Thinking about Spaceships

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Thinking about Spaceships

Postby kedamono » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:07 pm

The interior of most spaceships is not going to be clean and sterile. People live and work there. They will need to have access to components and parts of the ship. Look at this cross section of a Russian submarine. It's compact and every gram is accounted for. Even more so on a spaceship. Every gram of wasted space translates into a kilogram of reaction mass and fuel to move and power your ship. It means more air that has to be scrubbed and air that's not doing anything but has to be moved nonetheless. And spaces will be tight. No wide passageways, at best they may be 2.5' to 3' wide. There will be large spaces, crew's mess, ship's controls, but for the most part, everything will be the minimum necessary.


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