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I recently received an email stating that “many, many people at Gencon and inside the Tri Tac group are wondering what the future of Tri Tac is,” along with an offer to purchase Tri Tac.  

We were somewhat taken aback, as Richard Tucholka (February 9, 1954 - April 27, 2017) was adamant as to what he wanted Tri Tac’s future to be – he wanted it to remain the hands of his partner, Melody Natcher. And the “Tri Tac group” here in the Detroit area, as well as Tri Tac West, have been frantically getting our ducks in a row, brainstorming and preparing for a resurgence.  

Perhaps the creative team hasn’t been proactive enough in reaching out to the fanbase that primarily knows Tri Tac though podcasts and fan facebook pages.  For that, I apologize.

Tri Tac’s rebound may not come as quickly as some would hope – I am the bottleneck and I have a day job that splits my attention.  But we have been contacted by writers asking to set novels in the Tri Tac shared universe and game designers eager to update the original Tri Tac system and modernize the beloved classic games. And we also have a dedicated core determined to keep it all true to Richard Tucholka’s vision.

In the meantime, we are proofreading and updating the current body of work, and intend to expand to RPGNow and perhaps Amazon.  And more.  

 – Wasahbe Greene, September 2nd, 2017  

Our RPGNow presence:

Check out sample chapters from David Powers upcoming book  – The David Powers Story here!

 – Wasahbe Greene, October 22, 2017


If you haven’t noticed, this website has been revamped and snailmail sales have been temporarily suspended while we look into alternatives to CDs for the books.  If you have any preferences or suggestions or would like to buy in bulk, please let us know at  

 – Wasahbe Greene, September 3rd, 2017