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As a member of IDET, you will help explore other worlds, help other alternate worlds with their problems, and face down the menaces that exist on the fringe paths. You're one person in 100,000 who has the ability to use the equipment left behind by a race named the Tehrmelern. They created the pathways, called the Fringes, that lead to other worlds and other places. A lot of fun, and a bit dangerous, as the Tehrmelern left their cherished paths under duress.

This duress is called the Mellor.

Near Future, Antarctica:  A Japanese research team in the Antarctic finds a gateway to Alien and Alternate Earths. Sayuri Tanuma became the first Fringeworthy, (a person with that certain special something that lets one use the Fringe paths), as she explored our local system and our nearest Alternate Earths, meeting an Alien, named Schmert.

Two Years Later:  The UN forms the United Nations Interdimensional Survey Service, UNISS, along with IDET, Interdimensional Exploration Teams, to oversee the administration of the Fringe paths and their exploration.

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