Skills in "Duck Trooper"

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Skills in "Duck Trooper"

Postby BigJackBrass » Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:41 pm

In some ways I've found that Duck Trooper functions as an easier set of rules for players who are daunted by the full Tri-Tac system, but one area has always baffled me: skills.

Specifically, because there are no descriptions for the skills, simply the skill name, there is no elaboration on what exactly each one does. Not generally a problem, since many of them are quite obvious, but what about weapon skills? What use is Blade Fighting when the combat rules on page 15 state that blade attacks use Dexterity? What benefit Grenade Weapons or Hand Weapons, Projectile skills when such attacks use Accuracy? I can see that in some cases a weapon skill offers additional knowledge - anybody can probably pick up and fire a pistol, but clearing a jam or stripping the weapon down and maintaining it require skill - yet this isn't really covered. Of course, it's supposed to be a fairly simple game, yet there does seem to be a strange overlap and redundancy here.

About the only rule that seems to offer some guidance is in the skills section on page 8: If you have two related skills that can be used on a roll, you're allowed one roll on each to find success. So, does that apply to the overlap between some skills and some statistics?

I've always fudged the issue in the past but I was wondering if there's something I've missed, or maybe an "official" answer.
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