upper right hand corner of you field of view, there should be a floating button labeled 'Menu'. Go ahead and touch it."

She reached up and touched the button. A menu scrolled down with several choices. "Okay... what next?"

Keith said, "You can reduce the amount of text being shown under the display option 'Tool tips'. The interface is still a work in progress."

Gwen quickly adjusted her interface and then found the overlay setting and quickly switched through several settings, chose one that put flowers everywhere. Cartoon flowers with cat faces. She smiled at that.

They went through the exercises, with Sgt. Hartman showing how the glasses could detect him and render his location even when he wasn't manifesting. Gwen's overlay made him look like the Cheshire Cat. They learned how to use the interface to search for information, display motion indicators and how to use the IR mode for the lenses.

"So for a final lesson," said Keith, "we're going to run you through the Haunted House. You're not going to be graded on this, it's more for you get to used to using the system."

"Good, because I didn't get a chance to study first," said Gwen in all seriousness.

Keith blinked for a second, then continued, "So hop in the van and we'll head on over there. Sergeant, can you let them know we're on our way."

"Absolutely," Hartman said, then smiled, "We'll be ready to test you folks." He then vanished completely from their vision. More or less.

"He went that way," said Gwen, looking at the flower strewn trail her system showed as Hartman streaked away.

Keith looked with surprise, "Miss, how did you do that?"

Gwen smiled and said "I just set up an overlay and tagged him. You're tagged too, as well as all my teammates. The glasses show me where everyone is around me. It's cool!"

April looked at her friend, then reached up and took off Gwen's glasses and put them on. She was shocked at first, then giggled at the overlay. Especially when she looked at the other team members. Handing the glasses back, she asked, "So, where are those settings?"

Gwen explained, using her own terminology for all the menu choices, "Well, when you tap the menu thing, tap and slide the display menu thing. Look for overlays and pick the one you like the best."

April tried, then frustrated said, "Tap and slide the display menu? That's not working."

Gwen put both hands her hips and said, "It's easy. Watch." She reached up and tapped in the air, dragged her finger down, tapped and swiped her finger to the left twice, then tapped in the air again and gestured, "See, just like that!"

April raised a finger as if to say something, then decided not to. She tried mimicking the motions Gwen made and found that they brought up the overlay menu. There were a lot of choices. "Anime Schoolgirl Overlay? Who came up with that? Okay, how about Fallout theme. Oh, shiny."

Keith was a bit flabbergasted, "But, but how...?"

"Gwen," said the entire team in unison. "If it's cute and pretty, she'll find it," said April, "Was that a secret menu we weren't supposed to find?"

Keith was going through the motions and had a look of surprise on his face, "I didn't know that this was implemented. This might make your test easier."

Loaded up with their own personal overlays, they got in the van and went to the Haunted House. It was located in a piece of Massachusetts, on a hill that was under perpetual cloud cover. It was a gothic 19th century house with many gables and turret rooms. They were issued training weapons, and then it was time to go into the house.

"Okay, we're going to have to find the MacGuffin and turn it off. It's hidden somewhere in the house, and it will be well guarded by the spirits. So, any ideas?"

Gwen was looking and deliberately blinking at various things she could see in the windows. "I got a count of 8 spirits and tagged them. Here." she reached up and slid a marker to the rest of the team. On their overlays the tags appeared and they could see where the spirits were and where they appeared.

"Okay..." said Seth, "Gwen, you got this, take the lead."

She nodded and readied her nerf gun and headed on in. With Gwen in the lead, they blitzkrieged the Haunted House. Thanks to her overlay, the frightening countenances of the ghosts were overlayed with images of happy cartoon animals, so she wasn't at all frightened. April had to replace her overlay, and switched to something with fewer angry mutants. In short order they found the MacGuffin and turned it off.

Keith just shook his head, "28 minutes, 43 seconds. Fastest time in the house. 40 minutes faster than the last record. Miss Fliescher... how... how did you do it?"

Gwen shrugged, "I just wiggled my fingers and found the choices. Hey, you can do this!" And with a couple of hand gestures, a third person 3D projection of the last part of the raid on the MacGuffin's hiding place appeared in the air, visible to everyone wearing the glasses.

"Wow," said Seth, as he watched himself laying down cover fire as Plato made the rush at the device. "This will make debriefings a lot easier."

Keith watched with utter amazement. "That's not an implemented feature... well, it shouldn't be available through the interface. How?"

Everyone again said, "Gwen."

"Gwen is a visual person," said April. "If I wanted to dress up and impress someone, I'd go to her and she'll do me up gorgeous. I think your programmers made a system that's entirely visual and that's where Gwen shines. She's hacked your system, and no, you can't have her, she's ours."

'Well, yours,' Gwen telepathically said to April, holding her tight.

"So, can we see the different designs?" asked Gwen, "I have a Dior that needs a nice pair of designer glasses to go with..."
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