Tribute Book for Continuum

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Tribute Book for Continuum

Postby Enkeli » Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:28 pm

Submissions Request for the Richard Tucholka Tribute Book

A tribute book is going to be created and will be for sale at Continuum, cost to be determined by the printing costs.

This is a request for submissions for that book. Submissions should fit into one of the following categories:

Short story set within the Tri Tac universe
Original artwork set in the Tri Tac universe
Photos of Richard with description including date if possible
A scenario you would have liked Richard to have run for a convention
Design an NPC character or race you think Richard would have loved
Your fondest memory of Richard

#1 Maximum of 2 different submission categories per person

#2 No trademarked/copyrighted characters from outside the Tri Tac universe, Tri Tac does not want to be sued for copyright infringement. All fiction must be set in the Tri Tac universe.

#3 Keep it clean, this book should be acceptable to all ages, while it is assumed most people contributing take this for granted, it was decided that a reminder was necessary.

#4 Maximum of 4 photo submissions per person - this is necessary because some people have whole albums of fond memories they might wish to share and it was determined that the book would need limits.

#5 Scenarios, memories and short stories all have a 2000 word count limit. Photo descriptions should remain under 100 words if possible.

#6 Submissions MUST arrive before the deadline, no matter how wonderful or impressive it may be, the deadline is there for a reason. Making sure the book is ready for printing before the convention means sticking to a strict deadline.

Deadline is 09/15/2017, No exceptions will be made.
All submissions should be sent to
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Re: Tribute Book for Continuum

Postby kedamono » Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:04 am

Just check the Fan Fiction board here. You'll find several short pieces of fan fiction there. The Father Shepherd stories are always good one to share.

I expanded the story "Nothing Besides Remains" it's available here. You're welcome to use it.

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