Dream 9-20-2017

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Dream 9-20-2017

Postby jayphailey » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:12 pm

Dream 9-20-2017

Make of this what you will borrow from it what you like.

I had a dream. It started out an FRPG Scenario. But Adventurers discovered a tech vault. In ancient times people had roamed the stars but had turned away from technology. They’d left their secrets in a vault in case they were needed in the future.

The kings of the FRPG world decided that they wanted the technology and so secured the vault and began to bootstrap themselves.

The Tech vault wound up in the middle of a very large lake, due to someone wiping out a dam. This condition held for the rest of the dream. Fighting for it was a semi-aquatic issue. The water would not hurt the tech vault in any reasonable time but made getting to it and the teacher part that taught its secrets difficult.

Somehow, the tech vault could infuse people with its knowledge, including the whole history of technology, so such a person could guide the bootstrapping of technology. I don’t think it involved a magic colander on the head, but it was like that.

There was some noodling about how an FRPG world could start to bootstrap its technology.

Then the dream switched. It was a tokusatsu version of the “modern” world, not unlike Mighty Jack. They’d discovered a Tech Vault and were trying to secure it. They were fighting invisible monsters that only one member of the team could see.

Then it switched again. A new crew was fighting even worse invisible aliens. But the hero of the second phase of the dream showed up to help. Then from the exterior, I could see Helicopters approaching the Tech Vault and entering the water to land on it’s submerged surface. They had some sort of purple force field that allowed them to fly underwater

You’d think given the theme and technology of the dream it would have been like Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow with improbable submarine-helicopters, but I guess I didn’t think of that on the fly.

So in the end, our heroes successfully claimed the tech vault. It looked sort of like the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. The battle against the visible aliens was gory, but mostly alien gore. Bad CGI Alien gore in the third phase.

Then I pulled back and saw that the Tech Vault had been won by the tokusatsu force, the US Marines and Starfleet.

As I was blinking at this, I woke up because my cat needed me to stop dreaming weird dreams and pet her.

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