FTL:2448: Space Combat, Redux

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FTL:2448: Space Combat, Redux

Postby kedamono » Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:49 am

Space Combat, Redux
It was quiet on board the ICL AC0004 Achilles, a Comanche class cruiser, as it patrolled outer system of the Garsnot solar system, Home to Tansot, a Paebak colony. The Achilles was part of Task Force 263 and was one of three Comanche cruisers assigned to protect the system. Along with the Achilles were the Apache class light cruiser ICL CH0013 Cochise, and three Ogre class system monitors: The ICL Grendel, Beowulf, and the Carl Rove.

The Achilles was five hundred meters long, most of her length made up of her massive fuel tanks, skinned over with a thin layer of carbon plating. Her bow looked like the business end of a crossbow, the two curving arms housing her main armament: long range missiles. The primary hull was faceted, consisting of multiple bevels; on each was a sensor dome. There were no portholes or windows in the ship, as they would be weak points in the hull, especially with an enemy that used lasers.

They were 10 AUs from Garsnot, a G4 star with .96 the mass of Sol, and they were orbiting at 4.2 km/s. The human crewed ships were on a 6-month patrol. The Ogres were there for a full 10-year mission unless they needed resupply or refueling.

Also in orbit about Garsnot were several Nav/traffic buoys in various orbits. Some had standard active and passive sensor suites, but several had only one sensor: a gravity wave sensor. And the ones near the Achilles picked up massive waves, waves indicative of ships coming out of Phase space back into normal space.

Captain James N. Bridger, commander of the Achilles, was manning the helm. He was intently engaged in a strategy training simulation. He twisted to the side holding a controller in his hands and then swore, “Damn Martians, got past me again!” A quiet chime interrupted him.

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