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Background profiles for PC and NPC characters

Postby Dances with Ponies » Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:39 pm

This is reporter Godfrey Osborne’s background profiles for his fellow Hatsumi journalism group reporters. I wrote this as character backgrounds that have meaningful impacts on game play are hard to create on the fly of character creation. Feel free to use these descriptions as background profiles for your home campaign’s PCs and NPCs.

Louis (meaning: ‘Famous in war’) Bellerose (meaning ‘beautiful’), a native of La Rochelle - France, is my journalist group’s Twilight Sparkle. Louis is our group’s organizer, getting tasks completed that lesser journalists would not even attempt. Both of Louis’s parents are geologists for a French petrochemical company. Thus, Louis knows many facts about geology and therefore knows much about the bedrock Hatsumi City is built within.

Mathew (meaning ‘gift of the Lord’) Aue (meaning ‘dweller on the pasture’) a native of Hamburg - Germany is my group’s Rarity. Mathew inserts his enormous creativity into everything he does, even when it can become a detriment to the final product. The son of two notable army officers, Mathew spent ten years in German Army Intelligence before becoming a civilian reporter.

As a result, Mathew is the only one who has military experience in my journalism group. Mathew is teaching the rest of my group and me some basic survival skills in case the Coptic thugs make a direct attack on Hatsumi City.

Zhenzhen (meaning ‘very precious’) Yue (meaning ‘moon’) a native of Harbin - China is my group’s Pinkie Pie. Zhenzhen always knows a funny thing to say or an encouraging word. She also brings us a small gift on our birthdays that keep us going, boosting my group’s morale even when UNIDA guards lock us up in our apartment building ‘for our own protection’. Her baking skills in the kitchen are amazing.

Zhenzhen has a slim body, accented with long and beautiful hair, and wears Victorian inspired fashions on her off hours. To my mind, she resembles a Disney princess. In addition, Zhenzhen’s parents work as locomotive maintenance inspections for the China Railway Corporation. Thus, Zhenzhen knows something about the basic maintenance and operations of trains.

Joseph (meaning ‘he will add’) Kostiuk (meaning ‘son or descendent of Kosty or Kost’) a native of Kiev - Ukraine is my group’s version of Applejack. Joseph keeps working even when the rest of my team is ready to give up and get some sleep. Joseph’s parents are distinguished journalists and they are very proud of their son getting stationed in Hatsumi. Maybe, Joseph works that hard to prove that he is as good at gathering information and writing narrative stories as his parents are.

Pensri (meaning ‘beauty and goodness of the moon’) Demir (meaning ‘iron’) is a native of Chiang Mai located in northern Thailand. Pensri is my group’s version of Rainbow Dash. Pensri is by far the most adventurous and athletic reporter in my apartment. Pensri will climb anything and go anywhere to find a sellable story, while the rest of my group hangs back, watching with worried expressions for her safety.

Pensri’s family owns an auto rickshaw, called Tuk Tuks, dealership. To increase her family’s income, Pensri often asks field agents to buy her family’s “fuel efficient, environmentally responsible, and safe” auto rickshaws.

Bradan (meaning ‘a salmon’) Leahy (meaning ‘hero’ or ‘heroic’) a native of Galway - Ireland, is my group’s version of Fluttershy. Bradan’s parents help manage the Galway Atlantaquaria, or the National Aquarium of Ireland. Bradan’s extended family owns and works two farms within a thirty minute drive from Galway. While spending his childhood around animals, Bradan developed a strong interest and knowledge of many types of animals.

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