Derivative worlds

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Derivative worlds

Postby jayphailey » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:05 pm

One of the good things about Fringeworthy is that it allows a specific set of characters to visit and play in multiple different genres of game worlds.

It almost calls out "Hang your other game settings on meeeeee!"

And I do this avidly. I am of the firm belief that there is no plagiarism at the gaming table. A GM should take and use whatever idea he finds, when it's about making a game fun in a private session among friends.

So I borrow stuff.

My question here is - is there interest in me posting such derivative game worlds on this forum? I have mentioned a couple of these. The Pax Draconis lives in a node that starts out as borrowing from the TV series "Law & Order" although it could easily be modified.

What do you think, Forum readers? Would that material be interesting to you? Would it amuse you?

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