Fonts: Tri Tac’s Own Incursion Font! TiS iZ iNCuRZiN NOTE: If the  download looks  like gibberish,  right click and  choose Save As. Gamer Fortunes    Master Index Premiered at  origins 2014! GAMER FORTUNES.pdf Fortunes: Paper Models: Vehicle_Moskovi.pdf

by George Harpster

Vehicle_BugsAndTrailers.pdf Vehicle_BugsAndTrailers.pdf

by George Harpster


by George Harpster

Vehicle_TyphoonTwo.pdf Vehicle_TyphoonTwo.pdf

by George Harpster

by kedamono

MRM-30.png Vehicle_Moskovi.pdf Vehicle_Ultralight-Eagle.pdf Ultralight & Eagle Expansions:

Mechanic and Item expansions for Auras, Chakras, Channeling, Familiars, Staves and Wands.  New Profession and Skill packs tailored for the Bureau 13 ‘verse, presented with a new scenario: Haunted Psychic Alone.  MS Word files, zip compression.

GAMES: vehiclemotorcycleshayes.pdf The_Brass_Monkey_Ball_Final.pdf

Great new Hardwired Hinterland module by Tri Tac’s own
John Reiher!

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