Episodes 383-385: Fringeworthy in Final Fantasy

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Episodes 383-385: Fringeworthy in Final Fantasy

Postby GreyVested » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:37 am

After giving the episode a listen, I thought I'd give my thoughts.

Small Technical critique: It didn't seem like a bad idea to focus on only one world of Final Fantasy for the most part (X/X-2), as going in depth into how every Final Fantasy world could work would likely result in an overly long or overly simplified episode, but the title and description for the downloads felt misleading for the content within. Saying it's just Fringeworthy in Final Fantasy without any specificity gives the impression of providing a general overview rather than a singular focus. It didn't help that I noticed a majority of the images used for the episode were from the online games. While there are many recurring elements in Final Fantasy, it seemed unwise to just use an image form another game in the series. I'd say it's kind of like making an episode talking about a single Star Trek movie and just labeling the episode "Star Trek". Kind of nitpicky I suppose, but it might help especially if you wind up doing more episodes in the future based on other Final Fantasy worlds to have episodes titled/labelled about what world or game the episode focuses on in particular.

Final Fantasy X isn't my most knowledgeable basis of FF knowledge, but it sounded like you had a good idea of how to have an entrance, and potentially how Spiran culture would react to a mechanics proficient and using IDET group.

When it comes to pronouncing Tidus' name -- yeah that's a tricky one. There was a trailer for FFX and I believe a brief line of dialogue in the first Kingdom Hearts game that have confirmed the "Tee-dus" pronunciation as canon, but pronouncing it "Tie-dus" is just fine in my humble opinion, I've known players of the games who've gone either way. At the very least "Tie-dus" sounds less awkward to my ears.

Another thought that came to my mind, and perhaps this might come up in a future episode if you continue to look into other games, is whether there would be a way of working with some of the interconnections between them. Dissidia is an obvious example, but most relevant to this episode is the idea of there being a connection between FFVII and FFX, due to a cutscene in FFX-2 which implies X/X-2 might take place in a distant past of FFVII (googling "VII-X connection theory" will bring this up). Granted, it's not a solid confirmation, and can be interpreted as a wink and a nod by players, but it opens a possibility. There's also the recurring character Gilgamesh who's been confirmed to not just be similar-yet-different character in each appearance like Cid, but is in fact a dimensional traveler, visiting the various worlds in which he cameos. I know it's been mentioned before on the podcast, about how worlds can have their own planar cosmologies, though I'm not sure having all of Final Fantasy being on the other side of one portal would be best. I suppose this is where my inexperience with Fringeworthy shines through -- is there an established way of alts connecting without use of the Fringepath system? I think I've heard mention of "dimension conveyors" and some other oddities with at least regards to being a possibility in Bureau 13, but I'm not sure otherwise. I might need to give that dimensional incursion episode another listen.

Finally, while it's not as prominent in FFX, the subject did come up, so I thought I'd offer my two cents regarding the recurring magic crystals of the series. From what I understand there are some forms of crystallized magic in many FF games that could theoretically be taken around and off worlds to be studied, I think it's worth mentioning that usually the big elemental crystals would not be a good idea to just take back home. Within some of the games, the crystals are effectively keystones of their world, and their misuse or destruction can result in disastrous effects for the worlds in question.

So there's my thoughts. I look forward to listening to more episodes of the podcast.
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Re: Episodes 383-385: Fringeworthy in Final Fantasy

Postby kedamono » Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:44 pm

Thanks for the review and thoughts on this episode. I'm not a FF player, so I only know about the game from watching actual plays. I'll let the brain trust know about this post.

Thanks again!
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Re: Episodes 383-385: Fringeworthy in Final Fantasy

Postby BruceSheffer » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:00 am

Wow. Thanks for the critique, man. Just the kind of thing we need.

Josie is our expert on the FF series and I think she felt that this was the one that provided the best tie in to Fringeworthy, but I wouldn't want to speak for her.

We will certainly send your comments to her. We are not against another episode on this series of games.

Thanks for being a loyal listener.
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Re: Episodes 383-385: Fringeworthy in Final Fantasy

Postby trav13369 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:14 pm

I had also brought in Dirty Red, from the TravCast, since FF is her fave game. I knew we could pick Red's brain on this too.

I am glad that this trio of episodes fired you up enough to comment so eloquently. We. LOVE. Feedback.

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