Another night at Vince's Starport Bar & Grill

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Another night at Vince's Starport Bar & Grill

Postby kedamono » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:04 pm

Jill Preisner, captain of the City of Godhaven, a cargo ship out of Frenner II. With her was her First Mate, and boyfriend, Andrew Keeler. They had spent the day at the port offices on Alvarez Station, in the Fomalhaut system, and now were relaxing at Vince's Starport Bar & Grill, in Alpha Cylinder of the station. Joey, the Dabe, was pouring another Cthugha IPA for Jill, and Deep Sky Stout for Andy. "Busy day, eh?" asked Joey.

Jill smiled, as she took a drink from her pint glass. "Just your typical bureaucratic red tape nest. Four, count them, four Bloxes with conflicting requirements for shipment of GMO Wheat to my homeworld." She took a deep draught of her ale.

"We have to go back tomorrow, and hopefully clear up this mess," said Andy, sipping his stout. "It's not their fault. We happen to have a cargo that falls into the crevice of four different agencies areas of interest. They tend to forget that Jill's world is the pioneer of most of the genetic modifications to crops out there. In fact, her great to the great grandparents were the ones that started the whole process."

"Here's the Great to the great grandma Anny and grandpa Cecil!" toasted Jill, clinking glasses with Andy. "I wish I knew more about her. We just got the stories that were passed down over the generations. I gather they got heavily edited by some of my ancestors. It's amazing that I know about her at all, if it wasn't for her deeds and discoveries, I doubt I'd even know that I was the great to the great granddaughter to the founder of our colony." Looking at Joey, she gestured with her hands. "It's even weirder, if you look at the family tree, I'm more or less her direct descendant. Well, that, and my two other sisters and brother."

Joey smiled, and asked quietly, "Interesting, but, do I have to do an alky scan on you?"

Jill smiled, then held out her hand. Joey raised his left eyebrow, and brought out the portable blood alcohol tester. A quick prick of a finger, and the reading was, well, surprising. "Ought point ought one? You're barely buzzing."

"I'm from Frenner II, ten point eight three meters per second squared," she said confidently. "My mother has her own still, and my dad home-brews. I've drunken stronger stuff than this... and hoppier as well. I should find the brewer and see if they want to get some Frenner II Erlander Hops. Nice and hoppy."

"Always thinking the deal," mused Andy, sipping his stout. "But that's why she owns her own ship."

"Part owns," corrected Jill. "Mom and Grandma Nan own the other half of the title."

"Might as well say it's yours," replied Andy. He looked at his and her beers, then said, "Beer is good. Food is even better. What do you have Joey?"

Joey smiled, "You know as well as I do, we have Phood, not food." He tapped the bar surface and menu appeared.

"Hmm, Starch Stix, Bheef Bhites? Khetchup sauce or BarBeeKue sauce?" Andy asked Jill while looking over the menu.

"Stix are good, so are the Bhites, but how about some good drunk food? The Tempura Vegg with spicy Dihpping sauce? Oh, and BarBeeKue."

Joey took their order and punched it into the food vendor system. Within minutes, a steamy plates of Stix, Bhites, and Tempura was sitting in front of the couple, who dug right in.

"Nothing like some Phood when your drunk," said Jill. "It's the only time it tastes good."

"Speak for yourself," said Andy, "I grew up on this stuff. Except for fish. We had fish in Alpha Starfish Sea City. Lots of fish."

"Dirter," snarked Jill. "Doesn't know what real food tastes like. You loved my mom's bacon, didn't you? Even after you met the pigs it came from."

Andy nodded, "That bacon," he closed his eyes and sighed wistfully, "and it didn't bother me that it once was a pig. They weren't cute, they were smelly and filthy."

"And tasty. When we finally get there, I'm going to have mom make us a batch of bacon and chops to freeze."

"We'll have to use the oven, all that grease."

"We'll find a way to deal with that. Besides, bacon grease has it uses in other dishes."

"I can't wait to find out." Andy gave Jill a snuggle. She leaned into his side and snatched a Stix from his plate.

A couple of hours later, Jill was finally registering under the limit, and Andy was already drinking water, not beer. "She has drunk guys twice her size under the table. It's those Frenny genes."

They got two growler bags of beer to go, settled their tab, and wandered out into the busy street of Carlington Urban Unit. It was night, that is, the mirrors had shifted, dropping Alpha Cylinder into night. They caught a shuttle bus to the Transhub shuttle. At the center of the cylinder was the central hub, this led out to the free fall section of the station. There the couple caught the shuttle to Beta Cylinder. Jill leaned against Andy as the shuttle whisked them to where they were staying on station. "Some days... some days, I wish I was just an average Frenny," mused Jill. "Not related to a legend. Maybe folks wouldn't expect me to be so brilliant. So, damn smart."

Andy put his arm around her and said, "But you are brilliant and damn smart. You wouldn't be who you are if it wasn't for your great to the great grandma Anny. And for that I'm glad. I wouldn't have met the most wonderful person in my life, and for that I'm glad."

She snuggled closer to him and then whispered in his ear, "I really need to go pee. Like, right now..."

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