This new Incursion Player’s Guide features the debut of Tri Tac LLC’s new d100 Compatible gaming engine!  


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NEW FROM TRITAC! Player’s Guide

We’ve kept the best of Richard Tucholka’s classic settings and gaming mechanics – just filled in and streamlined the details to appeal to today’s busy gamers!  

Incursion is a classic Tri Tac setting from 1992, as complete as Fringeworthy® and B13. This 2022 Player's Guide is an update and expansion of the original, with its engine reworked to be compatible with d100 rules.

Incursion begins with the PCs being pulled out of coldsleep to join in a rebellion against the aliens that abducted them.  Once the mutiny is won, they have control of a flying saucer so advanced that it can handle navigation and life support, but have no idea where they are or how to get back to Terra.  Lost in space, they jump from planet to planet exploring the remnants of a decaying Galactic Empire.

This 2022 update of Richard Tucholka's classic sci-fi space opera has everything a player needs to roll up a character and head out into the stars!  With its modernized character creation setup and streamlined d100-compatible rules, this book has everything you need as a player!  Or as a GM interested in running a Tri Tac or d100 style game!

Complete with updated artwork, expanded backgrounds, extensive examples, “quickstart” combat rules, bookmarks, a table of contents, an index, and more!

The companion Game Moderators Guide, scheduled for release in 2023, will add GM-only tricks and tips, deeper insights into the Incursion setting, more rule options, and the multitude of random tables beloved by so many Tri Tac fans!