Fringeworthy and Thieves' World

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Fringeworthy and Thieves' World

Postby Dances with Ponies » Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:28 am

Please ponder this: Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios collaborated to make Kingdom Hearts; while Marvel Comics and Capcom collaborated to make Marvel vs. Capcom. Therefore, can anyone suggest a reason why our design team can’t collaborate with other game companies and/or other franchises such as the shared world fantasy series, Thieves' World?

Thieves' World adventures can be anything from a simple recon assignment, to an epic adventure where they purchase all the buildings in a city slum, tear down the slum, and then construct a series of interconnected buildings, a new world trade center to distribute goods and ideas to and from the pathways. Imagine the epic conflicts for our player characters before, during, and after construction of such a world trade center.

Such adventures will make Fringeworthy stand out and shine.

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