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Postby wasahbe » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:52 pm

We have a presence over at now, and our store name there is Tri Tac Talents LLC. It is also the name we are using with our fulfillment service Sellfy.

I was IMed asking if this is authorized and legitimate. Yes it is. It's still us, the support crew who worked with Richard Tucholka for years -- and sometimes decades. Our goal is to preserve Richard's vision while expanding his legacy. This is not some soulless corporate takeover.

Richard Tucholka, however, ran Tri Tac out of the same bank account he used for his personal banking. This is not good business practice. :ouch:

We looked at all the options for keeping the company going after Richard's passing, as he requested, and a limited liability corporation seemed to best fit our needs. We chose to go with Tri Tac Talents as our company name for sentimental reasons. Tri Tac Games was Richard's baby, and grafting LLC or Limited to the name felt like something he would not want us to do. So our new copyright notices will still be in the name of Tri Tac Games, just as "a fully owned subsidiary of Tri Tac Talents LLC."

In a couple of months, at least some of what we are uploading to will become eligible for Print On Demand. This is something that fans have been asking for for years and why we made the move. We really do prefer that you order directly from us whenever possible, though, since the fees we have to pay to our fulfillment service are less than what RPGNow charges. :thank:

~Wasahbe Greene~

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