Tri Tac Forum Access -- Quick Application Process

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Tri Tac Forum Access -- Quick Application Process

Postby wasahbe » Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:03 pm


Please email and let us know you are a real live gamer, and we will approve you ASAP.  Registration through the forums will be held until we hear from you.
We are getting about 500 spammers applying to the forums per day, and the test emails we were sending out were ending up spamblocked more often than not, so depending on the automated forum validation app just wasn't working.

So, if you want join the forums, welcome!  Bypass the spam issues and send an email to with the subject line 'Tri Tac Forum Access.'  

If you are already signed up, but are a GM and want access to the GM only areas, send me a private message through forum mail.

How Not To Get Nuked

We will continue our policy of banning users who include links to NON-GAMING related commercial products in their profiles.  

If posts are made that are chock full of links to NON-GAMING sites, the account will be nuked.

If any post includes anything graphically offensive or pornlike, the account will be nuked with prejudice.

If posts are made with excessive flaming, potty mouth and/or trolling, the poster will be warned once.  A repeat offense will result in banning.

Just letting you know.  And reminding you that this is supposed to be a RPG GAMER-friendly site. Our apologies for the extra hoops you have to jump through because of the extreme bad taste of spammers and spoilsports.  

Thank you,
Wasahbe Greene
Tri Tac Webmaster
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