Jane's All The World's SpaceShips: Ross Thomas Alaska C

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Jane's All The World's SpaceShips: Ross Thomas Alaska C
« on: October 29, 2018, 11:39:57 PM »
Third in the line of the venerable Alaska class spaceships, the Ross Thomas Alaska C has an interesting history, rife with intrigue, insider trading, and success despite its origins.

In 2402, the Semka Corporation contracted the Ross Thomas shipyards of Earth to produce a tanker variant of the older Alaska B class of cargoship. Their plan was to monopolize hauling of deuterium and helium 3 from the various producers across known space. The plan was to build a fleet of 10 ships, all capable of carrying the output of all the fuel production facilities from the major producers. The plan fell apart due to their failure to secure hauling contracts from three of the major producers: Saturn3, Noc'Che Corp, and Fomalhaut Propellants. Funding for the plan came from various insider trading schemes, that were exposed by this failure, and Semka went into receivership when the ICL SEC arrested the board of directors and most of the management staff.

However, Ross Thomas demanded and got paid up front for their design work and the cost of the class ship, and finished construction of the first Alaska C prototype ship in 2410. It's the only ship of the class outfitted to be a tanker. This not much of a problem, as Ross Thomas uses the latest in modular design, and it wouldn't take much to refit the Alaska C to be a cargoship like its brethren. The downside is that fully loaded with fuel, the Alaska C can barely do 0.4 Earth gravities acceleration. This was the primary reason it was decided to switch to a cargo carrying variant.

Outfitted with the Herbert/Lashaw Standard c Phase drives, three had been fitted with the Standard d drives, but due to its unreliability and tendency to untune after every trip, only Standard c drives are fitted into the Alaska C class.

Length: 376 m
Specials: cdfhjkmn
Remass: 1800 G units, (4,615,155,279 kg)
Reaction Drive: 1 Gigantic 23TW Rolls Royce Fusion Drive
Max velocity: Loaded Mass1: 8.92 m/s2 cargo / 3.38 m/s2 tanker; Dry Mass2: 10.34 m/s2
Power Plant: 520MW Mitsubishi Toroidal Fusion Generator
Phase Drives: hi
Classification: Cargo/Tanker
Crew: 31
Passengers: 81 passenger containers
Cargo Capacity: 41,925,000 kg (Approximately 1,290 containers) / 28,203,726,708 (tanker variant)
Ship's Mass: Loaded: 4,657,882,279 kg (cargo containers) / 32,819,683,987 kg (tanker); Dry Mass2: 4,615,957,279 kg; Unfueled Mass: 802,000 kg

1 Loaded Mass is a ship with maximum cargo mass.
2 Dry Mass is a fully fueled ship.