Near Pets as characters

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Near Pets as characters

Postby kedamono » Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:46 pm

One of the playable character species are Near Pets. These are bioconstructs, giving animals such as dogs and cats a higher than normal intelligence, along with the ability to speak. Not full human level intelligence, but more like a bright 4 year old human child. And it's not limited to dogs and cats, other animals have been "uplifted" as well. Now, there's a limit to what animals can be uplifted. No hamsters or or mice, but small dogs, nutria, cats, and larger could be made intelligent.

Now, this is something I'd look at for a one shot or a short campaign. Playing smart animals over a long campaign may wear out. But as a short two or three session game I can see doing.

So what sort of adventures would your troop of Near Pets go through?

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